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Had to do a little work tonight, got to watch the storm roll in.

Why do I always choose crochet projects that have to many pieces and this so many ends to sew in? Good news though, it's in the washer now and then just needs buttons. #crochet

The AC in our brand new house isn't working. Send cold drinks and repairmen! Not necessarily in that order.

Looks like we have a wild rose blooming in the backyard.

This little red bastard is now flinging himself at our living room, game room, and dining nook windows trying to fight his 'rival'. I hope the brain damage from repeated impacts keeps him from breeding. I don't want a line of dumb, window attacking cardinals out here. #makingmerethinkthebirdfeeder #wildlife #cardinals #birdwatching

Good news, my irises really needed to be divided. Bad news, my irises REALLY needed to be divided and there are more than I was expecting. Slowly the new Iris bed takes shape.

Dug up one bed of irises from the old house yesterday. Had to have Ernie help, some of the clusters were huge! Need to break up the clay with my tiller in their new home and then I can get them in the ground later today.

Work in progress. Love the bird bath!!!!!

Moved rocks tonight. Tomorrow will be dirt moving. Eventually there will be a bird bath and plants.

Figures. We move and my irises burst into bloom.

That moment when you get ready to make curtains and realize you left your shears at the other house.

"Hey Ed! What's 'fra-gee-lay' mean?"

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