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Don't you worry... Aydens just teaching his friend how to shoot his BB gun. (I'm pretty sure she already knew how to shoot, but she let him "teach" her. πŸ˜‰

Sending summer out with a bang!

My sweet baby could not stay awake during his haircut this afternoon. Literally, so asleep I had to hold his head in my hands because he was so out cold. #sofunny

I'm so glad this guy will do crazy things with me! #spartansuper #spartan2017 #spartan

We spent so much time on the boat this year. It was so much fun! And you're never too old to tube, right?! #lakepowell2017

This little dude played HARD for 6 days! I love seeing the magic of Lake Powell through the littles' eyes. #lakepowell2017

Finally going through Lake Powell pics. #canwegoback? 😩 #lakepowell2017 #cousinsarethebest (while waiting a couple hrs in the sun for the houseboat to be launched, we found a gas station and cooled off in the freezer. πŸ˜‚ It was heaven!!!)

I know.... my new shirt is sexy! Really brings out my square shape, doesn't wash me out at all, and it was a steal... only $60!!!!!!!!!!! 😳 #totallywhatiwanttospendmymoneyon #newcalling #motherofboys #itwasonlyamatteroftime #dontbejealous

Last minute BBQ with friends. The kids partied hard. And the adult session of Kubb... we are really good! πŸ˜‚ Thanks for coming friends!#summerstayforever

Max has a surprisingly good aim! I had no idea! This kid is in the wrong sport!!!#donttellhiscoach #soccervsbaseball You're a good sport babe, to let all your kids dunk you. @gstoner

Husband vs wife #webothsuck πŸ˜‚ #ithrowlikeagirl #wardparty

I might be a month later than everyone else... but the sight of my itty bitty cantaloupe and teeeeeny tiny tomatillos make my heart happy! 😍 I just hope they all make it to maturity. #fingerscrossed

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