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Kristina Nekyia  The Body Witch: DeMystifying Flexibility Founder @fitandbendy 🌙🥨

One of my favorite captures from last night’s bloodbath. @vanessaburgundy makes such a hot corpse! It was another witchy evening with all my favorite people at @belle_book_and_candle
Thank you @asiarayfreak for the video 😘

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Not only will I be bathing in the virginal blood of the pure and innocent @vanessaburgundy but the proceeds will be going to protect women’s reproductive rights by supporting @plannedparenthood
Come to @belle_book_and_candle this Wednesday night!

West LA! I’m going to be in you! I will be teaching an intermediate flexibility workshop at the lovely @jaggedvdf on Sunday June 2nd 9am-11am. People have been asking me to come west of LaBrea for *years* and I’m finally making the trek. Registration opens soon so stay tuned and save the date!

Photo by @dusticunningham
Posted @withrepost@jaggedvdf Coming June 2nd to Jagged 9-11a Fit & Bendy Pop Up Workshop with @kristinanekyia ! Full descriptions and sign up links to come in a couple weeks. This will be geared toward intermediate benders with 2+ yrs of flexibility training. Get ready to bend! 😍 #fitandbendy #bendnotbreak #flexibility #flexibilityworkshop #flexibilitypopup #flexibilitytraining #contortion #contortiontraining

So much of what excites me in movement these days is utterly ungrammable. It’s just not flashy.
I don’t hate everything about social media. It has introduced me to some of my favorite artists like @exotic.cancer and @blackmanwhitebaby and my mentor the beloved @andrearanaej so I can’t hate it. But I do feel the constant pressure to be grammable by creating visually impressive shapes and movements.
But the truth is that this tiny, slow psoas strengthener thrills meto my core (literally in my core). I thought that #contortion taught me everything I needed to know about being uncomfortable but my work with Andrea and the fine cosmonauts in the #coachingasactivism community are showing me that there is more of this onion to peel. I’m diving deep into my body to find its secrets and it may not look like much is happening on the outside but whooooaaaaaaaa it’s like a triple fold head sit push up on the inside.
I’m just listening to La Llorona and working my psoas and crying a little and I feel so alive.
Fabulous leopard bodysuit by @twistedmovement 🖤

At @fitandbendy Studios in #losangeles #glassellpark

Come see me and a bevy of other #nakedladies at the opening of the @americanslickofficial exhibit at @burgundyroomgallery
Posted @withrepost@americanslickofficial IT’S TIME TO PARTY! THIS THURSDAY MAY 2ND, come celebrate American Slick’s two year anniversary with the launch of our “SOFT CORE” art and photography show at Burgundy Room Gallery! We’ll be exhibiting some our of favorite instant photos from the past two years, as well as debuting some brand new imagery, artwork, and even some apparel!
So open up your calendars and schedule some time to come by THIS THURSDAY MAY 2ND! Burgundy Room Gallery (next door to the world famous Burgundy Room at 1621 N. Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood…. See you there!

There are only 2 spots left for my Flexibility Deep Dive series starting this Thursday night 8:30-9:45 and running through the month of May.
Want to listen to the secrets of your muscles and develop better paths of communication within your body? Me too! Let’s explore the depths... Sign up in the bio @fitandbendy
Photo by the ever talented @flashbulbfloozy

Come see me au naturale tonight for Girls Gone Wilde with @michellelamour and @athenafatale at @burgundyroomgallery at 8pm

We will be reading Oscar Wilde. I have decided to read his exquisite and heartbreaking De Profundis, a letter written to his lover from prison, where he was confined for two years for the crime of homosexuality. I chose this letter because it reminds us why we must fight every day for #lgbtq equality and empowerment so that not one more brilliant life is lost to homophobia. The letter expresses so much love and sorrow and hope with the wit and eloquence that made him a literary star.
If you have never been to @read.naked it’s such a treat. Hot and nerdy, my favorite combination. 🔥

#hollywoodnightlife #nakedgirlsreading #butt #nalgas #hotandnerdy #oscarwilde #freedom

I have always adored Oscar Wilde and I’m thrilled to be reading selections of his work this work the Thursday for @read.naked at @burgundyroomgallery with @michelllamour and @athenafatale
Posted @withrepost@read.naked We're back in LA on April 25 @burgundyroomgallery with @kristinanekyia and @michellelamour ! Girls gone Oscar Wilde! Tix with link in bio.
#readnaked #nakedgirlsreading #books #literature #losangeles #hollywood #oscarwilde

Deep talk about a new series being offered in May...

Flexibility requires a deep control of your muscles where there is simultaneously a profound release in one area and a stable contraction in another. Why is that possible in some parts of the body and infuriatingly difficult in others?

The nervous system.
A *major* part of flexibility training is reconfiguring the nervous system to allow for more movement. Simply changing the way that your brain talks to your body can allow for big changes in your available range AND it makes your body feel better and work better.
Working with the nervous system is focused practice. This 5-week series builds week to week providing tools to facilitate this deep dive into the root causes of chronic tightness.
I’m so excited to present this work for the first time that has made a massive difference in my own practice. Please come dive deep with me!

Thursday 8:30-9:45
May 2-30
$30/ session
Sign up in bio at @fitandbendy
Must commit to all 5 sessions to go down this rabbit hole

Happy bendings,

A dream born over a decade ago finally realized thanks to tattoo artists @sprinkleofdoom and @spiritworksstudio at @haylostudiolounge in Charlotte NC

A horned moon to connect me forever to my sister @rachelstricklandaerial And to remind us of what she whispered in our ears when we asked her: “I made you this way on purpose”

I live every day in awe of the mystery

#tattoo #hornedmoon #mystery #luna #darkmother #inservice

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