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Spooky Krystina 👀  🍂 Feelings are the language of the body 🎃 Your body gets better at what it does most 🍂 WEEK 3: #MakeMovesandMoveOthers 👇🏼 E-Workbook

Talk about overcoming my nerves/social anxiety- I’ve never felt like so much of a confident social butterfly before today (unless I had already drank a copious amount of substance or other) From feeling nauseous in a room full of a group of people and hiding away in bathrooms, to now finding joy (not stress/anxiety) in getting to meet new people in large groups. I’ll really get to put it to the test this weekend at the Formula 1 Festival at Bayfront Park - come say hi and get yo face painted by yours truly if you’re in the area ✨ I swear though training was already fun as an online trainer, but I could get used to this 😈🤷🏽‍♀️💕

I’ve been thinking a lot about energy (mostly because I’ve been helping out and supporting @e3_lifestyle with content where I can) and how different it can look on people. The expectations of how “high energy” people should be or look like feels a lot like the weight of the world on your head (especially if you’re someone who isn’t constantly on their edge) 🙇🏽‍♀️
I’ve seen so many different kinds of “high energy” individuals. It can look like wide eyes and loud booming voices. It can look like stillness. Or a calm intensity. Maybe a gentle smile with eyes that stay locked onto you with quiet loving persistence. Maybe it’s booming voices 🤷🏽‍♀️
The contrasts are what makes either side that much more beautiful. Enjoy your energy, whichever kind you have and make the most of it. It’s yours to do what you will with it, to share or shift or invest it back into yourself or others. Decide where you need to spend or not spend your energy on and do - or don’t. Some have faster recovery times than others and that’s ok. Our bodies and minds are bio individuals and that’s beautiful. Listen to your body. Rest when you need it. Love every part of the process of building up and utilizing energy, it’s a gift - that if we let it, will keep on giving. .

Fall down
Get back up
Keep going
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This weeks challenge is #MakeMovesandMoveOthers - the final week from my free Make Moves workbook available in my bio. I love getting to know the fitness community and supporting others where I can, and this dude is no different. I met @coachjeremy305 at @republicofmovement and have slowly been learning more and more about him and what’s he’s about. I completely get behind his brand @e3_lifestyle and his mission, and invite everyone to also #StandUp2Sitting 💪🏼 now.. think you can take on this pistol squat mobility challenge? .
#Repost @coachjeremy305
Try this #MobilityMonday challenge if you think your #ankles and #hips can handle it!

Using a light counter weight actually makes this movement a little easier.


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#MondayMotivation | A rough start is still a start 🤷🏽‍♀️

Had such a fun day flowing and creating some awesome content yesterday with @coachjeremy305 - exciting stuff coming at ya sooonnn ✨

#MakeMovesSetGoals - Vulnerability 🌿
My self care routine:
• Music is my emergency go-to, it sets or can shift my mood when I need it.
• Content - I’m always learning and investing in myself. I don’t watch much TV (aside from occasional Netflix cuddles with beb) and most of the content I consume on social media is educational anyways. My favorite podcasts right now are @aubreymarcus and @joerogan podcasts on YouTube. My favorite accounts on here at the moment are @cirque_physio @rachel.cargle and @actionjacquelyn
• Essential Oils in Lava Stone Bracelet (absorbs and smells awesome for a good while) Fun fact I learned at an oil class yesterday: drop a few drops of peppermint into your palms, rub them together and cup around your nose. Take a big inhale and prepare for the biggest head rush/cleansing feeling of your life.
• Being naked and cherishing my body how it is - some days I’m comfortable with it and some days I’m not. I try to remind myself that there really is no reason to not appreciate it how it is, even if I’m always trying to improve. It’s still allowing me to walk around and do things and live.
• Any and all sorts of movement (catch me doing forward folds/handstands at the random places) endorphins are my favorite drug to date aside from oxytocin 😋 .
• Being artsy and expressing myself through paints, diy things, etc. It’s the easiest way for me to get in a “flow state” other than working out. 💪🏼
• Skating is my favorite form of cardio and the “runners high” I get from skating long distances is amazing. ✨
Questionsss - What percent of the day are you working for other people? Giving away your energy to other people? What percent of your energy do you give back to yourself? We place ourselves in such vulnerable arenas at the expense of ourselves. Please don’t make taking care of yourself an afterthought. Yes give and serve, but don’t forget to give and serve to yourself. Today is #SelfCareSunday - how are you going to give back to yourself?


Alcohol was my tool for dealing with a lot of anxiety and pain for the longest time, and it hurt me and the ones I loved most. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum - numbing myself to the point of absolute indifference to my own life, and completely drowning in my emotions - letting them overwhelm me without ever having a way of managing them. I become so withdrawn into my own head. I let so much anger, hurt, resentment, shame, and pain build up it led me to reach for substances every time I needed to forget. And then it become a preventative, drinking before any social activity in order to cope. .

I’m so fucking grateful I got arrested because it was the wake up call I needed - a wake up call without pressuring me to acknowledge the certain behaviors themselves - not shaming them or challenging my fragile ego, or making me out to be a horrible individual, but it was just a “hey, you’re fucking up right now and something needs to changed.” I went 110% in to working towards doing better for me, the first time I ever really took the time to do any form of mental self care for that reason. I stopped drinking, stopped going out and sleeping around. It wasn’t cold turkey, but I did slow down and eventually got to a point where alcohol didn’t even tempt me. .

Fast forward 4 years and I’m just starting getting comfortable with alcohol again, and even looking into plant medicines - don’t get me wrong, the fear is still there. I know how it can quickly go from a social drink here and there to going out getting wasted every weekend. However, at my gut level I trust myself now, something I never did (nor cared to do) back before I got arrested and started this self care journey. I don’t hate/resent any part of it, I love where I was and where I have come to be, and every part in between is part of a big beautiful journey. .

Today is #SelfCareSaturday - and for #MakeMovesSetGoals I want you to set a goal of appreciation/gratitude journaling for a transition period in your past. It doesn’t have to be long or drawn out, just a simple statement that acknowledges and doesn’t shame that part of your life. Write to yourself or share if you want, love you guys ❤️

When in Miami, sneak into Blockchain event and do banana handstands infront of @davel_art ‘s awesome mural 🙌🏼🌿

Feeling grateful thanks to a friendly reminder from @coachjeremy305 ‘s care package from his brand @e3_lifestyle 💪🏼 love his mission and what he stands for and I’m so happy to support both these hardworking dudes, give em some love!

Imperfect, messy, beautiful. My feed is only a small portion of my life, and so is most of everyone’s. We are all doing/making the best of what we got but only sharing so much. Keep that in mind as you scroll through rest of the highlight reel, love you guys ❤️ #perspective

#MakeMovesSetGoals - Day 4 - Posture Checks

Catch yo self looking in the mirror? Assess. Are your shoulders rounding? Is your low-back arching? Are your shoes fucking up your toes (whole other post)? Here’s some goals for you to play with:

• Every time you walk under a doorway - posture check
• Every time you get in your car - do some head rolls
• Every time you look in the mirror think - damn I lookin fine today ✨

Your thoughts are part of your experience which makes them real
They don’t define you but they can cause pain
Thoughts can get stuck in a loop and cause trauma - the feeling is real, the pain is very real and valid since our brains cannot distinguish from past, present, and future events. You ask why a victim can’t get over it? Because they are still living it.
Everyone’s emotions are real, and to tell someone theirs aren’t real is not only not helping them but can drastically hurt them.
We are all so biased in our ways of helping/believing how people need to be helped that is it just makes more sense to be there for people
Show up, speak up - we are in this together. If you ever need someone to talk to I’m here

#MakeMovesSetGoals - Day 3 - Creatives

Setting goals for yourself to cultivate creativity is super important, especially if you have a job that is creatively draining. Setting aside a certain amount of time a day for your own creative things is how I keep the creativity flowing. I came back home and didn’t really feel like doing this because I was tired but I had set a goal that I wanted to try it out this morning so I kicked my butt into gear.

Challenge: Set some creative goals for yourself below or just to yourself. Maybe it’s a new project you’ve been wanting to work on. Or to lay off a project you’ve gotten bored with. If you work as a creative, having time to flow on your own is even more important because of how robotic it can feel to just keep producing the same or similar content based on your clients needs. It gets exhausting, and the only way to combat it is to give that creativity some love and appreciation, whatever that means for you ❤️ tag a creative who needs to hear this 👇🏼(also if anyone knows of higher quality body paint, please drop it down below I will love you forever 😭💕)

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