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Kristina Hughes 

Hmm, It's #inktober isn't it? This was just a little doodle I did tonight and though I wasn't very careful, I thought maybe you would get a kick out of the idea that even little witches have a curfew and how cute her friends that greet her are when she's hurrying home. #learning #art #halloween #witch #magic #hurryhome Thanks to @r3dging3r for sparking ideas.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, inside and out. It is funny to me how much what is going on inside us colors how we see our lives. Nice or hard things can happen, but what we are focused on and feeling makes the whole world and our day take on a certain hue. I am grateful that yesterday was a day of golden and silver, deep red and light pink tones, and the blue of peace was over my heart and soul. I am being shown a world of color and of brightness that I wish I could share with everyone. I am so grateful to be getting healthy in body, mind, and spirit again. #amarehealth #october #fall #hiking #myfavoriteseason #readyforpumpkineverything

He is calling us out from mists of darkness
That we may feel His Spirit, walk in His light, and rejoice. ☀️❤️ Will we not give up our pride and our vain consolations in thinking we already know Him, and humble ourselves enough to seek Him and His blessing until we KNOW from His mouth that we are His and He is ours?
Do you feel the pull? It is as light as a feather at first, but it is there, turning our hearts towards something more, towards Him.
Joel 1:8, 2:12-13 #thereissunshineinmysoultoday #moved

Lights shining, Sky burning. Cool comes Autumn's night. Moon pining, wind whining, where are you tonight? #itsokay #evening #dusk #twilight #notthebook #haha

This summer, I decided to part the grass I was laying on to see what was actually beneath me. I had vague recollections that if you got close enough to nature (like a tree trunk or under a small log), you could find whole little worlds operating that you aren't aware of. This is what I found. The snail was SO TINY! The fact that life can come in such a small package was so striking to me for some reason. Lately, I have been thinking about the vastness of the world and wondering at how easily I get caught up in my own social circle, the places I know, the things and people I interact with that make up my "whole world." And is it possible for me to somehow get transplanted into some other, foreign state of existence like this snail did when it got picked up? Like, there are people and experiences out in another "patch of grass" that I literally have no concept of because I only take up such a small patch of world. However, I am SO thankful for the patch I've been given. Grateful that there is space for me. #grateful #wondering I am a #littleperson living in a #bigworld

Lawnchairs missing. Sitting in the grass. Food trucks. Music. Summer's end full blast. Sunsets. Alleys. Concerts in the park. Streetlights. Memories, smiling where you are. #secrettunnel jk but this place felt like a secret present to me when I saw it. #sunset #alley #cityphotography

Here's to blessed new starts. Some things die, and other things take their place. May I ever plant and tend to seeds of goodness and light, even when the soil is fertilized in pain. Let my roots grow deep and strong, and my leaves grow open and wide to the the sun and therefore the world. Let my face show that freshness and beauty is to be had, and may it show the full color of a life fully lived. May the blood that runs through my veins carry with it tenderness, bright resilience, and quiet strength. I am grateful and wiser, humbled and ready. #whiteflowers

Flying back to Utah last night. #sunset #betweentwoworlds #flight

This is another shot from my summer. Laying in the grass is definitely a perk of living out in Utah!! :) #snuggles #lioness #shethinkssheis

Thanks for all the beauty you all bring into my life! #thankful #hike #albionbasin #wildflowers #mountains

I couldn't help but take a picture of @xanipie today, and later I realized the reason I wanted this picture is because you get to see her as a part of the world that she is capturing through her own lovely perspective. Inside your mind and heart, and everywhere around where you are is so beautiful to me. Thanks for being one of my best adventure buddies. #loveyou #friends #sisters #northernutah #sunflowers #fields

Hello twilight. Hello dusk. Hello low light. Hello musk. #wildflowers #evergreens #albionbasin #hiking

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