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Katie Houston  I am a choir teacher who is taught as much as I teach by my hilarious high school students. #livingthedream

The progression of the piñata destruction. Note that we rehung the part that didn’t bust open after person #3 decapitated it. This afforded more people an opportunity to participate. 😂

It doesn’t get any sweeter and more perfect than this. Thanks for sharing this with me, Barton’s!

I love and support my students who chose to peacefully protest today about something important to them. I also love and support my kids who chose to stay in school and continue learning about things important to them. I also support #frostyfriday for those days when half the class is gone and it’s almost the weekend!

In my classroom, if you leave your folder out instead of putting it away, you have to sing “I’m a Little Teapot” to get it back (with the hand motions). I lost my folder for the second time this year. I left it on the bus after our festival last week. Luckily, this time I tracked it down (the one at Christmas time was gone forever). Before I was allowed to use it today, my students made sure I was held accountable. I guess the old “do as I say not as I do” adage doesn’t work anymore.

Students are so helpful.

It has been almost exactly a year since I first performed with the Motab. I’ve learned so much in the past year and had some incredible, never-to-be-forgotten experiences, one of which was LDS general conference yesterday and today. There has been a steep learning curve- I’ve never done so much rehearsing and performing in my life. I’ve shed both tears of joy and of exhaustion. But the spiritual and emotional rewards are so sweet, especially the friendships I am making along the way. This is only a year in- I can’t wait to see what the next 4-19 years have in store!

Mission reunion with one of my favorite couples, President and Sister Antunes, and with my sweet sisters ❤️. The pic with the dude is Elder Manning- we entered the CTM (training center for missionaries in Brazil) on the same day almost 13 years ago! My mission was a very precious 18 months of my life. It was fun to reconnect with that sacred experience. I’m so grateful to President and Sister Antunes for their lives of service and goodness.

Jer is in China so I took a little break from Music and the Spoken Word this morning and went down to Provo to go to church with her and the boys. How she does it on her own while he is gone is one of life’s sweet mysteries. But man, they are cute!!

My choir friends are literally my spirit animals. They help keep my spirits buoyant during long rehearsals and performance weeks and help me see the beauty in every opportunity. I love them.

Trying to memorize this Messiah chorus is 🤯. But creating this perhaps entirely non-useful memory map has kept my ADHD brain occupied during our 3 hour rehearsal. And that’s a win 🙌🏼.

This is my nephew and future member of the Mormon Tabernacle choir singing his original hit, “When Mickey Comes Home.”

Who’s coming with me to see my husband, Josh, perform live at Vivent?? With Idina, who I also love? #dreamscancometrue

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