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Ramï  Bon vivant 🍷🐶 📍Montréal - Toronto 🇨🇦

Today’s bling, well all of my VCA bling actually 🤣😂 It takes forever to grow this collection 😅
It’s almost Friday!! 💃

Shameless 🚘fie 😜
Long weekends are the best! Happy Monday ❤️
#hermes #hermesrougecasaque #pursebopsbirkinweek

En attendant l’été ☀️ #hermeskelly32 #cartier #tiffanyandco #neutralista

What’s your neutral game?
Wouldn’t it be interesting for Hermès to create a color eigengru?
Wow, did you pull this name outta air, did you have too many drinks last night, Girl what’s your deal!
Hear me out 🤗
When you suddenly switch off the lights, just before complete darkness takes over, you’ll see a dark gray color which experts called eigengru. According to Wiki, it’s a term for the uniform dark gray background that many people report seeing in the absence of light. Have your ever noticed? Food for thought!
Happy Friday 💃
#hermesjige color Argile #hermesbirkin30 color Gold #hermeskelly32 color Gris Tourtrelle swipe to see Gris T and Argile side by side!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 💐
Did you know in Japan, women are expected to give gifts to men on Valentine’s Day (strong tradition of giving chocolates). Hold your brakes, men are not off the hook, they are expected to return the favour on March 14th, known as white day 😀
#hermes #tiffanyandco

Since we are obsessing about neutrals 🤗 Here is another gorgeous color I love .... béton ❤️ Bag borrowed from @ultimateunboxing 😀
#hermes #hermesroulis #neutralista #tiffanyandco #tiffanysoleste
Any béton owners out there? Are you loving it? If you had a choice to go back in time, would you get it again? Any color transfer issues?

Winter blues? When you want to pack everything up and just jet somewhere hot!
People living at the beach 🏝 ☀️do they have blue blues too, like “omg, I can’t take this nice weather anymore” “this sun, ugh” “the blue sky, blue water, I just can’t” Is someone out there saying... “I can’t wait for the snow storm, like hurry up” 🤣 I wonder!!! Happy Friday peeps! #louisvuitton

@ultimateunboxing and have been planning this meet up from the longest time. Probably, one of the biggest Hermès fans I have met to date, she has so much knowledge about scarfs, artists that it blew my mind 🙌
We caught up on the colors, leathers and scrolled IG pages together while we sipped our hot chocolates at Ladurée 🍫☕️
Travel to Russia, especially Moscow was right up there with Hermès talk! Oh yeah, I asked her how many bags she has 🤣😂 Response? I have to count. She did admit to 10 Chanel bags!
Our next meet up will include going to Hermès with Gingy🍊🐶
Thank you @ultimateunboxing I had such a good time hanging out with you and Gingy loved his 🐿🙏🐶😘😘😘😘
Roulis: Béton
Constance: blue Izmir
#hermes #hermesroulis #hermesconstance

Doesn’t Goldie fit right in? I wanted to visit the Parliament Hill before the center block would close for renovations (10 yrs or more) this fall. Many of you tagged along and watched my IG stories - I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!
This shot was taken at my favorite part of the Hill, the library, 1916 fire that destroyed the majority of the Centre Block; the building was only connected to the main complex by a single corridor and the library clerk at the time, Michael MacCormac, secured the library's iron doors before the fire could spread into that area, and is the last untouched part of the larger building's original incarnation.
Swipe to watch a quick tour 😊 #nomorethan10bags #hermes

The kinda of unboxing videos I live for, swipe to check it out 💁‍♀️
Curious to find out, if given a chance, you could only pick up, no combos of any sort...
Option 1: unlimited supply of H bags swapped for your favorite food for the rest of your life
Option 2: Unlimited supply of your favorite food (never mind the calories) minus the H bags 😜
Since it’s H bags we are talking: Giving up favorite food, ie if it’s cheese, you will be giving up the whole category 🤣

Can you tell I was having too much fun with the leather swatches, last time I went to Hermès 😜
Left to right: Togo, Mysore, Swift, Epsom, Sombrero and Sikkim.
What’s your favorite leather?
What if the scratches, wear didn’t matter - which leather would you pick?
I was all over Sombrero and Sikkim even though I haven’t seen a bag or accessories in it yet. Any wonderful people, if you own it ...would love to hear your thoughts...
#hermes #hermesleatherswatches

As promised, here is how tadelakt leather looks after 6+ months of extensive use. I don’t baby my bags 🤗
Oh and hardware, looks pretty brand new without the plastic and tags huh! 🤣
#hermes #hermesconstance

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