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I HAVE NEWS MY FRIENDS!! Please read my full explanation if you would like to, but to speed up the process for those that maybe more impatient - I will be back to normal in about a week and nothing will have to change with my passion for lifting 😊
Long version: I have had "tailbone" pain off and on since 2012. The first time I had it, it lasted about this long and I rested for a week and thought nothing of it again. Last Wednesday, it started again. It hurt to sit, stand, walk, anything. I went about daily life (minus exercise) and hoped it would subside on its own. It didn't. I took a trip to my doctors office yesterday to see if what my chiropractor was saying was true - she thought my tailbone was hooked. TURNS OUT I have "Sacralization!" My lowest right-side vertebrae, L5, is FUSED to my sacrum, or at S1. I never knew it was a thing, but basically my sacrum has rotated because of the lack of mobility in the joint that should be located at L5 and S1. What I THOUGHT to be "tense muscle" was my FREAKING BONE in the WRONG PLACE. EW. My chiropractor adjusted it today and it hurt like a bitch, but I currently feel much better!! She said nothing will need to change, except I can't do ab exercises on the ground. I'll just have to get creative😊
I'm just so happy to have an answer. After my headaches, I had felt like going to the doctor for this was silly because I doubted their ability to find an answer. But here we are!!! Please send good vibes and prayers my way for a speedy recovery🌻☺️

Currently sitting at about 138 lbs which is the most I have ever weighed. I'm excited to go through a mini-bulk mid-summer😂 Trying to rest my tailbone over the weekend so that I can hopefully get back to weights by Tuesday. Positive mind and positive vibes🌞

It's now been a week since I've touched weights and I'm getting restless. Those doubting thoughts are creeping back in and I'm yearning to make progress. I'm jealous of all the people I follow who get to workout daily while I have to continue my rest. To make it even better, as soon as my back started to feel better, this tailbone issue I've had for years flared up again and it hurts to do literally anything. Thank goodness I go back to the chiropractor tomorrow.
Please send good vibes my way so that I can continue to keep my head up as much as possible and that I can return to the weights soon💪🏼

Physique & me update ~
Currently sitting at a happy and healthy 137 lbs. I've taken a few days off from the gym because of some back problems that I wanted to resolve before trying to lift again. Today was purely cardio on the bike (walking hurts my back) and sauna😵💧
Went to the chiropractor and she was able to figure out almost immediately my back complication. My hip flexors are so tight that my abs can't engage in order to support my body so my back is doing all the work. Crazy how the body works.
She's also confident that my bad posture (specifically when sitting) has caused my headaches. The tension from my traps and neck muscles is pulling on the muscles in my face and giving my headaches (LIKE WHAT). I'm reeeally optimistic that we can work to fix this and I can finally be headache free!
Super optimistic about my future in terms of my health and fitness. Can't wait to get back into the gym and push my limits👊🏼💪🏼

Link is in my bio
New post when live this morning on my blog. I talk about the "ugly truth" when it comes to weightlifting and bodybuilding. Please take a look🤗

Meal prep Sundays are so exciting now that my parents have a fresh herb garden😛 Now that that's over with, I'm ready for another week of summer camp fun in the blistering hot sun!
I made two chicken breasts with fresh thyme and basil and two tilapia loins with fresh rosemary. Each meal has a concoction of brown rice with fresh cilantro, while only three have brusselsprouts (I ran out). The fourth one will have a salad!
I really hope to have a blog up tonight about some stuff going on with me right now so I'll let y'all know when it goes live.

Life is CRAZY busy these days - working nearly 40 hr weeks at summer camp, but still finding time to lift (at 6:30am unfortunately)! I've been feeling pretty damn small, but that's a part of the process and it just motivates me to keep going. Trying to make everything positive 👍🏼

It's awesome meeting people through lifting💪🏼 Although I was probably the smallest person at @theshopgym today, I had a great workout with @kickasskolbs and @pumpculture‼️ We ended shoulders on this lateral raise machine with 3 sets of 10 on our own and 2 sets with extra resistance at the end! Hard as f*ck😅 but also awesome.
Trying to get more onto my blog ASAP and have some awesome ideas for y'all so stay tuned!

SWIPE ➡️➡️ for some of my quads and compound day moves!!
• First video is lightly weighted step-ups. I focused really hard on firing all the right muscle groups and avoiding overworking my hip adductors (personal prob) so the weight is low and reps were controlled.
• Second video is Bulgarian split squats. I've posted a clip of these before bc they're such a staple move for quads. Make sure your knee drops straight down.
• Third and final video was one of two deathly leg extension dropsets. I really don't go for reps here, just starting high and dropping weight until failure, 💩 face, and pain👍🏼
Try these on your next leg day💁🏼

Happy 4th friends!! Just wanted to share that I bought a journal yesterday to write out my workouts, keep track of goals, brainstorm for my blog, record PR's, and anything else my heart desires🖊📖 I think everyone should record their fitness journey in some form or fashion! Either way, have a happy holiday and enjoy all the foods~

SWIPE➡️➡️ For two supersets from my 💣 ass glutes and hams day! The videos are sped up 2x.
• First is sumo press w high together press. Video cuts out for a few reps bc my bf got tackled and video was blurry lol. Really push through the booty🔥
• Second is goblet squats w sumo squats using a dumbbell. This gets haaaard hence my beautiful face at the end🙃
Do these to grow that peach🍑🍑🍑 and lmk how it goes!!!

Health and fitness is different for everyone. For me, it means lifting 4-6 days a week, a bit of cardio, and eating healthful foods, yet still treating myself a good amount. I don't try to restrict my diet because I know myself well enough to realize it's not practical. I have cut certain foods out by purely staying away from them for so long (fast food burgers, sugary drinks, and working hard to stop soda again). I still struggle with self-criticism (which is certainly natural in today's day and age) and get down on myself from time to time. I can also get very jealous of others' bodies. When these things happen, i try to remember how far I have come since beginning my fitness journey in 2013. We all start somewhere, but what matters is that we continue to try and strive to set goals. We have to believe in ourselves and build a community that believes in us. We're all in this together💪🏼

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