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I’ve always lived an open, honest life and in the past have written pretty candidly about my relationships. It’s been 2 years since I was last in a relationship, but 6 months ago I met someone and, true to form, I wrote a blog about it. Link in bio.

Last class before I leave for the Philippines 🇵🇭 for 2 weeks! So here’s a random sampling of passes from today - including some climby spinny inverts that previously used to terrify me. Hopefully my body remembers these by the time I get back! 🤞🏽 #pdlosangeles

Learned a new trick today! 🧬 #pdhelix #pdlosangeles

My body never ceases to surprise me. Today was my first time trying spin pole and climbing since my injury, and it amazes me that my muscles still remember how to do anything. I’m grateful that my injuries weren’t as serious as I originally feared, and that they taught me a very important lesson to slow down and be kinder/more patient with myself. And I’m grateful to have pole back in my life! 🥳

I’ve always been a pretty sexual person, but I’ve struggled with it. As a woman there’s a fear that people won’t take you seriously if you’re too sexy, if you’re too easily associated with sex, but why can’t my agency over my sexual identity be a demonstration of my power? Why can’t I be both sexy and successful? That’s one of the things I love about pole - it requires and inspires an incredible amount of feminine strength and capacity and I’m all about the lady power these days. // Thanks to @manderwing for a super sticky, drippy Flō Sensual Workshop today! 🥰🍯💦

Finally got to take these assless chaps out for a spin 🍑! (This video is also a helpful reminder that I have no idea what I’m doing with my hands or fingers when I dance and should probably figure that out 🤷🏻‍♀️)

I AM SO HAPPY TO BE POLING AGAIN WITH THE AMAZING @MANDERWING 😍 Hope y’all are ready for the inevitable influx of new pole videos because THEY’RE COMING

This isn’t the most impressive or the prettiest or the smoothest freestyle I’ve ever done, but YOU GUYS, tonight I took my first pole class since injuring both of my wrists! Though I’m still not at 100% and know I still need to be extra careful, I feel like I’ve built so much more body consciousness as a result of this experience, and damn. After a 2.5 month break, it feels so good to be back. 🥳

Smiling bc he looking like a snack (except better. Much much better) ☺️💚

My favorite time of the year has arrived! New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday - because I love to party but also because it means it’s time to fill out my annual New Year’s survey, of which this will be my 15th year doing it. I’m the happiest and healthiest (emotionally, physically, and financially) that I’ve ever been, and I feel like 2018 laid the groundwork for what promises to be an even better 2019. Full survey on my blog (link in bio)!

So I injured both of my wrists by over-poling one night and then further exacerbating them during an extremely wrist-twisty yoga class a couple days later. I’m likely out of commission for yoga and pole through the end of the year which is pretty depressing, but I’m choosing to take it as a reminder to go easier on myself and to give myself permission to take breaks and relax. Instead I’m just rewatching my old videos and allowing myself to feel happy about the progress I’ve made to-date. But I can’t fucking wait to be back on the pole.

I learned two things yesterday: 1) it was overly ambitious to think my body (or my right arm) could handle poling for 4 hours. 2) @fkatwigs makes that transition in the second video look more graceful and much easier than it actually is 😵 #pdlosangeles #pd #myhavenla

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