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Katlyn Stefan 

Ballet to finish out her first dance competition

I should know better than to bother painting my nails. Last time I painted cabinets and had green paint all over. Today food colouring from decorating eggs 🙄 #theywereniceforoneday

Front row seat for Olympic figure skating gala.

Ya ya, I know this happened days ago. I forgot, ok.

Love when they do free skating at lessons, Girlie coming up with her own choreography

Perfectionist me is dying a little inside, Mom me is happy to put it up....but Perfectionist me is fighting Mom me hard 😂
I chalkboard painted the back of these frames to change it up with the seasons. Girls saw me working away and wanted to help.

I felt sooooo terrible about skate-tastrophe last night, that while repairing the hole in the boy’s hand-me-down ski pants for girlie, stitched a quick heart to jazz them up for her. 💙

Day off school yesterday.
Started off at @sasksciencecentre for a visit and pandas on IMAX.
Next a stop @excalipurrcatcafe for some kitty love.
Quick supper at BP’s and onto what was supposed to be watching girlie skate...but mom mixed up one of her skates with littlest’s skate. 😢 So I had one crushed girlie who couldn’t skate, I was happy to eventually see her spinning around the bench while watching.

Game time vs “watching” game time 😂

Before and after.
Still need hardware on it and shelves in it AND stuff in it. Step closer to finished basement!

I’ve been entirely lazy when it comes to social media lately. Last weekend P got a chance to be the 7th skater at the Pats game! He overcame some nerves to have lots of fun in the end. Pretty cool experience and amazing pictures from the Pats photographer

Why post Christmas when it’s ACTUALLY Christmas when you can be like me and do it a month later?! 🙄 Christmas 2017! Horses, ponies, video games, horses and Tessa & Scott were the big themes

Putting up here purely because she’s cute! ❤️ As excited as she was to show off her new earrings she was probably more excited about taking a picture with her Flip-a-Zoo she got for her birthday 😆

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