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Took today off to work in the garden and soothe my soul. Got the back flower beds cleaned out, cleaned out some planters, cussed the neighborhood cats, and cooed over some baby irises popping up. Now it is time to find some lunch cause gardening is hard work. #gardening #gardencleanup

Tentative move in date of "end of March". Gotta start packing with the most important stuff, right? No fear fellow fiber artists, this isn't all of it just what I'm willing to pack up and be without for a little bit.

Gorgeous Spring-like day today, perfect for cleaning up the Iris bed, cleaning up old planters, and raking up some leaves. Was good for my soul to do some yard work.

Beams, mantle, cabinets, and trim. Oh my!!! #buildingahouse

Wood floors are in. Tile floors are in. Trim going up everywhere! #buildingahouse Measured the final window openings for where we want blinds.

I was weak. Spring Fever is hitting hard and I'm hoping that starting some seeds might help. #springfever #gardening

Lunchtime crochet. #crochet #ingridsshawl

Too dang cold. Wanna go back to bed and not leave till it is in the 60s again. Why don't humans hibernate?


We have drywall!!!!!! OMG, look at how much light there is! Can't wait to live here. #buildingahouse

WhatTheForecast has summed up my opinion on the weather today. #hatethecold

Christmas next year will look very different from today. Probably still similar in the "detritus" though. #buildingahouse

Huh, snow. Yuck. This Southern Lady will be refusing to participate in today due to said winter weather. Fleece pants and many layers are in my future.

Dax does not like the Cone of Shame. He has a sore that he won't leave alone. The pathetic looks he is giving us are epic.

We've got framing!!!!!!! #buildingahouse

This is what happens when you can't find your favorite brand of pickle locally, but can find it when you go to Louisiana.

Latest crochet project off the hook, a Simply Lacey scarf with tassels. Finished it in four days. And gave it to Mom. #crochet #notafanofyellow

A whole mess of cornbread ready to be turned into dressing. #yummy

It's a little windy in Oklahoma today.

I planted some sugar snap peas in late summer hoping for a fall harvest. Behold my entire bounty in all of it's staggering glory! #gardening

We have a slab!!!!!! #buildingahouse #fromthegroundup

We spent Halloween at the vet's office. Dax has bronchitis. And after singing us the song of her people, Cinna got diagnosed with a slight sinus/resprartory infection and maybe kitty asthma. #feelinglikeabadpetparent

Plumbing for the new house has been inspected and passed!!!!! Slab should be poured soon. #buildingahouse #movingonup

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