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Katlyn Stefan 

Fall walk with the 🐶🐶

Mornings at the barn with these two ❤️

Skating day Part 2! ⛸

Skating day! ⛸

Littlest’s 3rd and final year of Pre-School

Over the weekend P conquered some of his fears and I couldn’t be more proud! He tried rock climbing TWICE and he went across 2 bridges (6 total trips) on the Wilson’s greenhouse ropes course! Last time he tried a ropes course he got to platform and turned right back around and went back down, and he wanted to do that again this time. After a bit of pole clinging, chats with Mom and a few start attempts he crossed his first bridge. He’s by no means comfortable with it all but he stepped out of his comfort zone and I hope it helps him be comfortable with growth and new things. ❤️

The cat life

First day. Grade 4 & 2!

Waiting for the Duck Derby parade to come by with bags for candy 🍬

Something’s wrong with this dog....in the 6 years we’ve owned her I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed her laying that close to a human without constantly demanding attention and ending up kicked off the couch. She’s been laying there for a half an hour. 😱

This is Fred. He’s one sassy pony, as you’d expect from a pony. 😈 But my girlies are loving their time getting to know him none the less. Thankful for a great barn with opportunity for the kiddos to ride ❤️

King Ringo. Kicked the peasants to their rightful place, the floor.

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