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25 WEEKS!!!🤰Currently really enjoying this pregnancy, second trimester is definitely the better of the 3. I am up 10kgs, which is a few kilos more than I had put on at this point with my first pregnancy. I’m not saying it’s a lot and I feel happy about the changes my body is going through but i guess I am guilty of assuming that this pregnancy was going to be exactly the same as the first 😝Did anyone else find that they gained more weight when compared to their first pregnancy ? #25weeks #secondtrimester #bumpupdate #bumpselfie #pregnancyjourney

BREASTFEEDING🤱My Love/Hate relationship with it & my experience on the blog now(LINK IN BIO) Being pregnant again has stirred up mixed emotions about breastfeeding and I am reminded that as a woman we are not in competition with one another. What works for one woman and her child is not always the best for the next #fedisbest #breastfeedingjourney #realtalk #newborn #newmum

Saturdays/Everyday calls for Activewear ALL DAY, anyone else pregnant with a toddler? You know what I’m talking about! It’s a workout just keeping up with this one 😅 Leggings from @activetruth fitting my bump like a glove👌
#maternityactivewear #fitbump #saturdayfun #fitpregnancy #activewear

FRIDAY FEELS #flashback to Valentine’s Day when I thought it was appropriate to dance around in my underwear with lipstick on my bump 🙈😝 #sorrynotsorry #friyay #weirdo #pregnancy

“Oh you’re taking a picture, cool! Here is the back of my head then! “👦🏼😜Thanks Sunny...Loving this outfit btw!!! Dress @cartelandwillow Bag @_terindah_ #thursday #mumlife #bumpstyle #pregnancyfashion #instastyle

SPOILT! 💆‍♀️Yesterday we were invited to the amazing @bumpdayspa for 2.5hrs of TOTAL BLISS!!! I am guilty of neglecting the pampering thing lately, when I was pregnant with Sunny I would treat myself to pregnancy massage regularly and this pregnancy I seem to have forgotten about it. But yesterday was a big reminder of how much I need it to help me to calm my mind and also help with those pregnancy aches and pains, Btw pretty sure this was the first and last time I will see my husband in a blush pink robe @futureflip 😂💕#treatyoself #dayspa #selfcare #pampering #bumplove

BUMP LOVE❤️Thank you to my Valentine for giving me the two best gifts I could ever ask for, our beautiful Sunny and our little girl on the way! 👦🏼👶@futureflip #humpdaybumpday #babybump #love #valentinesday #vday

Our BABYMOON is now up on the blog! If you are planning a trip to Fiji check out the LINK IN BIO for my review on the resort we stayed in, my holiday tips and all our family holiday pics 📷 #fiji #babymoon #toddlertuesday #expecting #bump

NEVER A DULL MOMENT! Sunny’s favourite part of his pirate costume yesterday was the gold hoop earring because he said he wanted to be “the same as Mummy” 🙈😂 #myboy #fancydress #sunny #toddlerlife #mumlife

WATER BABY!💦🤰I am actually far from it, normally it’s a big deal for me just to dip my big toe in 😂 but this baby 👶 has definitely spent ALOT of time in this pool over summer, I feel like I am 10 degrees hotter than normal, good excuse to live in my cozzies though 👙@lali_and_layla_swimwear 📷 @futureflip #babybump #bump #bikini #summer #poolside #sunday

HOME SWEET HOME! this is me trying to act “natural” with hibiscus flowers poking me in the eyeballs 😂 Gonna miss Fiji but it’s so nice to be home in my own bed that’s for sure, my FAVOURITE Friday night consists of a movie in bed 🛏 Anyone else with me???? Looking forward to sharing all the details of our Babymoon in Fiji with you on my blog ,stay tuned! #fiji #flashbackfriday #babymoon #friday

BABYMOON BOOTY WORKOUT 🍑🤰#23weeks #fiji The Swim at the end is optional😆I completed this circuit 3 times through using a resistance band!You can do this workout absolutely anywhere and of course you don’t have to be pregnant, TRUST ME- your butt is still going to burn and you will still get your sweat on 💦 resistance band from @banginbootybandz
Workout Breakdown below:
•Squat + Side Leg raises (alternating legs)x 12
• Low range squat pulses x 12
• Squat Jumps (or regular full range squats) x 12
•Standing Kickbacks x 12 each leg
•Crab walks x 6 down/ 6 back
IMPORTANT: If you are pregnant make sure you listen to your body and take as much rest as needed. Please ensure you also get clearance beforehand from your doctor/ obstetrician for this type of training! #pregnancyfitness #fitspo #fitbump #bump #babybump #babymoon #vacay #holiday

Happy Birthday to my handsome, hairy hubby @futureflip ❤️🧔🏽You are a true example of unconditional love and such a great father to our Sunny boy, both of us are so blessed to have you and I can’t wait to see your heart soften even more when our baby girl arrives! 💕Even though you may have a few extra wrinkles since this time last year you are still the BIGGEST KID I know!!! #birthday #family #fiji

TOOK THE BUMP FOR A SNORKEL YESTERDAY! 🐠#23weeks #fiji #babymoon

MY POOR BABY!😢 So day 4 of our Babymoon was quite eventful and saw us being rushed off in an emergency boat from an island off the mainland of Fiji back to a local hospital.Our little Sunny managed to pull off a typical pool injury with his top teeth going through the underneath of his bottom lip! He ended up getting stitches and ice cream which ALWAYS miraculously fixes everything, and is now on the mend! Thanks everyone for all the lovely msgs from my Instastory 💕I was a total mess just seeing a bit of blood,so hard to see him in pain, so heaven forbid if anything bad was to ever happen to him, or our little girl on the way! What a reminder it was of how blessed we are to have a healthy and happy little boy ❤️ #sunday #babymoon

I LIKE COCONUTS & GETTING CAUGHT IN THE RAIN..because the Pina Colada will have to wait until this baby is out! 🥥🍹😂#babymoon It bucketed down after this shot!!! 🌧btw how cute is this little dress from @cartelandwillow & of course the beautiful matching headpiece that one of the locals handmade for me! 🌺🌺🌺 #fiji #holiday #vacay #family #paradise #pregnant

WEEKEND WORKOUTS, In my opinion should be over & done with ASAP! Just uploaded 2 different circuits to my site (link in bio), each can be done within 20 minutes,BOOM!!!👊⚡️I LOVE to get my morning session done & dusted so I am free to enjoy my day but always feel ENERGISED & REFRESHED after training, even if it’s just a quick one! #22weeks #fitpregnancy #happysaturday #babybump Active wear from @lilybod #lilybod Jump rope from #kmart

WAKING UP TO THIS WITH MY BOYS + BUFFETS ALL DAY = PARADISE! #babymoon 🏝✨Definitely been taking advantage of this whole eating for two thing 🐷 Lucky I snuck in a little gym session this arvo! #fiji #paradise #babybump #eatingfortwo 📷@futureflip

BABYMOON 👶 #day1 So far Fiji has been so much fun, the people are the sweetest and the food is amazing... I also now have a whole new understanding of the term “FIJI TIME” 😆 things are certainly in slow-mo over here, But that’s exactly what we need at the moment ! Good to relearn the art of being present and patient 🙏🏻... and if anyone was wondering we only had to deal with around 10 toddler tantrums in transit today 😂 #toddlerlife #fijitime #bump

2 MORE SLEEPS UNTIL FIJI WITH MY BOYS! 🏝#babymoon @futureflip Beyond excited to have 7 days of quality family time-JUST THE 3 OF US, before we become 4 very soon! We are calling this trip a “BABYMOON” except we are bringing along our BIGGEST BABY, just because we love him to pieces and want him to experience one last holiday where he is still the centre of our world before his world is turned on it’s head 😂 Where did you go on your babymoon ??? And was anyone else CRAZY enough to take their other child/ren along? 😆🤣 #holiday #vacay #fiji

POSITIVE MIND, POSITIVE PREGNANCY! I find that exercise is like medicine for the mind, even just going for a walk does wonders for my mental state, it calms my thoughts and the endorphins are like caffeine for my soul! You don’t always have to train with the goal of only seeing physical results (clearly I’m not working on getting a 6 pack atm 😂) there are also those awesome added benefits and results you feel mentally that help you process your thoughts and provide you with the energy you need to conquer the day! 👊 Anyone else addicted to those HAPPY FEELS? On a side note, even though I have stayed active, so far I have gained a few extra kilos when compared to this stage of my first pregnancy but I feel great and understand that my body is just doing what it needs to in order to create this amazing little human! #21weeks #fitpregnancy #fitmum #pregnant #babybump #lilybod

LONG WEEKEND VIBES! #babyonboard Don’t think the 3 of us will be fitting in here for much longer 😆🤰 #longweekend #babybump #saturday

CHOOSING NOT TO LET ANXIETY ROB ME OF MY HAPPINESS & FOREVER TRYING TO SEEK OUT OPPORTUNITY TO BE GRATEFUL FOR WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW! After dealing with the heart break of 2 miscarriages , you would think I would be filled with nothing but pure happiness to get to this point in my pregnancy, of course I am OVER THE MOON, but I would be lying if I told you that My mind wasn’t riddled with anxious thoughts from time to time! As the pregnancy progresses and I feel my baby girl’s little kicks it does reassure me, But occasionally my imagination runs wild and I almost prepare myself for something terrible as a way to guard my heart. I realise now this is a terrible attitude to have, and that even a little glimmer of that negativity actually dilutes all emotion, not just the emotions that I don’t want to feel like pain but that worry is also robbing me of my ability to be completely content with the moment and the position I am in right here and now! I AM A WORK IN PROGRESS, forever seeking, forever learning and forever growing through these life experiences! I recognise this little MIRACLE growing inside of me and I vow to try and not let worry rob me of a single moment! 💕✨✨ .

#babybump #happiness #rainbowbaby #pregnant #21weeks #babygirl #thursday #bump #positivevibes #positivity #happy

SUNS OUT BUMPS OUT! ☀️🤰😂#humpdaybumpday #21weeks Meanwhile Sunny is hoping if he lies really still he can get out of being in the shot 😂😂 #toddlerlife #babybump

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