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KRISTIN ESS HAIR  Founder of Kristin Ess Hair, available exclusively at Target + 🎯 {cruelty free}


Just living my best life® and doing resort hair®.

Tie it. Pin it. Spray it. ➰📌🌬

kayyyyy thanks byeeeeee.

Literally: 👸🏼🌸 1️⃣ Applied KEH Thickening Spray to damp hair. 2️⃣ Blow dry (or you can air dry) then give a little wave with a 1" curling iron. I used @ghdhair curve iron. 3️⃣ Create a large french braid from the middle of your head to the nape of the neck and tie it off with an elastic. 4️⃣ Add a shake of braiding powder to the braid and lightly pull it apart to fatten it up. 5️⃣ Sprayed the "tail" of the ponytail with KEH Signature Finishing Spray (that's the one that's like hairspray & texture spray together). 6️⃣ Wrap that unsightly lil ponytail holder with a thin piece of hair and pin in back. Add 🌸 for dramatic effect and a way more instagrammable lewk. (Sorry not sorry for using all my own products. 😂😎😋🤷‍♀️)

The days that @_emilym comes into the office are fun. Don't have to sing & dance, don't have to impress anyone. We just eat cookie dough from a jar and do hairstyles with no plan. 👯

One of the questions I get asked most is "What's the difference between your Texture Spray and Beach Wave spray?" 1️⃣ Texture Spray- Dry, soft matte, textured finish. 2️⃣ Beach Wave Spray- Shiny, reflective, piece-y finish.

Longer locks for The JDT® on @theellenshow today! 💕 Tune in tomorrow for all the 🤣🤣🤣 {👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 @bradgoreski @allanface @christinaviles + #kristinesshair} #jennadewantatum

Weekend plans. 💆🏻

#FBF to when bae was blonde and I was still smuggling unmarked Kristin Ess Hair tester bottles through TSA. 🚨😬🤷‍♀️ #lucyhale

How to: (step 5 is optional)
1️⃣ air dry
2️⃣ wrap curl using the @bedheadbytigi curlipop 1" wand (it's the orange one and you can get it @target, duh). 3️⃣ flat iron ends using @ghdhair platinum styler.
4️⃣ spray KEH soft shine beach wave spray allllll up in it.
5️⃣ lay by the pool and pretend it's the ocean. 🌊🐚🐬👸🏻

Obsessed w you @jessikabvillegas and your perfect natural curls! ➰👑➰BTS at our last @lclaurenconrad shoot on the beach in Laguna! 🌊
How to:
1️⃣ start w damp, towel/t-shirt dried hair
2️⃣ add KEH volumizing mousse to the root
3️⃣ add KEH curl defining creme everywhere except the root.
4️⃣ air dry or diffuse. 🌬

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