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okayyy, have you guys heard of the @getquip toothbrush?!
not only is it super slim and stylish it is also an electric toothbrush that has a 30 second quadrant timer which makes it incredibly easy to be sure I’m getting a thorough oral clean every time I brush! 👏🏼
another great thing to do for your oral health is oil pull 20 minutes a day 👌🏼
you can check out the link in my bio for more deets on this cool little gadget.

so grateful for my siblings and our kiddos.
missing our spouses and our newest little man, baby Owen, but are so thankful for the time we are getting to spend together. ❤️
also, look at all that sass that Jax is serving. 🤨

does anyone else have an obsession with water bottles? because I have A LOT. and I love them all. 🙈
they make me so happy.
I especially love water bottles that keep my water S U P E R cold throughout the day because warm water is the absolute worst(if you like warm water, than I’m sorry, but i am not about it) especially in our usual 100° california weather.
Couture THERMALOCK Water Bottle is fashionably functional and keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours or hot up to 10 hours with its THERMALOCK vacuum insulation.
@gocontigo #gocontigo #contigo
p.s. link in bio to shop this bottle.

-happy mother’s day-
I am so beyond blessed to be this kid’s mommy. I remember so vividly last mother’s day and how excited I was to embark on this journey.
and can I just say, it has been the most incredible experience of my life. getting to love on this little man and be his mom has brought me inexpressible joy.
yes, there are hard days and times when you just want to take a day off but even in the toughest of times my babyboy still makes me the happiest I have ever been.
I mean just look at that face. 😍 he has definitely got me and sean wrapped around that chunky little finger of his.

-nine months / / in n out-
this kid is seriously so funny and so craaaazy.
he loves to clap, eat (and i mean REALLY LOVES TO EAT), and crawl under and through things. especially on me.
apparently I’m now a jungle gym.
he is the best part of everyday.
his hair, or lack of in some spots, and chunky feet are my fave!!! along with his four teeth that are the cutest when he smiles and laughs.
lastly, this kid is a total adrenaline junky.
as I write this sean is bouncing him up and down and Jax is just laughing and loving every second of it. 🖤
#littlejacksonwayne #ninemonthsold

-the light side I joined... again.-
now I’ve got to change my emojis from the dark haired girl to the blondeeee......worth it 💁🏼‍♀️
alsooooo, May the Fourth be with you today -insert light saber emoji here-

-dream date with my dream man-
“aw how cute, you’re matching!” -some ladies who I asked to take our picture...
I then replied with, “yeah, he doesn’t have a choice.💁🏻‍♀️”
buuut, hey I didnt forced him to wear his boots... although I did ask a few times. he said they hurt his feet 🙄.
& I was obviously too set on wearing my knock off timberlands rather than converse because hello(!) #manofthewoods •••
we’ve been talking about seeing @justintimberlake for F I V E years.
to say we are excited is an understatement.

Jax has become quite the cuddlebug as of late and it is by far my favorite thing about life right now.
anytime someone walks up to say hi to him he leans against my chest and looks at them all shy like.
it melts my heart.
E V E R Y T I M E!
I love that I am his comfort and how he wants to be held by me, be near me, play with me, talk to me... to put it plain, how he loves me.
my relationship with him is so special.
It also puts my relationship with the Lord into perspective.
It must bless Him so much when I seek Him, spend time with Him, honor Him, love Him...
But also how much it breaks His heart when I neglect Him, choose material things over Him, do things that put me in harm’s way -physically or spiritually-
I tend to ask myself, am I being a good daughter to my Father?

so I had never heard of tiger grass or even @drjart before I came across this bottle of pure perfection.
••• a.k.a. cicapair tiger grass camp drops. •••
this stuff is amazing!! it quickly became a part of my daily routine.
so here is a quick little video on how I apply it.
-after moisturizing before makeup application-
it’s perfect for those days i don’t want to wear makeup by fighting off redness (it truly makes a H U G E difference and gives me so much more confidence) and it even works great under my foundation. 🙌🏼
now I feel like I need all the #cicapair #drjart products 😍.
•••p.s. you can find this little miracle bottle at #sephora.•••

ugh. I am so excited for this movie.
only a hour and a half left. 😬😍

who else is seeing it tonight? 🙋🏻‍♀️

this is actually some really E X C I T I N G news!
@PaneraBread’s Spring Menu is here!!! 🌷🌿
guys! I am obsessed with one: this frozen agave lemonade 🍋 and two: their strawberry poppyseed salad is my A L L time favorite salad 🥗.
I’m always so sad when the season ends because I love it so much.
if you haven’t tried their spring menu, you should definitely hop in your car right now and head to your local panera.👌🏼💁🏻‍♀️

growing up my mom would always buy @thereallittledebbie treats. especially nutty buddy’s—-which btw are a staple in our household to this day.
I love that I now get to share these delicious sweet treats with my babyboy and enjoy these moments as a mom. 💞
what’s your favorite Little Debbie snack? I know you have one, everybody does! 👌🏼

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