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#TheTrio in Amsterdam!!! 🇳🇱 Travel vlog now up! A little late, but worth the wait!! Link on my bio!

Goal in life: look 10 years younger. 👶🏻

Before diving into all those skincare products, you have to start with the very first step: CLEANSING. Do it right and you have a good base to start with. I’ve been LOVING the @foreo #LunaMini2 (using it everyday for the past month!) and highly recommend it. Better than the ones with brush heads cause you don’t have to replace anything and it’s so small and compact!

How I cleanse my face: ❤️

Nothing to do but sing all day 🏝

Daydreaming in @weavephl 💭

I had no idea I had this much muscle going on at the back tbh.

Aaaand I haven’t done a proper workout in months!!! I need to get back on track. 💪🏼

It’s amazing how easy your aura can change depending on the clothes you decide to wear that day, or the way you style your hair or which make up look you try. That’s one of the things I love about beauty and fashion. That we can play with it and create looks every single day. That the choice is mine. That I can celebrate my freedom with my sartorial choices and decide on my own who I want to be and what I want to support. Be it brands that celebrate diversity or support local artisans (hi, @februarylifestyle) ❤️

“Unashamedly celebrating our individual fashion and beauty choices, and letting the boldness of those choices empower ourselves to speak out is powerful. Never silencing ourselves or our outfits for the sake of the male gaze, the societal expectations of what it means to be a woman, or any other reason is necessary. Recognizing what makes us feel our best and celebrating that, regardless of what any male politician has to say about any of it, is bold.”

Queen of my castle 🐒 Had an amazing time swinging around our little hut over the weekend!

This @luxesaint 2 piece set making it extra extra 🧡

Got this whole island all to ourselves at a sudden change of plans- but who’s complaining! What a beautiful surprise. 🏝 Wearing matching swimmies from @eighthmermaid.

Thanks for lending us your little paradise @jacquesjewelmer @miaarcenasbranellec!

Spent half the month jumping from one island to another with @februarylifestyle 🌴

Wearing: Our world earrings in Dusk #februarylifestyle
📸 @thatguyslater

If you can, you should. 🌎


Dough-Nut Swim 🙅🏻‍♀️

Guys don’t understand that when we say we need to “fix our hair,” it means Shampoo + Conditioner/Treatment + an hour of styling. It takes sooo long! But lately, I’ve been a wash and wear kind of girl (and so proud of it!!!) I’ve been using Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue these past few weeks and IT WORKS. Try it (you’re welcome). My hair is so smooth and straight without having to blow dry! #UltimateKeratin

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