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Krysten DeAnn Curd  so much to do, so much to see !

saturdays r for the boys!!!

happy grad !!!!!!

my Christmas list consisted of a new vacuum and a Nintendo switch and somehow i ended up crying ????


thankful for what makes life whole, enjoyable and great.........@eastciders 🧡

🍻 time isn’t wursted when you’re getting wursted!!!! 🍻

happy voting day to all you crazy people who didn’t early vote!!!!!! taking a break from my normal witty one lined captions to stress how awesome it is to be able to participate in this midterm election!!! the outcome of this election is truly so critical to our future as a nation, and such an important time in our country’s history! i remember the excitement to be able to participate in my first election in 2012 and its amazing to reflect on how much life has happened since then! in that time i’ve learned, it’s okay to have a different opinion than your parents, your friends, your peers and it’s definitely OKAY to have a different opinion than YOURSELF a year ago! it’s a blessing to be able to grow and experience different life situations, interact with different people, and gain new perspective; that is what life is all about! so whatever your voice says, it matters, so make sure it’s heard!!!! #texasmidterms2018

tell me im pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

v excited for everyone to like me again!!!!! #24

3 things i learned when i was 23:
- happiness is a state of being. your happiness is not outside; it is completely within you. you can never lose it, and it cannot leave you. it is not dependent on anything or anyone else
- i need pants that are not jeans
- cable is a scam

can we get a round of appaws??

it was GODS PLAN for me to FINESSE my way in here tonight because i was NONSTOP IN MY FEELINGS IM UPSET it’s over !!!! IS THERE MORE????

i got one more minute left to participate in my very first national dog day!!!!! so thankful for my #1 dawg for always lending me a helping hand in life, even on the ruffest days ❤️🐶

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