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it's so fun watching this thing do its magic. i get to 3D print little robots cuz i can

i have never taken a cuter picture.

this cat has the most beautiful eyes what the hell

this week has been the worst week of my life to say the least. thank you to anyone that has stayed by me. i love anyone that reads this. thank you all.

who could have known that today would be last with you. i'm gonna miss you. rest in peace alex. rest in peace my little man.

glad i got to spend the day with my one and only valentine ❤

well. i'm proud i was successful on getting my nails to match my hair.

if you know me you've probably heard that i've been planning on attending college in Milan, Italy and it had always seemed official based on conversation with admissions workers but as of 12:31 PM today, I will officially be going to school in Italy this next fall. It's been a rough rough road to get here but I am beyond happy and beyond lucky to be able to say all of this. thank you to all those who have supported me. thank you to ms. dayton for pushing me to my fullest potential. I love everyone i've come in contact here. and I will never forget any of the wonderful memories i've made. but i sure as hell happy i am leaving lol

i may or may not like using watercolors

greys anatomy and this pup are a great end to a terrible day.

i did a drawing of @ihartericka kinda happy with how it looks

love these little dudes so much.

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