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Ramï  Bon vivant 🍷🐶 📍Montréal - Toronto 🇨🇦 No filter on my articles because I keep it real 🙂


"I live in Dubai, you can't imagine the rat race, it's disgusting. Women are taking loans to buy handbags. You will be amazed at the amount of Chanels and Hermes people own here. People take it way too seriously. Happiness has boiled down to possessions of leather goods". A message sent to me by an awesome fashionista. Curious to know if someone else shares her sentiments too. Maybe it's certain personalities you hang out with, society, cultural or probably it's happening all over the place. Is it? 🤔I would love to hear your views. On that note..Happy Thursday peeps! #hermes #hermeskelly #gristourterelle #neutralista #cartier #cartierjusteunclou #ootd I don't mean to offend anyone just sharing the info and feeding my curiosity. Don't hesitate to DM me if you would prefer to share at that channel 🙂

Hot mess! This is my good recipe, fits my lifestyle! It just works for everyday and occasions! Why fill out a closet when you could do wonders with just a few? #hermes #hermesjige #hermesconstance18 #birkin30 #kelly32 I am overwhelmed by all the love and wonderful messages you guys have been sending me. Thank you! If you read the series of articles that have been posted on Pursebop @pursebop, you would get most of your answers rather quickly, I promise. If I haven't responded....I'll get to your question, shortly and if you have one on your mind, ask away please 😜

Waste of 💰 = Time from my lifeline - Time I spent slaving away. That is the equation to my bon vivant lifestyle's worth. Classic bags priced at $$$$ - $$$$$ tags, how does a working woman/man save for it? Sounds interesting? Read my latest article "Saving to splurge" on Pursebop. Link in bio. Happy reading and don't forget to share your feedback! #hermes #hermesjige #starbucks #savingtosplurge #keepingitreal

Neutral on neutral! Weekend shenanigans #hermes #hermesjige #cartier #vancleefarpels #ootd #neutralista

If I wanted to keep it pristine by saving it for special occasions and keeping the stickers on (ugh, why🙄) I'd leave it at the Hermès boutique instead 😜😋☺️ Totally on to using and abusing this mini! Wearing it with a casual outfit. It's hot in here (the whole 24C/76F) ☀️ Happy Friday ❤️🍸 #hermes #hermesconstance18 #chanel #chanelbrooch #tiffanyandco #cartier #ootd #howtocasualstyle 😘

Bleu Izmir beauty, indoor and outdoor light! Swipe to see the difference. Almost Friday 🍸#Hermès #hermesconstance18 #ootd #cartier #vancleefarpels #boptalk Absolutely in love with the tadelakt leather. It just feels and looks so Lux, just like any big price tag item should ❤️

Eye Candy Wednesdays! I find rings the easiest piece of jewelry to wear and rotate - Part being lazy me😜 What is your favorite piece? #vancleefarpels #alhambra #magicalhambra reflecting on this pic, could have worn the third malachite ring too while I was at it 🙄 Like no one was stopping me 🤣

One of the reasons, I stick to the classics-I never catch myself feeling the urge to go out and buy new things. Tried and tested formula that works and saves me 💰 in the longer run and also keeps my wardrobe clutter free - just the way I like it 😜#hermes #birkin30 Happy Monday everyone 😘

Cartierized! Now if I was a watch girl 😜👑 #hermes #birkin30 #cartier Happy Friday ❤️

How do I wear jigé casually? Just add slides/flats + plain tee to this mix and instant terrasse brunch/roof top 5 à 7/barbecue ready! Add 👙🍸and pool party-ready! Wear that hat and jigé with cotton jersey/maxi dress, hmm appointment ready! Voilà très facile! I'd be a fool to not use/abuse these accessories, considering the price tag 😜 #useitorloseit I was inspired by my IG twin @rsnqween to add Chanel brooch on the hat, effortlessly chic ❤️ Check out a fun article published on PurseBop "finding your IG twin" and join in for discussion (link in bio) #hermes #hermesjige #chanel #chanelbrooch #neutralista #howtocasualstyle @boptalk

From last night, Jigé is a beautiful clutch, which I have worn almost everywhere and would make a great investment piece if you are considering (unless you attend lot of red carpet events, which I don't 😜) #hermes #hermesjige #neutralista #ootd

Yet to see a better neutral than Gris T 👑❤️😍 #ootd #hermes #cartier #tiffanyandco #zara #neutralista Hello weekend!

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