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Kua 'Aina UK  Aloha! Legendary Lava Grilled Burgers and Sandwiches from Hawaii. Find us at Goodge Street & Carnaby Street in London. Shave Ice now available!

The not so early bird still gets the #brunch? Our #goodgestreet branch is now officially open for #brunch from 9 am every weekend!

Day Aloha to our Kalua Hog burger: onion rings, bbq pulled pork all piled on top of our classic legendary burger. One word: #onolicious!

Mahalo #alohafan @jo.gilby for great pic!

Our obligatory burger photo of the day is the undisputed king of comfort food: the buttermilk fried chicken burger.
Perfectly marinated, buttermilk bathed, crispy piece of fried chicken laid on our soft semi brioche bun.

For the loved of Fried Chicken, come try it out ;-)

Me: Why are you stabbing the salad like crazy?
Chef: Oh, I am just making a Caesar Salad. # getit #hohoho

p.s. and yes, we do pretty damn delicious Caesar Salad. Try it out this lunch time ;-)

Close up shot of our chocolate chip pancakes by @pancakeseatenbyme.

Winter is coming and there are no better time to start preparing for it by having something warm and fluffy! 😂

A throwback to F’Eat last week when @satedonline tried out our Magnum Pi burger - classic bacon cheeseburger. Nothing fancy, just plain deliciousness!

Our avocado burger is one of Kua ‘Aina’s signature - the creamy rich texture of our freshly scooped avocado complement very well with our juicy lava grilled beef patty.

Talking about a match made in heaven!

Fresh off the lava grill! #obpotd

It's only September and we know Christmas is still sometime away... But there's no harm to at least to "think" about it.

So now that you are feeling warm and fuzzy about a Xmas party, how about this: we are now accepting booking at #GoodgeStreet! We have a uber cool private room for up to 45 people! Email us on goodge@kua-aina.co.uk or call us today at 020 7637 0591!

p.s. our xmas menu is coming online imminently and it's #onolicious!

Ohh... the dreadful Monday again. We do the feeling only too well so here's something that might make you feel a little better at our #GoodgeStreet site:

Burger and Pint Monday. All for the price of £10!

Awesome, right?

Something a little different for a #fatfriday. Here’s our #vegan friendly falafel super salad. Tested and tasted by our very own vegan staff, this is something that’ll appeal both to your health and stomach!

P.s. we are also working on new vegan friendly menu items. So don’t say we are not giving you love! 😎

Cocktail and burgers - oh if there’s ever a better combo in the world!

Mahalo #alohafan @megantee12 for cool pic!

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