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Katherine Shapiro  🌈Mom of two beautiful girls 🍷Wine pusher at Reds Wine Bar.. 🧘🏽‍♀️living this yoga life!

Green tea, iced espresso with hemp milk and a bullet proof coffee. Diploma has officially started😹
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So good to leave but so good to return!! I’m so refreshed & loving being at home tonight. Got a full meditation and yoga practice today; truly grounding and returning my soul home. Using meditation to add breath, calm, and stillness into my life. Thank you @yoga_girl for the Oneness recommendation! I’ve been paying attention to connection and trying to listen to the universe; it speaks loudly when I don’t!! When I am silent and still is when I hear the answers. When I hear the guidance. Praying I can continue to shut the hell up and listen. Listen. To the birds and the silence beneath it all.
Also, if you are looking for the best yoga studio Seattle has to offer, @spirapoweryoga is my home and I’ve found my way back after a while of being gone. I took Dora’s 200hr teacher training 6 years ago and it opened my eyes and practice to so many opportunities. Opportunities to go deeper into myself, be open and still. To let it all go and accept the present moment, because that’s the most beautiful thing we will ever have.
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Sisters only trip for Pearl Jam!! We are loving Missoula, MT. What a beautiful little hippie town! Much needed little getaway with my sis👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
#sisters @pearljam #missoula

First wine dinner in the books. Now, a beer. So exhausted and grateful to be doing what I love. Thank you universe🙏🏽 - #grateful #ipa #patio #nomudnolotus #workhard #winedinner #winelife

Motherhood: the most joyful & eternal roller coaster ride! Here’s my promise to you: I will always show you the bad, the raw, the real. I will show you my vulnerability Because I want to show you that it’s ok to be vulnerable, it’s ok to be tired, burned out and on your last leg. I get it!! To enjoy the good is to accept the real. The eternal roller coaster. Grateful to be alive. Calm in the chaos. Cheers.

You probably know by now that I love photographing wine in nature😹🍷if you follow me on @redswinebarkent, you will see that it’s becoming my obsession. Haha!
I scour through every nook and cranny of my yard for the perfect lighting and shot🙄🙈
On a real tip; I’m so in awe of this wine @brookandbull and @vitalwines! Mom Of two, @troutashley is not only living her passion but killing it. Cheers to more women like this in the world!! I’m inspired🙋🏼‍♀️🌎✨
And thank you to @c.ar0ra for bringing a beautiful Rioja that totally blew my mind. Coconut and dill! Coconut and dill!! 🤣🍷
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Blind tasting madness on a Friday night! Last few weeks of freedom before diploma starts😋🍷 -

#blindtasting #wsetdiploma #staythecourse #nomudnolotus

This time two years ago we had a newborn headed to the NICU because she wasn’t breathing and had fluid in her lungs. The next 24 hours was the scariest, most helpless feeling I’ve ever felt. To not know whether your baby will live through the next day is terrifying. Thank God she’s my Leo Lion and she is a fighter! Now she is the biggest brut of them all! Getting dirty and wet on her bday, eating her favorite lunch😎❤️
#kateolivia #grateful

It’s her birthday tomorrow but I can’t wait till then to show this angel baby! Actually, a full blown toddler. Not a baby anymore😿
Happy Birthday to my Kate Olivia, my bully & brut, my future wrestler, the silliest, most affectionate little girl with the craziest hair of all time.
#toddlertwos #dashpoint #forestfamily #pnw

The forest heals my soul. Happy Sunday to you all!! 😎🌲☀️
#ptdefiancepark #beach #forest #family #zen

Dreaming of colorful streets, teal waves, warm sun.. take me back!!
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It’s not about remembering every little fact, knowing all the fancy wines; it’s not about knowing “who’s who” and all the famous winemakers. It’s not about the recognition. It’s not about all the things you’ve done in your career.
For me this wine life is about passion, being vulnerable enough to know the things I don’t know and the balls to work my ass off to stay committed. Staying committed to connection and passion. Having the guts to push the limits and never give up. ✌🏼🍷
Don’t forget. August 25th.
Reds Wine Bar. -
#winelife #womeninwine #thefutureisfemale #nevergiveup #connection #redswinebar

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