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Probably controversial to read but I 1000% support and uphold @mishkadawn and @ado_fitness philosophy.🙌🏻💕I admit, I was once mentally skewed, thinking aesthetics and a plastic trophy were worth more than my long term HEALTH!! #Repost @mishkadawn with @get_repost
I once was so lean I had ab veins and weighed 119 lbs at 5’7”. COOL STORY BRO. I was also SICK. This may be my most controversial post EVER but I feel compelled to speak out… .
First I need to preface this with I have nothing against competing. I train competitors for stage and love to see girls reach their goals of getting on stage and pushing their body and mind outside their comfort zone. With that being said, I absolutely am disgusted by how SICK so many of these girls stepping on stage are. In the last month I have seen girls bragging about doing 110 minutes of cardio in one session on the stairs, bragging about not eating carbs for a month, bragging about 3-a-days in the gym. Saying how they need to be leaner and “challenge accepted” when they have ribs sticking out and are physically SICK and unhealthy…
At what point will people WAKE THE FUCK UP. Is the stage REALLY worth you aging yourself 10 years? Is it really worth you spending half your day in the gym and the other 20 hours your awake brain fucked thinking about food? Is it really worth a PLASTIC TROPHY? And is it really worth the rebound that is inevitably coming your way? I know its been said time and time again but ITS NOT WORTH IT. .
But what really gets to me lately is not that these girls choose to do this to themselves… I was once that girl. I was once naive to how much I was ruining myself and my health. I was once ignorant and believed #TeamNoDaysOff was something to brag about too. HOWEVER I LEARNED. And I learned to apply what I knew about physiological energy gaps and how damaging they can be on the endocrine system and your overall health BEFORE I WENT AND TRAINED OTHERS. SO many of these girls are training others to be like them. Training others to get to stage in the same unhealthy manner they are. Because “hey if they look good, they must know what to do” right? Wrong. Here is what they know what to do... 👇🏼

Morning!! For those new to my page and @ado_fitness allow me to introduce myself!
First, I know it’s confusing - my maiden name is Maynard. I’m newly married and my new last name is Simmons. But that wasn’t available as an IG name😜
Ok here we go! A little about me:👇🏼 Age: 27
Weight you feel best at: 128-129
Current weight: 132
Height: 5’6”
Current macros: 145p/225c/59f
IIFYM or Bro Diet: IIFYM
Favorite Exercise: Shoot, that’s hard. I LOVE glutes! Especially now that I know how to activate them – but my rear delts and back are also areas I prioritize! Love rear delt flyes and cable face pulls!
Favorite Food: This varies all the time, but currently obsessed with salmon and fresh, juicy, cucumbers (it’s hot in AZ!) Least Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Cheat Meal: mmmm that’s tough too – my go-to is Froyo with all the toppings, but I could mow down a burger too!
Favorite thing about your body: My shoulders – genetically I am more broad shouldered and since lifting, I have been able to shape and mold my physique! I love lifting!
Least Favorite Thing about yourself: I stress and worry far too much. Working on this.
Hidden Talent: nope.
Years in the Fitness Industry: Always been into sports and fitness, but officially 3 years
Favorite Thing About Competing: I liked how much it challenged me mentally and physically. It proved to me that I am capable of anything I put my mind to and when I have a goal, I don’t stop. Be flexible in your methods, but unwavering in your goals.
Favorite Thing About being an @ado_fitness coach: Oh gosh, just one?! I love all of the amazing women I have the pleasure of working with. They are all truly passionate of their clients’ goals and I love the philosophy surrounding our team! Sustainability for the win!!
💕"An open minded diet philosophy that creates sustainability for the individual" -ADOFitness💕” #adofitness #adocoaches #aboutme #lifestylechange #healthylifestyle #sustainability #fitnessgirl

Awesome awesome workout today with my @ado_fitness bands! I have been able to really engage my glutes and hamstrings with these little babies!
I used to throw up 315#s in hip thrusts but still wouldn’t get the engagement I do with just this simple band. I know now my glutes were likely not firing and doing the work. I can truthfully say I can now activate my glutes properly!!
I know that too because I’m already sore from today’s workout!
Click the link in my bio and use code “Kristen5” for a discount!!
Song: Bend Ova (feat Tyga) | Lil Jon
@ado_workouts #adobands #adofitness #resistancebands #glutes #gluteworkout #gluteactivation

This week’s #transformationtuesday goes out to @ado_fitness client Julie!
This woman is truly inspiring! She’s a busy working mom of 4 little under the age of 4- three of which are triplets!!
Julie and I began working together after she plateaued after losing 15 pounds on her own.
With a busy work schedule and kiddos to attend to, we needed to create a plan that was conducive to her busy on the go schedule. Working together we’ve developed a plan that suits her needs and schedule. She’s a joy to work with and I love how diligent she is every week! She’s down 6 pounds in 7 weeks and I had to put these photos together to show her the visible progress!!
Excited to continue this journey! We haven’t seen the last of Julie!💪🏼🔥💕"An open minded diet philosophy that creates sustainability for the individual" -ADOFitness💕” @ado_fitness #adofitness #clientspotlight #progress #proudcoach #reversedieting #flexibledieting #noexcuses #healthylifestyle #lifestylechange

As my mother used (and still does!) to say EVERY time one of us kids left the house, “make the right choices!”
Back then I thought the term “right” was subjective 😜but today it has more meaning to me.
We are quick to blame circumstances and chance and when times get rough we pity ourselves and fall victim to our situations. But these trials don’t determine our character, rather it’s our choices in spite of these times that determine where we go.
I’ve learned that we don’t have to know why something is happening to us - it’s not for us to know; it’s His plan. But we also don’t have to sit idly by either. As I’ve said before, nothing gets done sitting where you are.
So this week I encourage you all to get up and “Make the right choices!!”
Happy Monday💪🏼🔥
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Successful trip to a Nashville ✅
Had a blast with family touring the city and will definitely be back🤗

I get asked a lot about vacation and how to “handle” it when you have fitness goals. The truth is, while going out of town is difficult because of the break in routine, this is a lifestyle. I don’t ever feel restricted in my food and fitness in my normal routine, and vacation is the same way. Balance is key.
If your every day routine is too restrictive you’re much more likely to binge when on vacation.
My advice? Create a lifestyle you don’t need a vacation from. Enjoy some treats, balance with clean foods, stay active (you don’t always need a gym either! I’ve hit over 10k steps every day!), and get in plenty of water!
Getting ready to head back home! Happy Saturday friends ❤️
#nashville #siblings #momtoo #vacation #balance #happyheart #healthylifestyle #flexibledieting

LOVE these @ado_fitness bands!
The hotel didn’t have a gym but I came prepared💪🏼
All I needed was a door!
I did a lower body, upper body and then this 👆🏼last full body circuit. I completed 3-4 rounds of each in about 35 minutes, adding in some plyos to further get my heart rate up. Resistance training✅cardio✅ and I was ready to take on day ✌🏼in #nashville 💪🏼
Click the link in my bio and use code “Kristen5” to save money on your set of bands!
Song: Castle on the Hill | Ed Sheeran
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Touched down in #Nashville today to visit the youngest of the Maynard siblings!
Spending the afternoon touring the Honky Tonk central strip!
Watching this storm roll in now and grateful for a little break from the heat!😅
#family #siblings #nashville #honkytonkcentral #minivacation #quicktrip

This week the @ado_fitness trainers will be addressing topics/questions that we get asked a lot about. This week coach @meagankunisch explains ways you can stay on track while on vacation!
Vacation is something we all enjoy! Let’s face it, there will come a time when you will be working towards your health and fitness goals WHILE enjoying yourself on vacation. So, what are some of the best ways to have fun on vacation AND stay on track?
Be PREPARED. Create a list and shop for the foods you need to take with you to help you stay on track or order pre prepped meals to have delivered to you! Also, schedule a few workouts for yourself. They don’t have to be anything extreme. It could be a jog/walk on the beach, a 30 minute circuit in the hotel gym or a banded workout in your hotel room. Just get moving and get active since most of the time your activity level might be lower than normal while catching up on some much needed R&R on vaca. Being prepared and thinking ahead is crucial for you to stay on track away from home.
Continue with your typical MORNING ROUTINE. I have found that whenever my morning routine is thrown off my whole day is. So, the best way to still feel like you are on track while on vacation is to continue with your normal morning routine the best you can. Take your vitamins, drink your protein shake, read a book, meditate, etc. .
PLAN AHEAD for dining out at restaurants. One of the best parts about vacation is enjoying the delicious local fare. This is typically one of the most challenging parts to vacationing and staying on track. What do I do? I highly recommend that people pull up the menu for the restaurant they plan on going to and find options that work best for their goals. Here’s my advice: choose whole food options like a lean protein source such as white fish or chicken breast, choose 1-2 sides of steamed/grilled veggies, and if the restaurant has a good carbohydrate option choose that! You do NOT need to restrict yourself and that’s really the beauty of IIFYM. You can make almost anything fit into your day. Also, almost all restaurants cook their food with A LOT of oil or butter so always plan for your meals, when dining out, to

These @ado_challenge workouts are putting me to the test!
I will be honest- I never thought much of band workouts. “I am Kristen. I lift heavy weights” was my mentality. But I also understand the importance of mixing up routines so the body doesn’t adapt and progress stalls. I am pleasantly surprised and LOVE these workouts!
These are brutal!
The @ado_challenge is closed but you can still purchase the @ado_fitness bands on the website!
Click the link in my bio and enter code “Kristen5” at check out to save money!
Happy Humpday 🍑🔥
Song: Cruise (Remix) feat. Nelly | Florida Georgia Line
@ado_workouts #adobands #adofitness #resistancebands #glutes #gluteworkout #booty🍑 #gluteexercises

This week’s #transformationtuesday goes to an @ado_fitness client who chooses to remain anonymous.
This client came to me just three short weeks ago eating a very low caloric diet, extreme gut issues, hormone imbalance, a long history and battle with adrenal fatigue (diagnosed), and many nutrient deficiencies. In her original email she actually mentioned she wanted to become “me” again.
We have successfully been able to INCREASE her intake substantially in a few short weeks. The results speak for themselves. Her body needed fuel to run the various systems of her body efficiently. We have monitored her intake as well as her micronutrients - fiber, sugars, vitamins and supplements.
In just a few short weeks, she has emailed me countless times excited over her energy levels, progress and overall happiness and balance.
This busy mama of three can’t be slowed down, and the goal is always health first!
I am so proud of her diligence every week and eagerness to learn and apply these new habits to form a lifestyle that will not only eat her to her goals, but allow her to sustain them for a lifetime of health, happiness and balance!
And she’s only just started folks! Can’t wait to continue in this journey as she continues to progress!
💕"An open minded diet philosophy that creates sustainability for the individual" -ADOFitness💕” #adofitness #sustainability #balance #healthylifestyle #adrenalfatigue #flexibledieting #progress #proudcoach

There you have it 👆🏼🙌🏻
You want it?!? Get up and go GET IT. Take ACTION this week. Get UP. Get MOVING. DO IT.
👆🏼Thems are fightin words right there!!
New week! New opportunity to be better than you were last week. If you’re not constantly setting goals and moving forward, learning and growing, then you’re settling for staying right where you are - in your comfort zone. Get motivated! Get inspired! YOU have the power to make it happen!
DAY 1 of the @ado_challenge starts TODAY! Let’s launch into an awesome first week💪🏼🔥
#adofitness @ado_fitness #motivationmonday #morningmotivation #riseandgrind #upandatem #motivation

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