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kelsey fatsi  Lover of art, my puppies, mindfulness, and the world. Lovee(&er) of Elias and mama to Clover Gene and Fia Wolf 💚

Just two friends eating popsicles 🍭😍 Can’t believe how big these mama’s-belly-friends are now.

All these babies were in our bellies together, and now the first of them has turned one!! Happy birthday Julie ⭐️ Time is cruising on by.

As Fia has been growing into her personality, the stark contrast between her and Clover becomes more and more apparent. These girls are strikingly different, but their love for one another is fierce. I can’t believe how lucky I am to learn from them every moment of every day. I love them both with all of my heart, but in such different ways. Who knew that was possible? Love’s many forms continues to amaze me. What a world 🌈

If you want to hear the sound of pure joy, turn the sound on 😍 I had the best afternoon with my girls. It’s been a tough week solo with Eli gone and being so sick, but we’ve turned a corner. Healing, sunshine, and Eli gets back tomorrow. Can’t wait to have the whole gang together again 💞💞

Living in a woodland wonderland🌞 thanks to @wildwhimmuralstudio

Welp, it happened. I caught what the girls had (is it the flu? A really really bad cold? Ugh. It’s awful). And of course Eli is out of town. Pretty terrible day of feeling like a non-human attempting to take care of a crazy toddler and a teething baby (yes! Fia got her first tooth today!), but ended on a high note thanks to so many supportive friends reaching out. Special shoutout to @sumbbg for braving the sickness and hanging all afternoon 💜💜 I’m a lucky lady, even on bad days. Also here is Fia being super helpful by pulling out all the tissues.

Dreaming of these smiles today with a sick, sick baby 😔 Fia’s been miserable all day with a bad cough, fever over 100, and faucet for a nose. The only time she laughed was when Clover made a big splash in the tub. I’m so glad these two have each other 💛 Happy International Women’s Day. An empowered woman doing my very best to raise empowered women over here 👋🏼

This sweet potato girl has been melting my heart lately. Ever since she started crawling, she’s gone from a fussy/clingy/tough baby to the happiest girl I know. It’s THE BEST 😍

Teta Amelia is here!!! 💖 @ameliafats

That sunshine today was EVERYTHING 😍😍😍 Also Fia tried her first handful of dirt. She was not impressed.

9 months and 4 days ago, after Fia had been waiting patiently in my belly for 9 months and 4 days (perhaps too patiently if you ask me🙃), her birth day arrived. I honestly didn’t believe it until I was sitting in the tub, in the midst of pushing her out. Angela said, “Alright Kelsey, push when you feel like your body needs to,” and I looked at her in astonishment and said, “Really??” All those nights of fake-out labors were behind us, and the moment had finally come to meet sweet Fia Wolf. With Eli holding me, my mom standing beside, and flowers swimming around me (picked from the walkway to the Birth Center by our wonderful midwife and nurse), I pushed. And she came. I can’t imagine a more supported, loving, empowering environment to bring a baby into the world. Thank you @birthcenterofboulder for nurturing the sweetness of Fia’s transition.

Cuddle babies 💛💚🖤

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