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Breath and bourbon. Not a bad combo. Hope you’re surviving this holiday season. It can be full of magic but also a doozy on the soul. Truth be told, it’s my favorite time of year (excluding winter weather bc YUCK). But it has a way of flying by before I get a chance to even try a new spiked cider or get the good wrapping paper. So, this year I’ve tried to slow it down a bit. I bought the 9’ Christmas tree (overkill? maybe), decorated the house, told Alexa to play Xmas jazz or she’s going in the trash. I have tried my very best to put myself in the path of beauty, and that’s making all the difference. Cheers to surviving the mess together.

Whenever I volunteer to build out a website someone remind me that the answer is no. Always no. Especially in drupal. Blessed be bourbon bc this is getting done tonight.

Maggie has been a champ with the new puppy around. But it also means she keeps her head in her bowl at meal time since Mr. I-eat-everything-in-site is quick to munch on her food once he’s finished. Also, I promise she has eyeballs.

Too early for a Christmas tree? I think not. Happy Thursday, folks. Hope you learned something about those whose land we’re on. Today I spent some time reading about the Taíno people. Because: 🇵🇷 I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving because of colonization, and the white washing of history, and, well... when the NFL served up the Cowboys verses the Redskins today, I was, like, really? Really?!

I know what I’ve got to be thankful for. And I can take a day to be grateful but also recognize that it‘s also a national day of mourning.

So here we are, living in the grey, in the nuance (and possibly plowing through November to get ourselves to Christmas). The holidays are kinda hard and also magic. It’s not either/or, it’s both/and. It’s life: messy and beautiful at the very same time.

Mood: Trying to not dress in all black like I’m still mourning the fact winter has arrived. In other news, Netflix is rolling out the worst Christmas movies ever and I AM HERE FOR IT. If you’re gonna take my sunlight, then I’ll take one heaping dose of predictable holiday movies with a side of fake snow. And I have no time for people complaining it’s too early for holiday cheer. HAVE YOU BEEN OUTSIDE?! It’s a mess out there. We need this.

The goober who keeps hopping in the bathtub like it’s his own personal water bowl is almost ready for prime time. He’s *finally* ringing the bell to go outside instead of starting at us, expecting us to read his mind, and peeing on every shag carpet we own. One day, little buddy, you can come to work with me. #labradoodlediaries

When you color-coordinate with work on the weekend. #winning Thanks to @kathrynlynne for my rad mustard yellow scarf. It was an Xmas gift years ago. She gave everyone else rolls of yarn and a promise. But I got the finished product because I lived out of town. I love my sisters. 👯‍♀️

I’ve recently discovered that some of my hatred for winter is due, in part, to my lack of below-30-degree-weather attire. When you Seattle to San Francisco to Kentucky, 5-layer ensembles just aren’t in the mix. Last winter I powered through and kinda made things work. I walk to work, so that adds its own type of challenges. (But yay for the planet!) And that 25 minute walk is where I think about traveling to any place warm and not-Kentucky. This winter, I just gave up and bought shit. Wool sweaters are the new uniform. Boots have replaced Oxfords. And the plan is to live in almost-cover-your-face scarves. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So, I guess what I’m saying is I’m figuring out how to accept the things I cannot change, and bravely change the things I can. Like my clothes, and my shoes, but not really my attitude. Because, I mean, it’s fuckin’ winter.

Hey team. Today’s the day. Voting is a privilege, so do it for those who can’t, and for you. I’m in one of those spots where it could be close. It’s Andy Barr (R) versus Amy McGrath (D). (She’s that retired fighter pilot whose ad went viral). Today I was reminded of a letter I wrote to Barr’s office when I was a newish resident here, explaining why the ACA/Obamacare was essential. Not to some hypothetical people, but to me, specifically. The ACA allowed me to switch jobs, and move states, and put more $$ into the local economy without panicking about how to get insurance or worrying about preexisting conditions. It wasn’t/isn’t perfect, but it was a step in a direction that mirrors my values. So, when I got a letter back mansplaining healthcare to me, after spending two years on Obamacare and navigating insurance after having a tumor removed, I was in a mood. And today, the calls and the emails and the letters and the words finally got condensed into one single vote. My vote. And let me tell you, that’s not nothing. But it’s also not everything. There’s still work to do. So, we’re back at it tomorrow. Yeah? Let’s spend some of that privilege... #midterms2018 #vote #voted #votekentucky

Happy freakin’ November from me, and my new phone and phone case. (Yes, those are bananas.) Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time looking at a sample ballot and figuring out specifics on issues that felt muddy. Have a plan for Tuesday. Maybe use that extra hour we got (if you don’t have kids or dogs)? And I wish you a November that is heaps better than my October, which is a rather low bar. I am off to get a bagel. 😎

When someone catches you licking the dishes, but you don’t care because your hair is on point.

“We Scare Because We Care” Monsters Inc. coming through with a Halloween win.

Proof of life after that wonderful little car accident. Made it through a full day of work today and now heading home for some Ibuprofen. It’s been quite the month.

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