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kristinrogers  I ❤️ messy hair, books & being Jonathan's girl. {iPhone} shots of light, homeschool & animals here. Phil 4:8

Sick kid 🤢 equates to all day, guilt free, movie watching right? 😬 which means mamas getting in some serious cleaning and podcast time! Finishing up a debate on the Moral Argument for God ( Unbelievable), News with Al Mohler ( The Briefing) and a heart provoking sermon on "Help, Don't Hurt, the Poor" ( The Gospel Coalition) . What a gift and responsibility it is to have such easy access to content! Am I the only one addicted to lots of podcasts? 😬

Doing life with this man has been one of my greatest gifts this side of heaven. God has prepared him to meet me in all the hardest and joyful places of my soul. He's better than Sour Patch Kids, Dr. Pepper, The Goonies and You Tube videos of mini horses.

Free play and friendship ✨#wolfpackcmnaturegroup

Oh Ella.... 🌿✨

Good talks. Good music.

Learning how to draw our friends so we can add them into our nature journals! I photographed @jendydees giving lessons on how to draw people for my next article! I can't wait to share with you all her tips on this and hope to implement them in my own journaling pages too! Eeeep!

Oliver in that good light ✨

A Legacy of Scripture

Aubrey McGowan was 4 1/2 when he lost his dad in a plane crash. He had very little memories of him, couldn't remember his voice. But, he was given his dad's bible.... through his dad's notes he kept on the pages, he has been able to hear him and his instruction. He said it has and will enrich his family for generations to come.
One of the notes he found in his dad's bible was written 7 years before his accident: "Thought - Do not weep over me when I have passed away. Sing a new song - for I have entered into the presence of the Lord.
Rather, it is I who weep for you, for yet it is another season of time before you may enter....Count all things Joy that you might reach your mark. In all things acknowledge Him and he shall direct thy paths.

I await for you in heaven. "

This was beyond inspiring and has moved us to begin this in our own family. He created a free guide to help families get started. What a treasure this will be for them to receive after years of our thoughts are added into the pages and what a gift to us as we commit ourselves to the Word while we complete these for them. That's a pretty solid win win. Woot. @familyfieldguide thank you for inspiring us. I'm serious, huge hug.

1. Why are they growing so fast? It's Rude 😂. 2. Im officially in love with having a beanbag in their room instead of a chair. It doesn't invite stuff and things to collect on or under it and still provides a seat! Woop 🙌🏼 Hope you all are having a joyful Saturday ✨

I'll fly away 🎼

I used to tease my grandma for all her porcelain animals with plants in them around her house. Such an "old person thing".... yet, when she passed away, that's what I wanted to keep of hers. It was SO HER and I loved that. I look at them now and think " man, grandma's swan and succulent game was on point all along and I never new it!". She was right all along... so right. 🌵I miss her and our banter today ❤

@31bits has a new line called Classics 2017 Collection! I love how they employ artisans in Bali and Uganda, giving them both a sustainable income AND the skills to invest in their future. A cause I am proud to get behind! #bitsofstyle

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