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lady death  🧝🏻‍♀️ || Ꮹo†ӈɪҫ ɡɑɭɑɗʀɪəɭ jeѕѕιca | coѕplayer | arтιѕт cerтιғιed grιм reaper, proтecтor oғ тнe realмѕ 💌 || #Cosplay #Artist

Hela is getting an upgrade pretty soon! Changes to the suit and a new headset 👏🏻 I’m incredibly excited to revamp her for the release of #InfinityWars 🔥
Hopefully Lady Death will make an appearance in the next two movies 🙀

When the dinglehopper doesn’t work 😾

I found this gem digging through the depths of my photos 😹🍴I want to do more Disney cosplays but they’re so grand that I want to spend time getting all of the details right 🙌🏻


I really want to do more close up makeup looks and edits like this! Makeup has always been my biggest pursuit and I need to start getting more creative with it 👏🏻💕

Crazy plant lady 🌞🌱🌿

Had a great weekend with friends! Pulled out a casual Poison Ivy but didn’t get any good full body photos 😩

Finally did the #CosplayvsCosplayer tag!
I think these kinds of trends serve as an example of how amazing cosplay can be and how talented people are. It’s so crazy to be able to embody different characters and become someone outside of yourself, and I think a lot of people who deal with self doubt or are self conscious really take this hobby on to build up their self confidence.
When I started cosplay, I wasn’t a confident kid. I saw nothing beautiful or special about myself and I wanted to become a person that people loved and thought to be beautiful because that was who and what I wanted to be. This hobby has changed me so much for the better and I have grown so confident of not only my skills but also my self. I don’t feel like that 12 year old lost kid anymore.
That’s all I can hope people get from something as silly and fun as cosplay. It means more than the photos and the glam to a lot of people, and that’s the part of cosplay that really matters 💚

*posts late at night so nobody sees this*
This hallway was cool af 👏🏻🔥

Throwback to AX and my Blondie cosplay 💚
This was such a fun day and such a cosplay accomplishment because I had always wanted to do a Sucker Punch cosplay!
California is pure aesthetic 🌺

If it makes you less sad, I will die by your hand 🌺

Attempted a pastel look today but the goth girl within me said no 💀

🔊 || count me in — Early Winters

I know it was the one year anniversary for Persona 5 the other day so I thought I’d share more Futaba 💚

Feeling magical 😈✨

Finally got my hands on some goods from @hottopic x @blackcraftcult ❤️

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