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Kristy Stoner  Party Planner. Crossfitter. Lonely girl in a home of boys.


My home is where socks come go die 😢 #poormarshall #wigglecarsforthewin

Shout out to my hubby who handled soccer with all the boys, Saturday chores and then finished weeding the flowerbeds; all solo while I goofed off doing a comp today. Thanks babe!! The garden is gonna happen this year!!! #goodbyeweeds3fttall 😳#itgotoutofhandquickly #neveragain

Killing time in the worlds longest drive through... you sing "twinkle twinkle" of course. Or is it "how I die"? I don't remember. They are just so similar. 😜#overandoverandover

Happy Birthday babe and Happy Easter to the rest of ya'll. #37looksgoodonyou #topgolfisrad #toomuchsugar #longweekend #imtired

When your boys play in different games at the same time, you sit in the middle and try and watch them both. 😳 I did catch max' goal right at the end though. :) #soccergames #easteregghunts #moresoccergames

"Life is tough, my darling, but so are you." - Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I just want to say thank you to everyone who made it out to support my little man on his big day. During spring break and all. We have such great family and friends. We are so very lucky.

This happened today! I can't believe Colton is old enough to be baptized! I feel like he grew up so quickly in just the last couple months. I'm such a proud mom. This kid is such a stud. He is my sanity. I love him so much! #imamormon #lds

#springbreak who needs a beach?

I tripped on a stupid raised sidewalk running after the wod and hurt my leg. 😢 it's all swollen, instantly bruised and I can feel it pulsing. #gross But on a good note, it was a fast mile AND I got 7 HSPU in the wod today!!! #hspusuckwithlongarms

When you have Australians over for dinner, they bring dessert and teach you something new. #timtamslam #yum😋

Just saw the tiniest rainbow ever!! Super vibrant too! #socute

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