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Kristin Fairlie Actress, Voice of Family Channel & F2N, Little Bear, Total Drama, Ridonculous Race ❤️ twitter: @kristinfairlie

#mondaymorning meetings ❤

Honestly so excited to be joining the #videogame world 👾 Voicing two characters in an upcoming action #graphicnovel game ❤🎮🎧


"May we all be strong
And we all be brave
And the bridges we burn, only light our way." I want to thank @fohphoto for empowering me to feel so comfortable in my skin and I'd like to thank @Miguel for your beautiful words. What a gift ❤ #internationalwomensday @v1studio

My heart is so full and covered in sprinkles after today's animated feature film record ❤🍩 #topsecret #donutrewards

Thank you for this amazing photo of my little pixie @lauraemmamack ❤ #pixar


Is this real life

I am very vocal about my support of equality but I was at home on Saturday morning making myself a coffee and debating whether or not I should head downtown. Whether it was a smart idea. Wondering if it would even matter that I went or if there would be repercussions locally or globally for attending. I had a badly pulled muscle in my back and had barely slept and I justified to myself I was injured and could stay in my pajamas. I turned on CP24 and suddenly Scarlett Johansson was passionately addressing the crowd in Washington and I listened to her words and I cried because I realized that I was afraid. Afraid of pissing someone off. Afraid for my safety. Afraid that my actions would be a waste of time. That my presence wouldn't matter and my voice wouldn't be heard. And so I bundled up and went to Nathan Phillips square. I texted a friend I knew was there and she told me she was marching and almost at the square. I stood there with my arm in the air holding a peace sign. When the leaders of the march began chanting Who's the boss of my body? I yelled back I AM. Who's the boss of my body?? I AM. I AM. I AM. My friend arrived with two friends I had never met and we all hugged. Her friend offered me her sign to hold. I offered an encouraging smile to everyone who caught my eye, giving them my love, my support. And I felt proud for showing up. I want to stand up. I want it to matter. My whole life I have tried to be "one of the boys" so I wasn't put into the lesser category I'd always felt was there. But on Saturday, I'd never been more proud to be one of the girls. ❤


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