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Krystal Bick  📍 NYC // Creator of This Time Tomorrow, a style/travel site // NYC based storyteller // Midi dress fanatic // Next ✈️ Marrakesh // New post👇🏻

“In conversation, she spoke just like a baroness.” 💫 // 📷 by @grantlegan #classicstyle #nycstyle #longchamp

I've always been a big believer that scent has the ability to transport you — to a different time, a different season or even a different place. And the minute I smelled @ateliercologne’s new Pacific Lime fragrance, I could almost taste the salty ocean breeze of Tulum, perhaps with the promise of a margarita in my near future and a surf lesson (but not necessarily in that order). I had a chance to sit down with the painfully chic Atelier Cologne co-founder Sylvie (who you all may remember from my trip to Paris in September), to chat with her about the creation of Pacific Lime and she brought up this idea of mini-escapes when you need them most. And Pacific Lime is just that — a tropical breeze to remind you, that even though winter may have us in her grips right now, summer is right around the corner. Until then, I plan on spritzing just the right amount on my scarves this season to "escape" when I'm bundled waiting for the 1 train. #ateliercologne #ad #pacificlime

Empowered women, empower women. ❤️ It’s almost Galentine’s Day — tag the ladies in your life who always lift you up and vice versa (@karenbritchick, I’m looking at you!) // 📷 by @smnthmchn #womensupportingwomen #classicstyle #nycstyle #femaleempowerment

Being a February baby, I think I’ll always have a soft spot for snow days. Can’t wait for New York to be blanketed tomorrow. // 📷 by @coastal_flicks, snapped this time last year #classicstyle #nycstyle #winteroutfit #snowday

Early bird, with occasional night owl tendencies. What are you? Currently working on tomorrow’s blog post (albeit a bit later than I would like to admit) featuring last week’s bitterly cold, but golden Brooklyn Bridge sunrise. // 📷 by @carterfish #classicstyle #nycstyle #tulledress #fauxfur

Press play with your sound on! Inadvertently channeling Bonnie (sans Clyde) for the @longchamp show today. Head to my stories now to see my favorites from the runway! #spon #LongchampNYFW19 #LONGCHAMPFW19

I look forward to the @longchamp show for the same reason every time: the way they romanticize the classics. C'est manifique! ❤️ Head over to my Stories later today (around 3pm EST but make it Fashion Time) to see the collection as it hits the runway! // Photo by @grantlegan #spon #LongchampNYFW19 #LONGCHAMPFW19

Press play with your sound on! For the final installment of our Funny Face series, we decided it was only fitting to end at this little slice of Paris right here in New York. Hop over to the blog today to see more photos (direct link in bio) and head to Stories to see the inspiration for this scene. Hope you all enjoyed this series as much as we did creating it! // 📷 by @grantlegan, alongside my handsome dance partner @igeeokafor // Dress by @carolinaherrera #funnyface #audreyhepburn #fredastaire #classicstyle #tttclassics

We snapped our next Funny Face scene at one of of my favorite corners in New York — the very southeast edge of Central Park, where 5th Avenue practically spills out in front of The Plaza, who stands by proudly, guarding over the park. Horse drawn carriages mill about, hot dog vendors entice you with their thick New York accents and if you happen to roam over to the pond at just the right time in the evening, you can witness the twinkling of the lamps as they come to life, illuminating lovers walking hand in hand down the path. Admittedly, when we were snapping these photos, I couldn’t help but feel like a tourist in my own city — wide eyed by the magic that is New York. I like to think Audrey and Fred would have felt the same. Head over to the blog to see more photos — direct link in bio — and head to Stories for the inspiration. // 📷 by @grantlegan with @igeeokafor as the painfully handsome Fred Astaire. #tttclassics #funnyface #audreyhepburn #fredastaire #classicstyle

Over on the blog today: sharing my new favorite Brit on the Block: @boden_clothing (thanks to my other favorite Brit @karenbritchick for introducing me!) 🇬🇧 Direct link in bio. #ad #classicstyle #nycstyle #trenchcoat

“Frankly Dear, your modesty reveals to me, self-appraisal often makes me sad and if I add your Funny Face appeals to me,
please don't think I've suddenly gone mad.” 🎶 Part 2 of our Funny Face series is now live on the blog today — hop over to read and see more photos! Direct link in bio. Proceed with caution though: may induce the sudden need to tap dance (see Stories for reference). 🤗 // 📷 by @grantlegan, with @igeeokafor as my dapper Fred Astaire #funnyface #audreyhepburn #fredastaire #tttclassics

While growing up, the more I watched classic films with stars of yesteryear and read books set in time periods other than my own, I couldn't help but feel a kinship with eras gone by. Making me today, as you might imagine, a hopeless old soul stuck in a millennial's body. So now, I bring you the first chapter in hopefully many classic recreations to come, drawing inspiration from old Hollywood films — like this week's Funny Face — and literature. Hop over to the blog today to read more and see the rest of these photos, featuring one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn scenes ever at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris with balloons. Lots and lots of balloons. Direct link in bio. // 📷 by @grantlegan, starring @igeeokafor as the insufferably dapper Fred Astaire. #funnyface #audreyhepburn #fredastaire #classicstyle #tttclassics

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