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Katlyn Stefan 

Taking the boat out on the lake today

“It’s too bright!”
First day vs last day of littlest’s school year

Another year of preschool in the books

Building some new Lego

I feel like I’m being watched 👀

Ringo’s morning ritual once everyone’s up. Running full speed around the house

Excited girlie showing off the figure slating costumes we found at Value Village today. They look brand new. Score!

We saw Jonathan Burns aka @flexiblecomedy show 4 times over the weekend at @yxekidsfest and my kids are now obsessed with him! Ella giggled hysterically every time throughout the show. He’s hilarious and watching him fit through that picture frame (YouTube it or find him in person and demand he do it) will never get old, ever.

A bit of our weekend Saskatoon escapade at @yxekidsfest

Riding the Ferris wheel 🎡

Day 2 @yxekidsfest
E building a boat. H building a hot lava tower. P building a boat and a tiny island.

After that downpour we deserved a nice sunset 🌅