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Kristen Rose Provenché  Art of Asana || Bay Area, CA || 24 ⬇️65 lbs and counting!🎉 Personal account: @luxerose_ ♑️•♏️•♎️

As the lovely @_hananelazaar would say, “You have the tools you’re just distracted.” 🙇🏼‍♀️💭
I was honestly unaware of this progress until I put these side by side. But as always, the most important progress is the progress that happens within!
Lessons learned: a nonjudgmental approach to your practice is the only way to go. Celebrate every baby step. An open mind leads to an open body. Don’t take shit too seriously. Fall out and smile every time! Laugh at yourself! Have a child like state while simultaneously pushing yourself further and be enthusiastic to learn, and unlearn. Accept the present without anxiously asking for what is next. Clarity comes to us when we are balanced. Patience is the vehicle to success. I could go on and on 🤷🏼‍♀️😜

Human embodiment of the 🔥 emoji.
Feelin like a lioness in my @aloyoga goddess leggings 😘
Thank you to @laurasykora for the photo inspo! 💞
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Let your intuition be your compass.
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Admitting and accepting your faults is the gateway to improvement. Nothing can change without accepting the darkness that exists in all of us. And it’s okay! We all have it! To deny it is a delusion! #yinandyang
I strive to be as self conscious as possible(which is exhausting don’t get me wrong) but lately I’ve been trying to identify toxicities within myself; I technically have been for 7 years but more-so as of lately. And that in itself requires raw, brutal honesty. I know how to identify it in others no problem, I got that down. I don’t need to worry about it anymore(or furthermore, don’t need to worry about attempting to enlighten others on their unconscious toxic behavior who are so unwilling to change) #wastingenergy hence I love the quote “People can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves.”, Matt Kahn.
Something I’ve learned about myself this past couple years is I have a problem with stooping down to the same level as someone who is bothersome to me. For me it became a last resort tactic to get the other person to see how they were making me feel. “Get a taste of their own medicine.” It’s childish and vindictive. And lemme tell you, it doesn’t work. In the process you realize you can essentially turn as “evil” as the other person is. And then it’s a question of who’s worse? Yeah I may not have been the antagonizer, but I reacted just as bad.
I need to learn to rise above it. Which in many many cases I do. But the few times I catch myself slippin and mirroring behavior, it kills me inside. I know that I know better. It is my higher self witnessing my unconscious self and all it’s flaws (reference to the untethered soul). It’s tedious, it’s ugly work, but the only way OUT is THROUGH. Be fucking real with yourself. It’s worth it. You can’t let others steal your light and embody and mirror the pain they have inflicted onto you. Gotta tell myself that again and again...

No mud, no lotus.
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Mid 20’s are weird. Half the time I feel like I am not anywhere near where I wish to be in life, and the other half of the time I can’t believe where I have gotten myself-in a good way.
When I really try to sit with the feeling of WHY I feel I am not where I wish to be(poorly written lol sorry), it mostly comes down to my living situation. I feel that moving out of my families home is the catalyst that I need to thrive, while simultaneously understanding that being able to afford to live anywhere in the Bay Area alone is cut-throat and borderline unrealistic. Or SoCal which would be my other wish.
I have to remind myself that this thought process is also the product of typically hanging out with people much older than myself. I compare myself to those who have got it handled (or so it seems)when I’m sure the people I’m comparing myself too were also feeling lost at 24 years young. Who else feels this?! I feel like the clock is ticking. *cue existential crisis* 😝😝😝🤷🏼‍♀️
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A constant push and pull of effort and ease. C’est la vie. .
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A I R 🖤 L A N D 🖤 O C E A N
Cheers to the weekend weirdos. 👽 .
Ps- this pose works my LEGS more than anything tbh. Legs are feelin it today that’s forsure 😅

Around 17 or 18 years old I was very aware of the aspects of myself I wanted to change. I recognized the patterns that were a detriment to my being and was desperate to find new methods of coping. It is incredibly hard to re-wire behavioral habits 18 years in the making. But it is possible in time.
I am coming to a point of acceptance and forgiveness of my past self. I feel this is what I needed to really end that chapter. I was unaware of the many ways trauma manifests and expresses itself. And that’s all it was. Screaming to me loud and clear that it needed some attention.
But you have to WANT to change and I believe that is the difference between someone who succeeds and someone who doesn’t. I knew in my heart that I was ready and wanted to face my faults and address them. I no longer wished to identify with/act out with my pain-body.
But I still will tell my story. I will still reflect on my dark times. Because I have grown to honor those challenges that have shaped me into the woman I am now. You can still tell your story without it further entrapping you. You can break your habits and embody the true self you have always envisioned. It doesn’t automatically take away the trauma, but it takes away the traumas power over you. ❤️

Seasons are shifting and you know what that meeeeaaans!
If you’ve been following me for a while you know fall is my absolute favorite time of year to shoot outside due to the angle of the sun 😍 Summertime is testing on me as an artist because I hate the harsh lighting in photographs and my work does not live up to my vision lmao 😂 #perfectionistproblems
Fall, I am ready for you. Kinda. Don’t exactly want summer to end but I’m ready for epic clouds and luminous lighting. 🙌🏼
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“Judgement is either to confuse someone’s unconscious behavior with who they are or to project your own unconsciousness onto another person and mistake that for who they are.” - @eckhart.tolle
An old favorite by him I came across again the other day🙌🏼 What’s a favorite quote of yours? Drop a comment below!❤️
Ps- Black cherry is my favorite color in the @aloyoga fall collection! 🤤

I’ve never really had many “yoga friends” in my area. I pretty much just go to the studio and leave 😝 I love the practice but struggle finding my place amongst the community. I often times feel like I can’t find many I can relate to. Being multifaceted narrows down your crowd a significant amount.
Maybe it’s because the few “yoga friends” I pursued ended up being a mind-fuck nightmare 😵. Emotional manipulation. *SUPERIORITY COMPLEX* (How’d I forget that one?😂) Condescending remarks once I got my sponsor. Creativity and words being infringed upon. My whole identity nearly got stolen. I built up a cement wall after the fact and have yet to let a lot of people in. I’m weird. I consider myself very open, yet closed off all at the same time.
People come to yoga for a variety of reasons. Many of us have skeletons we are trying to address. I know that’s mostly why I started. And maybe it’s that knowing that has kept me an arms length away from most. And I carry guilt. A lot of guilt feeling like I should be immersing myself more.
I have struggled to find peers who genuinely support me. Mostly just the day 1’s. But I know for damn sure that as time passes and I become my best self, I will continue to attract others that are suited for my happiness(and vice versa) and not the lessons I need to learn in life. We attract what we are yes, but we also attract what we need to learn. And I’ve learned to stop taking people for face value. To not automatically make them a friend because we’re into the same shit. To look out for those who do not support your successes, and realize they are not my friends. To think twice about the people I let in.
But at some point, guarding yourself for protection can also be what isolates you. Balance. Balance. Balance. It’s all balance. I don’t want to miss out on those good for me due to being traumatized from the past. 😕
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