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This is the you guys ICONIC slideshow part 1. Thank you for always taking the most beautifully styled photos and letting me see them. 😭🖤 @andreagrechdesign @mellomascolo @hannahsteinhardt @jayywing @stephh_lau @briannecail @hollymakeuploves @dearielamb @stachibeauty

What a perfectly imperfect life. 🌬✨ #StephenHawking

Who wants to see the #kehfrenchpin come back into the rotation? It’s honestly one of my favorite things I’ve ever made and I’m so bummed we don’t have it anymore. She needs a comeback...

BLUNT + YELLOW. 🖤✂️💛 Glam game today for @jennadewantatum
Makeup: @allanface
Hair: #kristinesshair
Wardrobe: @bradgoreski & @daniela_viviana
Nails: @christinaviles
@nbcworldofdance #jennadewantatum

Just a bunch of pretty pink stuff. No, I’m not a large bottle of pink fragrance... it simply ended up in the mix. 😉

Knot your hair.

I often get asked what the difference is between Air Dry Creme and Air Dry Spray. The main difference is Air Dry Creme goes on your hair AFTER you hair has air dried (or at least halfway air dried). Think of like a serum/creme. There’s no hold here and no grit, just shine and separation. Don’t go overboard, this bottle should last you 6-9 months when using regularly. TIP: Don’t apply to wet hair because you can’t really tell how much you need when it’s wet. Plus, if you apply when it’s really wet it will lock in moisture making your hair dry slower (so don’t do that). Here’s how I use it:
1️⃣ Allow your hair to dry until your natural pattern starts to form. For curly/coarser hair types I usually wait until it’s about 50% dry before applying, and for finer/wavy hair types I wait until it’s 80-100% dry before applying. (Personally I don’t like to put anything besides leave in conditioner on the hair before waves or curls start to show to avoid weighing them down. Let them show up first before trying to control them!)
2️⃣ Apply a dime to nickel size amount to your hands and rub it in like lotion. (You’ll see that I rub it all over my hands front and back to get better distribution when working my way through the hair.) Work it from the middle down to through the ends and encourage each wave/curl to take shape by either twisting, scrunching or forming depending on your hair texture. Avoid applying this a the root because shine products usually make your roots appear oily. Middle to ends for best results.
3️⃣ Continue to scrunch and twist as it dries and go back for more if needed. 🆒 Think of it as lotion for your hair. A thin layer will give shine, separation and take away frizz. ➡️ Ps: the reason I’m messing with her hair for so long is because it’s still drying! You should continue scrunching or forming until your hair is dry. ➡️ thank you to my super chic bestie @parisaschwartz for letting me do this on her hair.

Who’s ready for that Air Dry Creme video I promised you a billion years ago? 🙋‍♀️

This hit me like a ton of bricks. So I’m just going to leave this here as a love note to all my queens on this lovely #internationalwomensday 🖤👸🏾👸🏼👸🏻👸🏿👸🏽

TONIGHT 🖤 LIFE SENTENCE 🖤 I’M SO EXCITEDDDDDD!!! 💛😭☔️🍋👩🏻👦🏽⭐️☕️🤸‍♂️ @lucyhale @itselliotknight @cw_lifesentence

Making Saturday mornings look très chic ➡️ @tolaniav 👑💤 I almost forgot about this boomerang from our last shoot and it’s too cute not to post.

I mean, I am not one to brag but I can definitely say I’m very proud of these two!! Thank you @hellogiggles for not just one but TWO Beauty Crush Awards. 🖤🎤👋🏼😭🏆🙏🏼 #HGBeautyCrush

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