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Kristen Rose Provenché  Art of Asana || Bay Area, CA || 24 ♑️•♏️•♎️

I haven’t been to the studio to practice in about a month you guys 😭😭😭
I couldn’t work out at allllll while my wisdom teeth sockets were healing and with Coachella right after my body has been out of service for a while. I did my first flow yesterday at home and could barely touch my toes😂😅 It’s a humble reminder that if ya don’t use it you lose it!
But as long as you go in with zero expectations, it’s only up from there. 😊
Have an amazing weekend! 😍😍😍
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Counterpostures- probably more important than the initial posture. The yin to the yang.
I’ll be honest with y’all the reason I haven’t photographed poses like this the past couples years was due to my damn-near-belly-phobia I was dealing with. I was too scared to photograph any posture that scrunched my belly. Major ego issues that I unfortunately never fully got over. But better late than never. Forgive me and my insecurities 🙏🏼
Always make sure to go easy and reeeead your body when it comes to counter postures. Go easy and let gravity do the work, depending on the posture of course.
This is rabbit pose or sasangasana. A favorite of mine post heart openers. Always feels so damn good.
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Lately I’ve been reflecting on what it truly means to hate someone.
Why do we hate someone? Why are we even capable of feeling such emotions towards someone?
And is it really true that hatred is a reflection of ones relationship with themselves?
Yes and no I feel like. I’m not so sure I can even come up with an executive decision. 😅 I suppose it depends on the context of the situation.
I used to hate certain individuals when I was younger and looking back there was a common theme throughout- they either simply wronged me or I perceived them as a threat. There was a quote I read somewhere stating that someone who hates you either perceives you as a threat, they hate themselves, or they want to be you. And I would agree to a certain extent. Somewhere, deeply buried down I would agree that it comes down to something like that in many cases.
The older I’ve become I find it rare that I genuinely hate anyone. And let me tell you, I’ve had people do some fucked up things to me all across the spectrum of fucked up things. Yet still to this day there is not even a speck of hatred for them. I might despise for a while but still never hate. I do not even allow room for it. I’ve carried coals in the palms of my hands for too long in the past and I know how self sabotaging it can be. That’s where the question comes in regarding self love and it’s relation to being at peace with yourself and others.
Maybe hate and admiration are one in the same. It’s as if one cannot exist without the other. Similarly to how we cry from laughter. It’s a paradox. But somewhere along the way admiration gets mixed in with crippling self doubt and that’s where hatred is born. Sprinkle in a little fear of failure and that’s it. Fear of incompleteness.
The day I found myself incapable of carrying hatred for anyone was the day I realized I truly loved myself. It took decades and there was no way I would have discovered self-love any sooner. I had to experience what it was like to despise myself to know what it felt like on the other side. The day I felt genuinely happy for my peers accomplishments rather than envy like when I was a kid was how I knew. CAPTION CONTINUED IN COMMENTS BELOW👇🏼

Never make a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Never make a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Never make a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Embed this into your mind. ❤️

Coachella is done and so am I. 😅 #beyondexhausted Posts to come on my personal account @luxerose_ 🙌🏼

No two perspectives are ever the same.
Our minds create filters based off of our own life experience. And no two experiences are ever the same. Whatever filters through we call reality. But is it? What even really truly is? #thisiswhatkeepsmeupatnight 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Everything is headed in the right direction 🙌🏼💛
Not going to lie, been feeling more pressured than normal on this platform as of lately. Right at a time when I feel I’m performing at 50%😩 Day four of recovery (I think, I can barely count days rn lol) and the lack of solid food is seriously taking a toll on my brain 😂
But overall, YES everything is heading in the right direction after a month of chaos!! Looking forward to the future 🙌🏼 I should be able to eat better/more by tomorrow so hopefully by then I will feel more aliiiiive.
Love you all!! Thank you endlessly for the continuous support!
Clothing by @aloyoga this sweater is seriously the best 💛
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Double hit if you’re lit. #happyfriday 😜
Day three post wisdom teeth removal and living vicariously through everyone’s weekend posts! Day three of no solid food and I can barely conduct a sentence lmao. Can’t wait to be back to normal 😫!!! Outfit by @aloyoga

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Dental emergencies are the best!!! 😑
Literally overnight one of my wisdom teeth became infected, had to get in ASAP and got all four removed this morning with just the roots left in one that I’ll follow up on. I haven’t had surgery in years bleh. Just SO thankful my mom is a nurse!! Making the healing process much more easier ❤️
Wanted to post my caption on the meaning of hatred you may have seen the preview of in my stories a couple days back but I don’t wanna go back and edit when I’m high off Percocet 😂😂😂 Thank you all for wishing me good luck! All is well so far, just praying I don’t get any dry sockets. Coachella weekend 2 in 9 days and this girl wants to get grooooovy. Been to/performed for many festivals but have never done the Coachella thing 😂 Gotta experience it for myself!
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That awkward moment when you’re shooting this for a solid five minutes while having no clue that a stranger was casually walking past you. 😅 #ohhithere #dontmindme
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It does not matter
What has been done
How many times my heart
Has been ripped from
its tender cage
I will still love
I will always be
Not even a thousand spears
can pierce my fountain. #endlesslove
Loving all things seamless from @aloyoga !

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