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Ks_weightlossjourney2018  This is my new weight loss page for 2018. Totally committed to losing weight. I can do this and be healthier! 💪🏾💪🏾

Late post. I was hoping I would’ve lost more this month but I didn’t 😔. This isn’t over and it’s a journey. I gotta keep pushing and I will make it to ONEderland. The struggle is real as are the temptations but I can do it!! Here’s to a better April!! 🏆

#latepost Yesterday’s progress 💪🏾

Because I can NEVER use the free weights or a bench at my gym (too many rats in there), I got my own. Strength training is a MUST along with cardio so I’ll do it at home either before I go to the gym or when I get home. Nonetheless, I got this!! #thisismyjourney 💪🏾

About last night....went up every minute to level 15 on the eliptical and was FINALLY able to use the pull down bar to work my Triceps. 💪🏾 #gettingstrongereveryday

Something different I learned in training years ago...go up a level every minute up to 25 mins then come back down to level 1. The goal is to just move the eliptical. Because the gym was soo packed this evening, I was only able to do 15 mins on the eliptical however, I went up to level 15. These are the results 💪🏾 #roughevening #nomachinesavailable #sucked 😣

Sunday’s work 💪🏾

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