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KRISTEN LEY  Founder + Owner @thimblepress Find me at the intersection of happiness + joy, creating, laughing & casually looking for someone to throw confetti on.

The bottom tooth *SLAYS* me. Just took @thimblepets {#willowley & #henryalbertley} to @thepetshopfondren to pick out a toy and treat for being so good today during the @thimblepress warehouse sale. Thanks @thepetshopfondren for your awesome customer service and overall good vibes!

I’ve seen this happen more times than I can count on my hands. Here’s the thing, not everyone is wired the same. We all possess different personality traits. Use the strengths you were given for good. For those who challenge, challenge and call out for good. Fight the good fight. Use your ability to make change in this world by NOT making your gifts a weapon. Not everyone is a challenger, & the ones who aren’t are likely more vulnerable & sensitive. And let me tell you, the world also needs that. We all bring something to this beautiful life. Remember that. Think before you act. Give grace to people and be kind. Encourage each other to do better / be better. It really makes the world a much better place.

Listen to that little voice inside of you. When it comes to my life, 9 times out of 10 my gut (intuition) had it right. If you’re facing a hard time with someone, need to have a difficult conversation or are trying to decide something, listen to your intuition. Everyone has it and the more you tune into it the louder it will ring true (at least with my personal experience) #trustyourinstincts #trustyourgut #mondaymotivation

Dear @bethmorganphotography - your talent is endless and I feel so blessed to not only call you a colleague but a friend. As I open and view your photos I weep because I see a woman I am proud to be, a woman who is beautiful (despite my many insecurities) & a women who is ready to go out into the world and live my full, best life despite the human struggles we all deal with. You have a gift from God @bethmorganphotography. A gift that goes far beyond the understanding and technical details of photography. It’s a soul gift. ❤️

BEST. SURPRISE. EVER. My sis, @tiptoenorth, brother-in-law (@bully620) & nephews surprised all of us this morning by showing up at my mom’s house on their way back from the beach! These cuties live all the way up in Ohio, so we don’t get to see them all the time. What a perfect afternoon with my beautiful, silly family! (#willowley is always camera ready 😂) #nephew❤️

So so proud of you @michelle___ley! You are caring, compassionate & one of the smartest I know! You are going to make an AMAZING physical therapist!!!! Congrats on your white coat!!!!!

Sending love to my mom. Sugar, her Australian Shepherd of 16 years, passed away this morning. Sugar, you were present for my mom when she needed you the most. You leaned into us with all your weight and love, and I know Max & Molly are thrilled to see you! You will be missed sweet candy girl. #thimblepainting

Friends! My initial rollout of is finally live! I’ve been wanting to launch it for months now, wanting it to be perfect, but I realized it’s doing no good just sitting. The designer & perfectionist in me could work on it many more months. So instead, I have decided to launch what I have. I’ll be rolling out more over the next year & writing lots of blog posts. Things that will be launching over the next 12 months: downloadable resource PDF, Freebies, courses, and a destination group trip. I hope you like it! ❤️ {LINK IN PROFILE}

I just don’t have the heart to tell him otherwise 😂❤️ #henryalbertley >>> new hats and tees available on ❤️❤️❤️

One of my favorite, recent illustrations. It was more fun to create because I got input from two of my pals💖 I created this just as a personal thing, but if you relate, even better! May make prints out of it... I’ll keep you updated if I do! Check out the process video of it on my #IGTV channel! #thimblethought #thimblelettering

Willow was interviewed today by @carolinejaques. She has a lot to say. 😉 #willowley

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