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😎K Smiles😎  🔅Professional Photographer 🔅Freelance ☀️Northern Utah 🔅Fantastic Deals Available ✉️ tbgarner99@gmail.com

The hard workers of #America will never be appreciated as much as they should. Model :: @th3.r34l.mvp

Roll your sleeves or take off your shirt. Pull down that cap and get to work. Model :: @nick_x_fitness wearing :: @built_apparel

Y’all, if you’re looking for a good gym in #Ogden to work out at, go check out @the_iron_house_ogden Their management is great, their equipment is amazing and their atmosphere is killer. Also, if you’re looking for a #superhero Check out @nick_x_fitness

I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of warehouses. Model :: @nick_x_fitness

I may. I may not. How can you be sure? Model :: @malik_physique_

Running without a destination is not insanity. Running without purpose is. Model :: @malik_physique_

Make it. Work. Model :: @malik_physique_

Could you make it when everyone told you that you can’t? Model :: @trestonmatthewkopp

Chaos can bring life. Model :: @trestonmatthewkopp

I love blending two different scenes. For instance, urban/industrial and nature. It reminds me that we all need tolerance and to accept differences in everyone. We don’t have to agree with one’s political stance but that doesn’t mean we exile that person. We are all humans with flaws. Acceptance is key. Love is love. Model :: @trestonmatthewkopp

With arms like @jordanozz , you can qualify for #flexfriday any day without being #shirtless But don’t worry, there’s one in there, just swipe!

Fall is here, so get our your sweaters, folks! Model :: @jordanozz

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