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Ramï  Bon vivant 🍷 IG stories consist of very dramatic and extra... Gingy 🐾 📍Montréal - Toronto

My Goldies! Obviously, one is a rare find outta these two 😜
Almost weekend! Happy Friday everyone ❤️
#hermes #gingy🐾

Louis gang, Louis gang, Louis gang 🎵
Loving Louis Papillon that was buried, ignored and abandoned in my basement somewhere 😅 Took it out and now it’s getting the superstar treatment! So feeling the vintage vibes these days! Happy Monday ❤️
#louisvuitton #louisvuittonvintagebag

Sunday vibes!
Swipe to see #ootd and behind the scenes 🐾
Used a #Dior makeup pouch as a clutch like a boss 😈
#jadior #dior #tiffanyandco #christanlouboutin #cartier #aritzia

#throwbackthursday to the Disney days✨

Who knew the men’s section at Gap would have such great retro t’s 😍 #notsponsored🤣

tried to play trendy but trendy wouldn’t play me... what trend are you currently playing with?

#ovo #dior #jadior

Throwback Thursday from Paris diary! Still digging this serpanti ring 😍 Showed it to my SA and she said “oh try the regular size again” ofcourse with the bigger price tag 🔫🤣 #bvlgari

Someone is obsessed with my shoes! Can you tell? 🐶 #christiandior #artizia #hermesjige #neutralista #bagsoftpf #louisvuitton #cartier

Ok, this one was hard to let go. I loved the color so so so much but the bag, not much 😏
How I wish it was a Birkin 30 instead.
I used it for work couple of times, which means I didn’t have to deal a lot with opening and closing until one day it came out for shopping! That’s when I saw its true colors shine through 👎
Kelly 32, retourné in Gris Tourtrelle with silver hardware! Buh-bye and hope to never see you again 👋

This bag was aggravating 🤯
I remember doing a weird leg movement to support the bottom part of the bag to open it, every freaking single time. 🙄😅 isn’t this bag suppose to be very lady like? What’s up with the leg move then? 🤦🏻‍♀️ You would hear lot of people saying “but the strap is so handy” Yes, it is BUT to transport from one point to another but no help in opening the bag. I find straps work better on smaller bags, for me!
I really wanted this one to work for me but Ugh, one word ANNOYING 😐

Anyone who ever DM me about a Kelly would know how much of a fan I was 😂

#hermeskelly32 #nomorethan10bags #kugzzbagreview
Retourné in any size is not for me but sellier in a small size could be my game 😉

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe It was time for black to go 😱
👋 black beauty!
My favorite size and bag from Hermès! But why did I have multiples? Why tho? 😅
PS. My lifestyle will be changing, I’ll be pursuing the “boss woman” in the near future!
If you work in a corporate environment, nothing better than Black Birkin! Maybe I’ll get one in croc in far future 😉
#nomorethan10bags #hermesbirkin30

Bye bye my lover! 👋
Shout out to a stranger asking me what H stands for before innocently starting a convo about this bag a couple of months ago #nomorethan10bags #hermes #hermescontancemini #kugzzbagreview

Personal experience: It took long time to sell, could be the color/leather. Apparently, too many in the market and as my very close friend who also happens to have a consignment company mentioned, not many people buying the tiny bags anymore. If someone wants a mini bag there are way better, prettier and cost efficient options out there. Point to be noted girls 📝
Remember one-in-one-out, my Chanel mini sold for more than I bought for whereas on this one I lost 💰

Tagged by @luxe.singh to share 5 things about myself. Here goes nothing:
1. As a picky child who only ate chips, chocolate, milk and tons of vitamin tablets until the age of 11, I’ve come a pretty long way as a self proclaimed foodie. Makes my mom happy... all the agony I have put her through 😏
2. I’ve always been super fascinated by big machinery especially heavy construction equipment (CAT are my favorite 😍) and big 16 wheeler trucks (Peterbilt and Mack 🤤).
3. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano. Still on my bucket list!
4. Ever since Gingy has been part of my life, I have mastered the art of patience. Nothing can piss me off 🤣
5. I would love to live in Manhattan for a while. Working on it 😉

I’ve been on the quest to find the perfect tweed bag for years. Today I was scrolling through my pictures from Paris and came across this beauty I saw at 31 rue Cambon. Looking back it seemed like the perfect tweed bag... black (no color transfer cause ya girl loves jeans), has beautiful colors on it, gorgeous gold trimming and that beautiful ambiguous light gold ish hardware... wondering if I let go of a gem, thoughts?? ☹️☹️☹️ Ladies who own tweed bags: how did you pick your perfect tweed bag? pros? cons? would love to start a discussion 🤭

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