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I’m officially one of those moms who’s forever posting pics of my babe. But how cute is this outfit that uncle jack got him @jacqueenicolee

Mamas boy♥️

My sweet baby boy is 1 month old ♥️ first things people notice from him is his eyes, many people are stunned at how aware he is already...and his long fingers - and that he’s Desmonds twin. Nurses told us he will most likely be rather tall. His newborn clothes are getting tighter. He’s making more eye contact with us and is very amazed at light and the ceilings and windows! He loves being taken on a walk around the house so he can look around at everything! We’ve caught a few smiles out of him 😊 He loves to be held and such a good baby. Very spoiled 😍 Only cries for reason, which is usually when he’s hungry. Whenever his binky falls out his mouth, he uses his coordination to get it back already - and he doesn’t give up. Overall this experience has been really great, sleep has been pretty well, he is always making us laugh and we’re in love with him!! I’ve never met someone so perfect ❤️ I hope he grows up to be just like daddy 😍

Is man crush monday still a thing? #babydaddy @filmsinspired

my family ♥️

These days are bliss ♥️ averaging at 7 hours of sleep a night. Not bad right? 😅 (photo cred: @gojira17)

my sweet boy

our baby boy was born with so much hair ❤️ who does he resemble most? I think Desmond!

I thought our life was complete already, but then you arrived and now I know what complete feels like ♥️😭

7 lbs 14 oz of pure love 🌿

(Filmed by my hubs @filmsinspired) Truly the best moment of our lives together. We get emotional every time we talk about it. Watch the entire Vlog on our YouTube Channel (link in bio) nothing graphic is shown lol

Our Vance was born exactly on his due date ♥️ I thank Jehovah for a smooth and successful delivery of our healthy baby boy. Words can’t describe how much emotion we have felt these past few days. 😭

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