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KTLCo  Vancouver based urban dance training program for dedicated individuals who aspire to have a career in dance. Directed by Shauna Smith and Ken Yung

It’s that time of year again folks! KTL will be hosting our open practice next Sunday the 29th from 5-8pm at @harbourdancecentre. Director @kennonnn will be teaching with @brittanymtucker and director @shaunalynne4 with @vncvldrm. You won’t wanna miss out on these dope collabs!! 🔥🔥 First class will be from 5-6:30 and second class from 6:30-8 $15 for one class and $25 for 2 All proceeds will go to our annual KTL LA scholarship fund! ❤️⚡️#bethereorbesquare #ktlco #openpractice #collab #lit #comethru

As we're coming closer to performance dates (Catch us at the @honeydancehdc show Spring Fever April 8th!!), heres #MeetKTL so you know who to look out for on stage! Here we have @richellecarter ❤☇
• Richelle Carter •
Richelle was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK, where she first developed her passion for dance and performing. Working to expand her vocabulary, she studied jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, and hip hop, among other styles. Immediately following graduation, Richelle was accepted into the Intensive Training Program at Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver, BC. After her first year on the coast, she trained with the Source Dance Company before joining Kill the Lights. Some of her performance highlights include We Day and the Women’s World Softball Championships. This past fall, Richelle received her teaching certification in Barre Fitness, TRX, and Piyo, and is excited to be combining her love for dance and fitness while cherishing her time with KTL. #MeetKTL #fitness #healthy #dance #dancer #hiphop #Fitnessgoals

So grateful to have @brittanymtucker in ktl again this year to share her vast knowledge of fundamentals and to teach us her super hype choreo! This class was for the books 🔥❤☇
#dance #hiphop #Ktlco #dancer #fundamentals #cardib #camopants #fullout

Super excited to introduce our next second year company member with #MeetKTL @brittanymtucker ❤☇
• Brittany Tucker •
Brittany started dancing at a young age. As she developed her training, her passion for hip hop became even more apparent. Brittany has trained in street styles under @daryllej She has danced amd competed both locally and internationally. Brittany has a particular passipn for teaching and sharing her knowledge with students of all ages. She continues to create and share her love of dance with others around her. Currently teaching and training with KTLco, recent performances include Vancouvet International Dance Festival. #MeetKTL #ktlco #hiphop #dance #dancer #fundamentals #inspire #realhiphop #itsbrittanybitch #sorrybritt

We always look forward to the nights when we get to take class from our own company members!! @fsblohem killed it with his combo to XO Tour Life!! His class was seriously lit and it was awesome to see more than just company members coming out to take it ❤☇ Also check out that turn thoo 🔥🔥 #Ktlco #dance #hiphop #xotourlife #bboy #triplepirouette #feels #emotionalsong

Part 2 for today in #Meetktl because we couldn't resist introducing this beauty too @gracekimbley ❤☇
• Grace Kimbley •
Grace is 18 years old and began dancing at the age of 7. Growing up she has danced at Gift of Dance and Infinity Dance Company in Lynden, and Harper&I in Bellingham, WA. Her training has included jazz, ballet, pointe, contemporary, tap, hip hop, irish step, and a little bit of ballroom. She was also on the performance and competition team for four years. While attending the Summer Wakeup Workshop at her cousin’s dance studio in Sechelt she was awarded a two day scholarship to Harbour Dance Centre. After, she then began taking more classes which led to her discovering KTL. Grace loves the experience and growth she has had being a member of the KTL family. #Meetktl #dance #ktlco #international #passion #hiphop #dance #star #shesaid18 #oneofthebabiesofthegroup

Introducing some more members with #MeetKTL !! here is @alexchristian_ ❤☇
• Alex Christian •
Alex started dancing at the age of 2 in ballet classes, by the age of 10 she was competitively dancing and training up to 25+ hours a weeks all the way until she graduated high school. After high school she moved to Toronto to dance in a contemporary company which ironically lead her to fall in love with hip hop as well as the industry in its entirety. Moving back to Vancouver she has joined KTL to follow and pursue that love and dream. Dance, in all its forms, is her voice and her passion and her best way of connecting and communicating in this world. She’s extremely excited to be a part of this company/community and see what the future holds!
#MeetKTL #contemporarydance #dance #hiphop #Ktlco #passion #beauty #inspiration #modellife

The second member to be introduced in our 2017-2018 #MeetKTL is lovely first year @_shaylakristine ❤☇
• Shayla Munn •
Shayla is 21 years old, and has been dancing since she was 5. She started out doing ballet at a studio in Surrey, which then progressed into competing in various styles, including contemporary, jazz, and hip hop, When she was 16, she joined a training company in Vancouver, called the StilettoEttes, where she discovered her passion; heels! This past summer, she spent a month in London, and had the opportunity to train under many amazing choreographers, including Galen Hooks. She also travels to and from LA quite often to train there! Currently a first year KTL member, her goal this year is to continue improving, and to use her passion and drive to inspire others!
#MeetKTL #dance #hiphop #drag #dragqueen

We are so lucky to have alumni @francesca.parma not only teach us house fundamentals, but also share her passion and inspire us to explore other styles ❤️⚡️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Video shot and edited by @jaredoutten 🔥
#ktlco #dance #hiphop #house #fundamentals #passion #inspire #bestteacherever #giveheraharbourclass

Now that we're settling into 2018, its time to properly introduce our 2017-2018 KTLco. members with #MeetKTL ☇☇
First up we have @fsblohem 🔥
• Felipe Blohem •
Felipe, originally from Brazil started off training in capoeira and switched to dance at the age of 12, training at Nucleo de Danca in Ilheus, Bahia. He has trained in traditional Brazilian dance styles along with ballroom, jazz, and hip hop. After graduating highschool, Felipe moved to Vancouver and has been training at Harbour Dance Center for over 4 years. A former member of left side crew directed by @ericmalapad , he is currently a second year member of KTL. Felipes biggest highlight of KTL last year was performing for @wemovement at Rogers Arena.
#MeetKTL #Ktl #dance #hiphop #bio #Flips #dancer

This girl she got me sho00o0ook
Sister @justwishg said I'm 18 now 💁choreo by uncle @kennonnn ❤️⚡️⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#ktlco #dance #hiphop #shook #throwbackthursday #tbt #sis #shesaid18 #TRAVEL

Walking into 2018 like 👊 @gracekimbley @alexchristian_ @brittanymtucker @shaunalynne4 killing @lexburnham fire choreo!❤️⚡️
#ktlco #dance #heels #ladiesonfire #2018letsgo

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