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Kristen Lefebvre  Korea. MPH student. Photography. Gamja.🐱🐱


2,000 miles apart, but still get to share a meal together. 😍😙 10월이 빨리왔으면 좋겠어!!
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#ugh. Why is healthcare so expensive here?? 😲😲 I'm moving back to #Korea.
Korea has national health insurance where all citizens and residents (depending on visa type) are eligible. In the plan, your employer pays half of the insurance and you pay the rest or you pay no more than about 5% of your income. You also have the option to buy into a private insurance (not sure of the cost) to widen the coverage of the national plan. As a foreign student, insurance is about $40 USD. While I was insured in Korea, basic doctors visits cost less than $10 and ER visits cost me about $100. For more serious problems the cost never seemed unreasonable or unobtainable. While I was uninsured, basic doctors visits cost about $15 and my trip to the ER this summer cost $300. Luckily nothing serious occurred, but even if it did, it would have never reached the ridiculous prices it does in the US. Living there, I never worried about being unable to afford healthcare.
Coming back to the US, I feel like I've been slapped in the face. Within four days of arriving, I had to go to the doctor. It cost $150 just to be seen, have the doctor peer into my throat to say it is infected, and write a round of antibiotics. Luckily, most of the pain went away within 24 hours, but I still haven't been able to shake whatever it is I have, and three weeks later my tonsils are still really swollen and getting more painful. I need to go back to the doctor. I also really want to start taking steps towards getting my tonsils removed (again), but I'm honestly scared insured or uninsured. As a student, I can't afford almost $5,000 a year in health insurance with the option of a several thousand dollar deductible. Even with a job, that's still unaffordable.
I'm not saying healthcare was perfect in Korea, there are many things that need to change, but it was definitely more than adequate, safe, and quick.

Get your shit together #America. Seriously... what's wrong with national and affordable healthcare? #healthcareforall
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