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↞ ₭яіzіα ↠  Live a life of sensitivity to the Spirit

Let love be your backbone #neon

Our deepest human need is to be seen by other people; To really be seen, known and understood by someone else.
#neon #love

Who you align yourself with and let into your heart will begin to guide what you do in your life.

The relationship starts with ourselves. Go ahead and start building yourself whole. Love yourself, get comfortable in your own skin, own your hobbies and find a way to make money out of doing them! Lay your foundation now while you don’t have anybody else to focus on But yourself. #neon #photography

What we spend our time doing in our singleness and how we view ourselves is a very good indicator of how we will be in our relationships.

Flying into Monday like... 🦅

Makidoodle!!!!! I am so proud of you my love. You have grown up to be such loving soul. Your ability to love and see the beauty in others is truly inspiring and has pushed me to grow deeper into Loving. We hiked through Grand Canyon this last year, rode bikes all around Santa Monica blasting music, we joined 13,000 other people in releasing lanterns with messages of love, hope and prayers together, you and Jenny almost fought a girl protecting me when I ... needed a little backup 😳😂and got me back home, and fed me, and put me to bed (I’m still so sorry about that hahahah)
I love you so dang much and can’t wait to adventure with you. Come back from Australia already!!!! Happy birthday Dookie. #Smackie

What we spend our time thinking about shapes our hearts, it changes who we are. Try something for me; As you finally drift off to sleep tonight, say aloud “Thank you”. When you wake up say “Thank you” (even write a little sticky note and put it on your phone if you have to!) Begin shifting your thoughts from the offenses of others to a single moment of thankfulness. You can either poison or water any relationship & situation with what you allow to take place in your mind.

Have I ever told you how much I love my Peanut Butter & Jelly... Roasted & Toasted? #flambéed

You’re not you when you’re insecure. Unmask your fears, bring them to light, and allow yourself to melt into sweet vulnerability. Be free, breathe in, let go and release- because they are no longer yours. #GiveItToGod

“Once there was a tree...and she loved a little boy” 📖

God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.
P S A L M 4 6: 5

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