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KRYSTEN HAYES  EMPOWER ME. Project - @empowerme.project Online Coach | IIFYM | Pn1 Melbourne AUS


Summer vibes and awesome friends 😍😍 @lisabicks

💛 me & my babe @adzi_87 @potatoheadbali

#Repost @empowerme.project
EMPOWER ME. Project 🖤 By empowering someone, you give them the power to do something. It’s makes you stronger and more confident, take control of your life. So much love to my clients. Thank you for following my movement 🖤

To my beautiful girl @melyssajjj a big happy birthday to you. Sending lots of love and warm wishes as another year rushes by us! I am so honoured to be apart of your life and love being beside you even if we aren’t always next to each other. Love you always beautiful 💗💗💗 #mypandy🐼

LOW CALORIE DIETS 😱 #Repost @empowerme.project
Alot of people querying my Project - asking how my clients are "eating so much food and still losing weight and body fat". If you have a coach that has you eating the SAME meal plan long-term and the SAME as the next person, in my opinion you are setting yourself up to fail. Generally these plans ✔️ are not sustainable ✔️can lead to nutrient deficiencies ✔️ cause muscle and/or bone loss ✔️ metabolism reduction and many more health issues. These types of plans are NOT ideal for long term weight/fat loss. Find yourself a coach who will know your body. Know how much to feed your body for health & performance and to better your body composition in the healthiest & most sustainable way possible!! 🙌🏽 rant over 😱

Someone recently sent me this photo and it brought back so many memories. I was so young and had so much growing to do. In the past 3 years I have aspired not make a living, but I have aspired to create change and aspired to make a difference. My Project is growing, I am changing lives and am so humbled to be able to share all the emotions and challenges my clients face. I didn't know my dream would be a success, this had been a plan for so long to be able to bring to light. But I took a chance and worked my ass off. If you have a dream, start planning! We don't plan to fail, we fail to plan. If you want it, you can have it. Working hard WORKS ❤️ power to you x

Pinch me 🙈 #Fiancé

🖤📸 @tristanmanas

😍 got home to see a beautiful surprise! My heart is exploding! So lucky!! I love you so much Mum & Dad! xx

And so we fly back home tonight, I'm so bloody excited to see all of my friends and family for hugs and celebrations!! 🤗✨Adam & I have been so overwhelmed with love from all of you who have reached out to share your warm wishes. We are truely blessed and thankful! Andddd of course we are super excited to start planning the engagement party 😁 Lots of love to you all ❤️

Finished our last day and night with burgers & a huge hangover yesterday! So much fun but I definitely remember why I do not drink! 🤦🏼‍♀️🍸 I struggled to sit upright in this photo 😂 #strugglewasreal

Cocktails on a Monday 🍹 @potatoheadbali @adzi_87

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