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↞ ₭яіzіα ↠  - Live a life of sensitivity to the Spirit -🌹

Finally taking some dang downtime

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.
Found this going through my notes today of random things I’ve saved overtime, and totally needed it. Just as a little reminder.
I love rediscovering little gems like these in my journals-it’s like stumbling across a perfect fortune cookie all over again 🥠 ✨

GooOooOood Mornin!
If anything, here’s a little morning reminder to never change yourself for anybody. #EmbraceYourInnerDork

The face you make when you hear there’s a fresh bag of shredded cheese from Costco 😋

This last month in Boise has been nothing short of a creative madness. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, adventuring, and working with so many rad folks. I can genuinely say, I am so dang stoked for some projects that are in the pipeline 🔥
Going back home feeling incredibly refreshed, inspired, and ready to tackle the world. Time to buckle on down, turn on that focus, refine some team skills and kick major Major arse 👊🏽😝

I’ve had a lot of moments recently where I’ve watched different parts of my life come full circle. This last shoot was super eye opening. I had the pleasure of interviewing 9 different women for Auya Fitness-
Hearing the different stories from the women we interviewed was so absolutely beautiful, enlightening...and to be honest, a huge confirmation that everything I have ever been through was Worth It. The good, the bad, the ugly, Every darn bit of it. Because of it I can relate and be present. Because of my past I am stronger. If I had to pass along any words of wisdom or advice, it would be to trust in the process, especially when it’s not easy. **The moment I realized my past is my greatest weapon. **

So I might have started a company with my best friend.
Might be traveling around to cool places.
And I definitely might be making lifelong friends/family along the way- but there’s really no telling 😝🤟🏽🎥

When all you wanted was to sleep in but you forgot to turn off your 2,000 backup snooze alarms 😑🚨 #chronicsnoozer #10moreminutesplease

When your parents are tryna discipline you but they low key think what did was cute 😏 #troublemaker #latinos

Take everything out of my heart and spirit that is keeping me from building my life in the solid foundation of the word.

⋙ Ꚑ ï Ꙧ 𐰏 ⋘
It doesn’t feel like time wasted when you are doing the things you love with people that support your vision. **Sunrise location scout with the @saltcreativecompany fam. **

The first music video I produced is Finally UP!!! 🤟🏽😝🤟🏽
The last several months have consisted of me being much more intentional about my time, creativity and about the people I choose to work with. God has given me some pretty bad ass creatives and some beautiful souls to work with- and I truly couldn’t be more thankful.
Check out the link in my bio to see STAMPEDE featuring @bcjean @markballas and the breathtakingly talented @Lindseysterling!!! Directed by the amazing @joshuashultz and shot by the incredibly talented @brennerpavel
Thank you @_studios60 for the bomb location and my bestie @tsavagetate1 for the incredible support on set. #ittakesavillage

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