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Ramï  Bon vivant 🍷 IG stories consist of very dramatic and extra... Gingy 🐾 📍Montréal - Toronto 🇨🇦

All the fashionistas who are saving to splurge mode right now, I found this skirt for $49.90 at Zara! A total score, check it out before it flies off the shelves 😉
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For all the beautiful ladies who keep reminding me to post Frivole earrings. Unfortunately, still no sunshine here so using this little clip that I posted couple of weeks ago in my IG stories. No filter, not even direct sunlight, I took this video inside my car, just pure bling on a beautiful sunny day!
Happy Friday peeps ✨
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Swipe to see magic Alhambra pavé mod shots. I don’t own any of the two pairs, just tried it on.

Summer dreaming ☀️
#hermes #hermeskelly32 #gristourterelle Happy weekend everyone 😘

Another review today!
Reissue also known as 2.55 (size 226)
❤️The classic stellar and the most iconic handbag of the fashion world but still under the radar
❤️Jumbo (12”x8”x3”) Reissue (11”x8”x3.5”) almost the same size as jumbo but way lighter
❤️Functional and easy to wear
❤️Hands free option with the perfect chain length
💔What is that bag? In other words, not recognized by everyone (it’s a con for some people)
💔Ugh, I can’t even. It looks old 😱
💔Not everyone’s cup of coffee hence the price in preloved market is devious. My friend Elena rolls her eyes every single time she sees this bag. I still love u @bobmops_ ⚠️If you are that person who flip bags more often than the others, I wouldn’t recommend it. Don’t do it, save your money💸
Early commencement of my handbag collection, I read numerous threads on Purseforum and decided medium classic flap was the way to go. I showed up at the boutique, asked for the classic flap and as I waiting for the SA’s return, I spotted a stunning bag on this lady at the boutique. I hesitated but secretly pointed at that bag to my SA and whispered “Is that a Chanel bag” and with a big smile on her face she said yes, it’s a reissue and that was it. My personal favorite is the chain strap and not to mention the bag itself ❤️ As I am still streamlining my collection, some bags make more sense than the others. I believe there were few that I bought in a hype😏 It’s going to sound so cliché but after multiple errors, it boiled down to rarity doesn’t lure me anymore 🤨it did couple of years ago whereas now a days… Look Rami, only few made in the world! Me: “how cute and special” while I quickly move on 👋 Although, I believe no bag is an investment, I mean, don’t take my word for it 🤷🏻‍♀️ check out the preloved market for any designer bag, even the most coveted ones are sitting on the shelves. If I could go back in time, would I buy it again? Hell Yes! Would I buy another reissue? I badly want to say yes, but I won’t. Why? I am trying not to buy the same bag in different sizes or colors coz it kills the joy for me, I think 🤔 #purseforum #chanelreissue #kugzzchanelreissuereview #Kugzzbagreview

Reissue, the real gem in my handbag collection, the one I would never part with... ❤️
#ootd #chanel

If it’s not🍷🍺🍾🍸🍹🥃 it’s ☕️ this long weekend! Have a wonderful one everyone! #chanel #chanelmini

There is a B35 gang tht wouldn’t even consider any size other than 35, a classic Hermès Birkin, incl. my friend Kathy who is super tiny and one of the most sophisticated and classy ladies, I admire and known for yrs, owns only croc and special order B35s in her collection and swears by the size. Being a VVIP at the London and Hong Kong boutique she could have asked for any bag, literally any but stuck with B35 size🤗

❤️The ultimate work bag as it was designed by functionality in mind ❤️The holy grail for a professional, someone who travels or carries a lot for work
❤️Fits laptop, files, iPad, big wallet, even an outfit and a pair of shoes to go from an airport and land right into your meeting or conference, voilà; whatever your jam 👩‍🔬👩‍⚖️👩‍🎨👨‍🔬👨‍💼🧛‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧜‍♀️👽
❤️ Works from professional life to parenthood, got those diapers, towels, change of clothes, nounours, bibron, des sucette? Bring it! Need to take that grown kid to ice hockey practice ..snacks, iPad, mags, his/her change of clothes (unless you love the sweat aroma 🤢) jacket for yourself even in summer while you spend hours sitting at the rink to amuse yourself and cheer on 😬
💔Strictly a day bag 💔It looks overwhelming on few people, it did on me😏
💔Weight varies depending on the leather u picked for this bag and it’s still heavy on its own
I tend to factor functionality over rarity/look or trend. If my job required to travel ✈️ a lot, I would have gone B35 route, no question asked. What’s the point of spending so much money on a bag that wouldn’t even work for your lifestyle? And like Kathy says, you will get used to the weight, I mean the stuff is not going to carry itself 😜🙃🤣 response of a very confident lady 👸💪
Does rarity surpass functionality for u?
Kathy: I have found the idea of not following the “absolute” 🤨
Does it, for you?
#hermesbirkin35review #hermescroc #kugzzbirkinreview #nomorethan10bags #kugzzbagreview
@rsnqween plz share your B30/B35 shock, out of word count 😬

After watching endless videos and reading hours on #Purseforum, I decided that Birkin in size 30 would fit the bill.
Almost everyone’s favorite, I said almost, hold your 🐴
I have three, I know same bag in different colors 😳🙄🤦‍♀️ Did I hear senseless? but it works wonderfully for me. Even though, I could just live with two, I tried to narrow it down to having just one 🤔Extreme painful thoughts, I run through my head sometimes..
Described as “Mona Lisa” of all Birkin sizes by my friend @panthere_instyle
For reference, still 5’7” and 110 😜
❤️This size looks good on everyone, women and men (even Gingy 😜)
❤️Works perfectly for a professional who doesn’t carry loads (keyword: doesn’t carry loads), nice hybrid that would work for business and leisure
❤️Subway commuters who require running and dodging hurdles, your heels fit perfectly in here to swap your flats
There is no strap, so hands free is not an option
More of a day bag (even though I have worn it to 5 à7 right after work, a super casual setting.There is a fine line going to certain social settings i.e. Summer BBQ, bais oui! Movie night? Not so much, inconvenient & big
Cannot be considered “the perfect work bag” either, it wouldn’t fit your laptop, planner, notebook
⚠️ if you are a young professional and considering it as a workbag, try to check it out in person before requesting one.
I don’t carry much but not few items either. I could juggle through coffee in one hand and phone in the other while having it placed on crook of my arm and march from my car to the office. I have always heard about Birkin being heavy but isn’t it about what you put inside?
Just coz I have three in this size doesn’t mean it’s the right size bag for you too, choose it wisely! Happy Sunday 😘 #hermesbirkin30review #kugzzbirkinreview #kugzzbagreview 💁‍♀️Now if someone could let me borrow their B35 and B40 please

My utter respect to all the B25 owners who joined the convo and instead of acting like a BeBe La La, chose to provide insights. You ladies and gentlemen are truly the best! You know who you are! It demonstrates confidence and open-mindedness. The purpose of a social media is to challenge/get diverse perceptive. What’s the point of having such a big platform? 🤷‍♀️
Working on a B30 review and will not hold back even though I own three of them, I know... stop rolling your eyes 🙄😜
Friday shout out to all the people who unfollowed and secretly threw shade on me by typing up essays in their IG stories, ask if I care 🤔... nope, it’s still a NO.
Last time I checked, honest opinion doesn’t translate to “creating drama”
Happy Friday peeps 🥂❤️
#hermes #Birkin30

Since you guys loved it so much 😂😜 Happy Thursday!#sorrynotsorry
Back story: Lot of people got offended or felt I attacked them personally by my last two posts, 🙄ohhhhh how dare I said something about their beloved brand “Hermès” or “Birkin” 🤗🤫

Part II

For reference I am 5’7” 110 lbs
The day came for me to actually see the hottest size in town “The B25” in real life.

The excitement of the box opening as I was hardly able to contain myself! The music playing 🎶🎶 in the back and then the bag came out and so did the music scratching noise. My face actually dropped and I believe, I uttered “this is it” yup, talk about love at first sight. Shattered dreams 🤯
omg, it’s such a cute bag
It could go from day to night
I am too old for a cute bag. At this stage, I want practical or over the top, bedazzled if you will.
The kind of events I attend, require to eat and drink. So, I would need to find a seat for this “tote” or swing it around on my wrist, while enjoying my glass of Pinot, networking and reaching for the piece of cheese? Ouch! Deal breaker. Nobody wants to see the pendulum swing from my wrist 🙄
I already have bags called “flaps” or “clutch” for these events. The drop of this bag is so tiny 😱😅
For using it as a daytime bag, I could really push and fit everything in, while my scarf spilling over the tote, hmm is it a wrong size if that is happening 🤔? I live in a winter wonderland.
It was a pass on first sight. Wow, it actually exists! The proportions of the bag were off on me. No IG influencer, celebrity came into my mind…to rethink my decision. Well, when an item come with that high price tag, it needs to flatter me, love at first sight “I know, I have become rather picky” I don’t have thousands to spare on a cute thing. I can’t believe how big that bag looks in the pictures…

Shots fired. B25 WHO..Moving on.. #nomorethan10bags #birkin25review #birkin25 #kugzzbirkinreview #kugzzbagreview

Part I

SO I already know, I am going to get shot for writing this review/first impression but most of you like reading honest opinions, right? Post number two coming up, because one wont accommodate everything I have to say 🙄
Hype is a real! The mini bags.

WARNING: Hermès collectors and B25 lovers need to move on from this post. I am aware that this review would put me on lot of people’s shit list but someone gotta talk about it.
After only reading raving reviews about the cute B25, I got myself on the bandwagon too. I started looking at the swatches, colors – O the excitement! Fell in love with Beton so hard, my bestie @dailyloves offered me her brand new bag. “Rami, you could have it and I am not just being nice. Just say it and it’s yours” Can you imagine someone offering an H bag in the world of “Quota” ❤️ Only Hermès bag owners could identify the real friendship here, for rest of the world “It’s just a bag. @israeli_flava had a Craie B25 which I secretly admired. The neutral person inside me, loved that bag so much. I was kind of taken off guard when she rehomed it. I vaguely remember her talking about the drop of the bag being too small. I actually researched a lot but couldn’t find much information so I moved on. Living in the hype does that to you. Waiting for my B25 and how it’s going to revamp my whole collection. Omg, I would probably swap my gold B30 for B25 too as I told @rsnqween while she literally rolled her eyes on me.

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