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Kristen Lam  🍒

Go-to outfit these days consists of my @sandyliang fleece @aritzia hoodie and @toryburch bag 🆗🆒


happy vday from the girl who wore @aritzia sweatpants to work and will probably treat herself to this @simonmillerusa neon green set because every day can be valentine’s day if you love yourself 💚

Can I get a side of @susan_alexandra with that? 🍒🍉🍋🍅🍌

Snaps at @sandyliang - camo, gingham, oranges and see through accessories? Sign me up 🙏🏻

Two moods ♥️💖 it’s not even noon of day 5 of New York whatever week and my battery’s already at 44%

Tips on dressing for NYFW: wear actual clothes and pants and heat tech and shoes that you can actually walk in 🤜🏻🤛🏻

Here are a few snaps I took with an actual camera 🤗 at @nanushka’s #MYSTERYCHILD presentation and some film that @alyssainthecity took of me 🙂 also should I carrying my camera with me y/n? Thanks in advance for the input 🙏🏻

My dad took this photo and I’ve never been more proud 😌

I promise there’s order in there somewhere so no I don’t need you Marie Kondo 🆘

She dressed up again ❤️ @shopbop ❤️ @brinkerandeliza ❤️ @picostore

祝大家新年快樂,恭喜發財,健康開心,心想事成 - honestly don’t ask me what that means because I asked @dantyw to send something to me in Chinese so I could copy and paste it lol happy new year guys 🧨🆘📷: @jeffthibodeauco

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