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Hello twilight. Hello dusk. Hello low light. Hello musk. #wildflowers #evergreens #albionbasin #hiking

This picture is a perfect representation of this period of my life: Taking a moment to see where I've been, appreciate it for what it has been, and see if what I am heading towards is what I want. #albionbasin #trail #mountains #flowers #green

Compared to the world, I am very small.
This means something because most of the time I vacillate between wondering if I am too much or not enough. I'm constantly expanding or contracting; feelings and motivation come and go. I'll explode then concave. But when I go to places like this I realize maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe I can just settle into how and where I am and be content knowing that there are bigger and smaller things out there, and that's ok. Therefore, maybe, just maybe, I'm ok too. :) #cecretlake #altatrail #evergreens #mountains #me

Good Morning everyone! I hope that your day is as bright as sunshine. :) #albionbasin #flowers #hike #firstpic

Last one from Friday night. I felt like I was in a fairyland or some different world when I walked out here. What are some places that are like that for you? :) #happysunday #magical #gardens #pond #gazebo #flowers #lights @heritagegardens

Also a good shot from yesterday evening. So, so beautiful to me. @heritagegardens #lights #eveningsky #trees

When you come across a green gazebo, you take advantage of it. #vintagedress #gazebo #weddingreception Congratulations @larayageorge You were absolutely beautiful!!

In a lot of ways, and ones that I don't always think about as much as I could or should, I've lived a charmed life. This is one of the moments that made me believe that even more. Feeling grateful. #Branson #missyou #kayaking #taneycomo #nature #thankful

Just some doodles with markers and playing around with watercolor. :) Still SO much to learn, and it can get discouraging to learn new things when so many people are already so amazingly talented, but I'm trying to teach myself to get past the "stupid" phase with things. You know, the period of time when whatever you are learning or creating doesn't seem worth the effort because of seemingly minimal returns. Everyone goes through that when they learn something new, and I am willing to quiet my mind down enough to be happy with how I'm progressing. So this is me celebrating even the little, silly things. #learning #doodles #iwillaccomplishmygoals #artfun

"All the colors I am inside have not been invented yet." -Shel Silverstein πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’›πŸ’š #doublerainbow #sky #green #openroad

If you make whipped cream, put real vanilla in it. It's SO amazing with fruit as a summer treat! #peachesandcream #foodart #summer #treats @xanipie Love you!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm heading in the right direction. There are so many things that pull at you to go one way or the other. I've never been one to be reckless. Maybe more to the opposite extreme and playing it safe. But more and more I realize life is better in balance. Some risks are worth taking, but it's finding out which ones those are that is the difficult part. #lake #tablerocklake #water #boating #flashbacktobranson

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