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This is one of those situations where the food looks disgusting but ohmigodsogood.

Jason made my grandma's toffee then covered it with dark chocolate and almonds. Yum.

Cookie, marathon lounge champion for eight years and counting.

Hairball Machine Roman.

The back says "hilarious suburban comedy...excruciatingly funny." Uh, I bet that person didn't actually watch this one. There's some black humor, but it isn't a comedy. #movies


A stack of "Christmas" cards. Or, how I spent my day off. #chore

I won the cat picture lottery! On his back yawning. Thanks, Roman.

It *was* a snowman, but his head fell into my belly. No worries, body, you'll be reunited soon.

Boots Centipede!!!!!

#Knitting and watching #Buffy, like a boss.

Aaaaalmost asleep.

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