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Krystle Willmore  Wife 👰🏼🤵🏻 Mom of 3 👧🏼👦🏼👧🏼 Daughter of God 🙏🏻 Nature Mentor 🌿 Fitness Coach 🏋🏼‍♀️ @strength.in Homeschooling Mom 👩🏼‍🏫 Book Lover 📖


The moment you start panicking because you're not sure you'll be finished in time. #packingboxesallday #3daysleft #someonepleasehelpme #WillmoresMoveToSoCal

Date night at the temple. We are going to miss the Portland Temple. I love that it's hidden within the trees and that the outside is marbled with gray. #datenight #ilovetoseethetemple #iamamormon

My kids are weird, just like me! I'm also glad that they are little book lovers. #littlefreelibrary #booklovers #summerdays

I'm all about the no make up look, ESPECIALLY in the summer. I feel like I am one of the few people who actually loves their own freckles. For today I challenge you to take a selfie WITHOUT any makeup on. Then hashtag it with #rfgonaked and Rodan + Fields will donate to charity. So yeah you'd be doing a good thing. Then if you're curious about who or what Rodan + Fields is, go visit @a_alvillar and she'll give you all the details.
#forcharity #makeupfree #nofilter #summerdays #doagoodthingtoday #rodanandfields

Giving up our small apartment to live with my parents in their home has many advantages (backyard, washer & dryer, more space...) but one disadvantage is, it isn't my own home. That is a tough thing to loose once you've had control over your place. I've had many talks about this with my mom and I am so grateful that she understands how I feel.
Moving is bittersweet. I am so ready for the next chapter, for some new adventures (Disneyland!🏰), and for some year round sun.☀️I'm also sad. I'll miss my friends (3 of them hold a very special place in my heart. We've laughed and cried together, we've shared SO much with one another, and we've grown spiritually), I'll miss the homeschool community, I'll miss some amazing women in my ward whom I've learned a ton from, and I'll miss the year round greenery here.🍃 Right now the plan is to come back, but plans change and sometimes they change in an instant. That's where we are at now and I've learned that the more I let Heavenly Father direct my life, the happier I am. So ultimately I look forward to this move with excitement. 😁

We leave on July 6th.🚚(Kevin will actually stay until July 21st to keep working a little longer). So please please please call📞 or message 📱me if you have a moment to say goodbye. (It will help me out a ton if you reach out to me, my mind is on packing and finding free boxes📦.) I really am going to miss the life we've built here. Oregon 🌲and all of the people here will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. 💚
#WillmoresMoveToSoCal #ramblingthoughts

Right now I lay here resting, it's been my first break since Monday. 😐 I've been packing, running errands, or entertaining the kids pretty much non-stop this week. I usually allow myself some downtime to relax everyday (because otherwise I might go INSANE😱) but I've had to sacrifice that time to make sure things get done.
We made the decision early in June to move to California at the beginning of July. It was a quick decision but we know it is the right one. Then my wonderful dad offered to fly✈️ up here to Portland to drive our moving truck to San Diego🏝(in 2 days, no less... yeah he's a rockstar)! So then our time table moved up a whole week. I thought I'd have more time, but at least I do have the time I have. So cue the stress and running on adrenaline.
We've been living in this place for 5 1/2 years. We felt rooted here, we made connections, we felt that this was home. Things change though, and this new chapter has been in the works for 2 years. We didn't think it would be that BIG of a change though, but we know that the Lord knows what's best.
Packing has been interesting, it's been so long since we moved that I sort of forgot what to pack first. At the same time it's been liberating to give away so much stuff. What surprised me the most was how much I cried taking down our pictures. 😪 I felt as though I was deconstructing our home, which I was.
#WillmoresMoveToSoCal #ramblingthoughts

All the toys for my kids are in these boxes (well except for the lightsabers and blasters). Feels pretty good that my kids don't need many toys. #downsizing #WillmoresMoveToSoCal

Taking a break from packing and having a snack. I may or may not be playing Disney emoji blitz... 🤣#disneyemojiblitz #movingtocali #packingishardwith3kids #WillmoresMoveToSoCal

I'm an emoji, in other news I am totally addicted to Disney Emoji Blitz 🤣#disneyemojiblitz

We haven't moved in so long that I forgot how hard it can be. It does feel good to have so much stuff to get rid of though! #movingtocali #WillmoresMoveToSoCal

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