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Kristen Lawler  Wife, mama to 3 👧🏼👧🏼🧒🏼, beauty junkie, sometimes blogger, 🍒 Coke obsessed, addicted to sweets, LDS, #LipsSoHard 📧:

This is my circus and these are my monkeys!🙊🙉🙈
@loversoflove sent me this blooper sneak peek and I love it more and laugh harder the more I look at it! Gotta love this season of life and just keep smiling!💕 #lawlerpartyof5

Well, we’re at that wonderful transitional part of the season where it’s chilly in the mornings and blazing hot by 9.😂

First fall mani/pedi of the season!🍁We took family pics tonight with @loversoflove and I can’t wait to see them! Adding a third munchkin really makes things interesting, I’ll tell ya that much!😂

We had a great time celebrating Baby G with family today!🎂 He is the biggest sweetie and so loved! He loved his cake! More on stories! #lawlerpartyof5 #firstbirthday

Happy birthday to my beautiful baby boy!! He’s completed our family and is the perfect caboose! We are so grateful to have him, he is an absolute joy!! He loves to play with blocks, being tickled, peek a boo, swimming, and eating. He’s stands on his own and is so close to walking! He’s taken two steps this week! He has 8 teeth, says dada, mama, and nononono. We absolutely just adore him to pieces!! #lawlerpartyof5 #firstbirthday

Little man got his first haircut yesterday and it’s giving me all the feels! I love seeing his sweet face again!! Why does getting it cut instantly make him look like a big boy? I can’t believe he’ll be ONE tomorrow!! #lawlerpartyof5

Now that I work from home and I swear my days are busier than ever, the clothes I wear most are the ones that you can throw on and go and are comfortable. This dress fits the bill! Another winner that feels like pajamas🙌🏻

Monday’s are our busiest days and we basically live in the van driving from school to activity to activity. I have to make sure to pack snacks that can keep up with us! @clifkid bars are perfect! We all love them and they are an organic, baked whole grain bar to help keep the kids energy up! #sponsored #CLIFKidCrew #CLIFKid

How is my little man gonna be 1 next week?! This year has flown by so quickly. I’m in denial that this sweet baby is growing so fast. With his party a week away, I should probably start planning and prepping for it right? #lawlerpartyof5 #wheresmygluegun

Do you write to-do lists? I have a little notebook I just continually add to for each day/week. It helps keep me on track and focused and today it’s a mile long!🙈 At least all the laundry is folded and put away!👊🏻What’s your secret to staying organized?

Can’t wait to watch my little soccer star at her first game this weekend!⚽️ #lawlerpartyof5

Happy Saturday! I’m ready for the long weekend in my fave joggers and thermal, I’m stocked up on Cherry Coke, Oreos, and Hi Chew, I’ve got my fall candle burning, and a Harry Potter marathon on. We’ve got this!👊🏻

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