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K-TUNED  Quality components and great service are what we are built from. Give us a call for your K-Series parts. We are glad to help! #ktuned

Some S2000 love. Rear toe adjuster, front extended ball joints, and rear extended ball joints.

Product links are in each photo to get more info and pricing. #ktuned #s2000

Now available EF/CRX front LCA with Hardened Rubber Bushing or Spherical Bushings. Great upgrade to those tires stock arms. Retains traction bar mounting points just like OEM. MSRP Rubber - $199.99 / Spherical $329.99. Click on the image for more details. #ktuned

Now available 2006-11 Civic Front Control Arms. Available in a full hardened bushing or spherical. Both will have great increase in stiffness and feel over oem. Click on the image image to straight to our website for full details. MSRP Hardened Rubber - $299.99 / Spherical $549.99. We sell just the full hardened rubber bushing alone for $149.99 for those wanting to just upgrade their stock arms and save some money. Available now. #ktuned #fg2 #fa5 #8thcivic

Nice turbo RSX from @madcoil running our Vented Valve Cover, turbo blanket, power steering line kit, 80mm Throttle Body, and much more. #ktuned #madcoilbuilt

Alright limited run of polished fuel rails are listed on our website and from your favorite K-Tuned dealer. These are the same price as our regular fuel rail and available with all fuel kits. #ktuned

We've updated our website and instructions for our Universal AC/PS eliminator kit. All spacers have markings to keep from mixing them up. We've also included lengths of bolts to make sure the correct one is used. Depending on the water pump and alternator it will change and easiest to test the two options to see what works best for your setup with unknown accessories on engines. We include everything in all kits. Our alternator uses dual steel brackets for strength. There are some JDM K24A that alternator and water pump won't work (alternator doesn't have straight top bolt). Some alternators may need shaving if the alternator pulley doesn't sit flush (we've found them randomly but very rare). If you have questions DM us. #ktuned

For reference. Our Billet Trans Bracket has two positions. One for our Race-Spec Shifter Cables and one for OEM style cables (Our OEM-Spec Cables and OEM RSX and EP3 cables). Our Race-Spec Shifter Cables require the bracket as we've changed the position of the cables and cable ends. Notice how the forks/brackets are positioned further back for the Race-Spec Cables. If you have the fork/brackets in the wrong position you will miss either top or bottom gears. It can easily be changed by swapping the allen head bolts on the bottom. #ktuned #kswap

We brought back our Billet Base Plate for TSX/Accord Shifter. We've changed the design slightly but it still functions as it did before. Comes with hardware needed.

This will cover the stock lip on the tunnel. Two bolts connect to rear linkage nuts and you'll drill two new ones in the front. Comes with billet bushings for your shifter.
MSRP $129.99

Hmmmm... Billet Shifter works on the F150? Maybe it's time for a collab. We'll wait for the DM 😘. Nice catch by @surg_one. #ktuned #shifterdoesntfitsodontask #kswapF150

Clean build @rhd_nino. 📸 @giopr_ #ktuned #kswap #rhd #ek

Should be a fun car 229/175 with full bolt ons (K-Tuned CAI, Header, and Exhaust). This is from our friends at @madcoil #ktuned #madcoil #k20z3 #8thcivic

FK8 Lowering Spring Fitment. These offer a mild drop and slight increase in stiffness while still working with your active damper. Click on the image to go directly to the website for full details and more photos. #ktuned #fk8

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