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KRISTIN ESS HAIR  Founder of Kristin Ess Hair, available exclusively at Target + 🎯 {cruelty free}

Bed head for my earth angel. #jennadewantatum
Makeup: @PatrickTa
Styling: @BradGoreski / @Daniela_Viviana
Nails: @Christinaviles
Hair: #KristinEssHair (I'll put the how to in my stories asap!)

Knot today and probably knot tomorrow. ➰ This is my signature move for upgrading a basic pony. 1️⃣ Spray KEH Working Texture Spray all over then separate your hair into 3 sections (one in back and one on each side). 2️⃣ Put the back section in a low ponytail. 3️⃣ Use the two side sections to make a half knot just over the ponytail. 4️⃣ Hold up (or clip up) the ponytail and then secure the tails of your half knot together underneath the ponytail using a clear elastic. #kristinesshair

A few weeks ago I sent some KEH product over to the @witanddelight_ office hoping they would like them and not throw them in the garbage. 😂 THEN I see this incredible shoot they did using said products. I die. Everything they touch turns to aesthetic perfection. 🙌🏼🖤👑 Love you ladies!! Leaving a link to the story in my bio. 💕😘Thank you @stefaniarden & @chelseywerth (ALSO very worth noting that @chelseywerth did these hair styles and it NOT a hairdresser. Just a KWEEN)

Happy Friday! 💕 I'm so excited to start bringing these quick hair videos to life. I'll be doing hairstyles on all lengths and textures and showing you different ways to use my products and my favorite tools. My goal is to keep it simple, quick & easy so you can do these hairstyles on yourself or on your clients in under 15 minutes. Give me all the feedback and ask me alllll the questions! Also tag me if you do any of the styles because I'm nosy AF and I want to see your work! 🤗
1️⃣ tease a small section where you want to position your pony/bun then sprinkle some KEH Loose Styling Powder over the teased section.
2️⃣ add a light veil of KEH Signature Finishing Spray all over for extra thickness and hold, then gather all of your hair and twist as if you're starting a bun but stop after one coil and secure with large bobby pins. spear your hobby pins directly through the teased section underneath which serves as an anchor.
3️⃣ tease the tail of the pony using a teasing comb. this hot pink gem is my favorite by @ysparkusa. 💕 🆗 Side note, do you guys want music or no? I usually hate watching videos w music but you tell me.

Every now and again I feel the need to pop in and remind you guys what the KEH Cleansing Conditioner is (the one in the tall pink tube). I occasionally get messages saying that people are using it as a regular conditioner and loving it. While I'm glad you love it, that's not what it's for! 😂 My cleansing conditioner is a co-wash. Meaning you massage it into the scalp like a shampoo, but you SKIP shampoo. This conditioner doesn't just condition, it also cleanses. 🖤🌈🌟 #themoreyouknow #PSA #cowash #😂 also 👋🏼to the beautiful @simonechanel5


Four favorite things in one photo. 1️⃣ that pony bun thingy. 🌀🐴 video tutorial is almost readyyyy. 2️⃣ grey hair 👵🏼 3️⃣ that sparkly back chain {@janelle__dawn} 4️⃣ #thatblushwall

Do you know how worried I was 2 years ago when I was thinking about making pink bottles? All I could think was-- what if pink isn't cool in 2 years? 😂 obsessed with this photo by the SUPER chic 👉🏼@oliviafrescura👈🏼 and now convinced this color is here to stay. 🖤👑🖤

Now THAT is what my Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray is all about. Ugh 🌊👑 @irishfrecklegirl

Piece-y pony today on set. One of my all time favorite looks to do because it's SO easy. 1️⃣ rough dry and add waves w a 1 1/4" iron (but lightly flat iron the ends) 2️⃣ massage water-based pomade into the root and work whatever is left on your hands through the middle and ends. 3️⃣ throw it in a crown height ponytail using a thick elastic. Leave thin pieces out around the hairline (I like to do some at the part line and some at the ear). 4️⃣ pump up the volume and hold with some hairspray. 💃🏼

Launching some new short tutorial videos on my IG in the upcoming weeks and couldn't be more excited about it. You'll see short hair, curly hair, long hair, straight hair, thin hair, thick hair along with this gorgeous head of lavender hair. Can't waaaaaait. 💜🎥⏲🎉✨

BAE WATCH. 🌊 air dry waves for #jennadewantatum @danskinapparel {👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 @bradgoreski @allanface @yutsai88 @christinaviles}

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