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I found this quote today and I thought of my physical situation. I have not been relieved of my back pain since August. Day in and day out my back is tight and painful. I can’t bend over to pick things up the way I always have. I have to be constantly aware of how I’m sitting and holding my body in order to try to combat the instability.

Nothing happened to cause this pain I’m in and that’s why it’s so frustrating. I don’t know what I did and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Since I’m still on insurance with my parents, I’m working with my dad trying to figure this out. He makes up excuse after excuse “oh maybe you slept wrong” or “well you were on your feet all day” and while he may not be wrong, I SHOULD NOT BE FEELING LIKE THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY. My life is going to be spent on my feet. I’m a teacher, that’s what happens. I’m angry and I feel like I’m not recovering at all.

But aside from the venting, I’m just letting you all know that exercise has been put on the back burner 😭 I’m in too much pain and too uncomfortable to even think about exercising. I’m hoping that this doesn’t last much longer, but it’s getting harder and harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
This part of my journey is helping me to learn how to love myself and my body. It’s not easy making this change, but I know I’ll pull through. Thanks for reading if ya did!! Send those positive vibes this way pls🌻💙

Hi, remember me? This is real, raw, me. I haven’t lifted in ~3 weeks. My back pain has become more manageable, but the tightness has persisted. I don’t feel comfortable getting back into lifting quite yet because I can barely get through a day at school. I came home crying in pain several days last week.
I’m getting more frustrated with each day. My lower body seems to be the same size (though less strong), but my upper body feels smaller💔 It makes me sad to feel like my hard work is slowly fading away. All I have to say is God bless my metabolism.
I don’t know when I’ll be back in the gym. I want to be back as soon as possible, but I have no way of knowing when that will be. On the other hand, this break has been very helpful in a time of change so it has certainly worked out for the best.
You all will know when I get back into it. Please keep sending positive vibes ✌🏼

Currently laying on the floor, putting heat on my back, and relaxing. I hate this. I hate sitting still.
I am always in pain. Since November, I have had an ailment of some kind. First it was the headaches. After those were solved (we think🤞🏼) my tailbone acted up and kept me from lifting and even walking right. That went away for some time, but now it's starting to feel tender again AND my back is absolutely killing me. I wake up feeling good, but by the time I get to the elementary school I'm already feeling the pain starting. The pain starts in my lower back and it eventually radiates towards the middle. At the end of the day I'm beyond uncomfortable, but I still have work I need to get done.
I don't function in slow motion and I don't "just sit around." There's always something to be done. As a teacher, this benefits me in a lot of ways, but as a human, it's keeping me from getting better. I don't really have a choice, though, as being a student teacher requires me to be at school every day. Not to mention the fact that I CAN'T EXERCISE. It hurts my back to literally bend over to touch my toe. It's not even the lifting that hurts. It's driving me insane that I feel like I can't function like a "normal" 22 year old.
I've been seeing my chiro every week. Usually, when she loosens it all up it lasts a few days and then gets bad again. I went in today at 7am and by 12pm it was already hurting again. Kill me.
Please send positive vibes/prayers/happy thoughts my way 🌻🌞 I'm trying to stay strong and think that it'll get better, but I just can't see how it will when this is how I have to live my life.

Loved this outfit from yesterday morning's back and shoulders session ✨
Working out early morning is SO dreadful. I woke up at 5:30am and was at the gym by 6:30am. I had enough adrenaline to get me through, but the best part about getting it done was at the end of the day when I was able to leave work and just go home. I hate working a 10 hour shift and then having to work out right after, only to make it home for dinner and a few hours of down time. So stay dedicated and make the right moves to reach your goals 💪🏼

Lovingggg my new gear from Forever 21😍 While I love the occasional splurge on gymshark and athleta threads, I'm still a full-time student👎🏼
Current goal:gain mass in my upper body. Might switch up my split sometime soon, but I do love what I have going on rn so we'll see. Stay beautiful ppl🌻

SORRY I'VE BEEN MIA! I've definitely been lacking on my posts recently - life is getting away from me as I finish up summer camp, try to re-do my room, and get ready for grad school (student teaching!!) on Monday.
This morning I had Kodiak pancakes with organic agave syrup & fresh strawberries 😊 I loooove starting off my morning with a hearty breakfast, especially before a lift. I definitely recommend this mix though - and you can grab it from your nearby Target🎯
PLZ bear with me as I transition into "full time job" life. Student teaching is going to be draining, but I will be switching gyms and trying to make it as much as possible. I promise I'll be here still and making gains 💪🏼 Thanks for still following me~

As promised, I'm bringing you a post w quick tips on growing ya tush🍑 -
1. ALWAYS activate the glutes. There are many ways to do so, but I highly recommend resistance bands.
2. Pair resistance work with weighted exercises. Your booty will not become bootylicious by purely body-weight hip thrusts and squats.
3. Hip thrust and squat until you can't anymore. Drive through those feet and squeeze the booty. Seriously focus on the mind-muscle connection🤓💪🏼
4. Eat healthfully, but do indulge on the carb-y foods. I honestly attribute my growth to the amount of food I eat.
5. Go check out @trevorlomax and his Cherries on Top program!!!! This clip came from part of his program in which you are supposed to do hip abductions, but my stupid gym doesn't have a hip abductor! This is me getting creative. I WAS SORE AF. Let me tell y'all - seriously consider this plan. For an avid lifter I was sweaty and sore. 10/10 recommended.
More to come soon hopefully😎

I can never quite document my pumps & do them justice 😣 Maybe one day I'll learn (and my photographer too..cough cough @benstodola). Anyway, my back & shoulders session today felt amazing courtesy of my @pescience High Volume supp!
I haven't been posting much due to working VERY long days, not having my photographer with me, & not having many good selfie mirrors (what a stupid problem to have lol). I'll continue to try my best when it comes to posting!!!

Today felt like my first solid training session since my back problems began. I crushed biceps, triceps, and a little bit of chest despite having a cold (hence the Starbucks green tea😂). I LOVE working upper body and can't wait to see more growth up top in the future.

Did a beach workout yesterday and can I just say 💧SWEATY💧 I did full body work with resistance bands and body weight and it felt great to get active while on vacation. It's really not that difficult to get some exercise while on vacation if you're dedicated enough. Set those goals and crush 'em💪🏼

Did glutes and hams for the first time in a while! I'm so proud of the legs I've built over the years and although they're a PAIN in the 🍑 to shop for, they're my fav part of my body. Cheers to lifting again y'all - I'm quite excited.
I'm getting super stressed about the fact that my semester of student teaching starts in a few weeks. I don't currently have a gym I belong to at home and I'll be living at home for the next few months. I'm not sure how I will make the time to lift, but I know I will. If anyone has any advice for making lifting work with a tight schedule, please let me know😊

I took a little over two weeks off from the gym due to my back/sacrum problems. I ended up losing fat, gaining a whole new set of goals, and maintaining most if, not all, of my muscle mass. I'm motivated now more than ever despite the fact that I have my first semester of grad school in less than a month. I'm gonna make it work and I'm gonna do big things, count on it😈

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