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Kristen Maynard  Redefine U Fitness and Nutrition 📧 Precision Nutrition & CPT @ruleoneproteins athlete 👉🏼"Kristen15" ADO💕 👻 km_fit

"It's a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up". 💪🏼🔥
Gearing up for another amazing week and setting my game plan🔥🔥 happy Sunday 🙌🏻❤️
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Here's my first #shreddingforthewedding weekly workout! As I mentioned on #snapchat I want to post a weekly workout for you all as part of my day wedding dress prep! So at #12weeksout here is a great Glute workout to fire up those buns!
I typically start my leg days out with 5-10 minutes of incline walking and hip stretching (previous posts) so be sure to warm up properly before hand.
Circuit #1: 3-5x
🔸20/leg quadruped Glute kickbacks
🔸20/leg fire hydrants
🔸20 jump squats

Superset: 3-4x
🔸15 banded and weighted hip thrusts
🔸30 seated banded abductions

Circuit 2: 3-4x
🔸15/leg high step ups (concentrate on the front leg doing all the work and push through the heel)
🔸20/leg split pulse jumps (or just pulse)
🔸20 KB swings

Finisher: 4-8 rounds (challenge yourself!)
:20 sprint on incline
20 weighted jump squats

You can always increase or decrease sets and weight to whatever is challenging for YOU! Happy Glute training❤️🍑🍑
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THIS🙌🏻❤️THIS is why I do what I do- why I chose to make such a drastic career change and follow my passion. I will admit, I do become emotionally invested (whether that's bad or good), and it's because I have been at that starting line too afraid take the next step, but even more afraid to stay where I was.
Seriously brought tears to eyes reading this. That's the biggest reward- knowing that what you're doing is having an impact on someone, even if it's just one person.❤️😘
Ahh so many feels🙌🏻
Ok, dry the eyes - back at it💪🏼💪🏼time to WRECK SHIT!!! Happy Humpday people!😘
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Last meal of the day was amazing! It looks totally weird, and the combo probably will sound equally weird, but it's a must try!
Been playing around with different recipes and food combinations with simple ingredients.🤗
🔸3 oz mashed sweet potato
🔸1 tbsp natural almond butter (melted)
🔸drizzle with 1/2 serving @ruleoneproteins protein mixed with unsweetened almond milk
Macros were pretty great 🤗17p/22c/9f with 5 fiber ❤️❤️
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Current challenge are these wall walk ups with a shoulder push up. Been throwing these in every other day in my routine (doesn't matter what I'm working that day😜) because I realized how TOUGH they were the first time I did them and I am determined to master them!
That's how it's done folks - constantly find new ways to challenge yourself. I often hear clients say they "hate" an exercise or are "bad at" them. Well how the heck are you supposed to get better if you don't work on them?!
Force yourself to do the tough stuff. You'll thank yourself later🙌🏻💪🏼
Oh, and today's 'cardio' consisted of dance breaks. Now you know the real reason I prefer to workout alone😂
I know - I got some sick skillz😜
#challengeyourself #weeklychallenge #pushyourself #cantstopwontstop #goals #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #toughstuff #noexcuses #workout #getshitdone #getoutofyourcomfortzone

Actions speak louder than words. Stop saying your will, and DO IT! New week💪🏼 let's go🔥🔥
#motivationmonday #mondaymorning #mondaymotivation #motivation #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #riseandgrind #upandatem #letgo #newweek #goals #cantstopwontstop

Completely accurate right now 😩 honestly been a few weeks since I took a full rest day😳 not sure how I got away from it, but when I make something a habit, it's hard to break every once and a while! That being said, my body told me last night/this morning, "you're done".
So taking today as a full rest day already planning out my week - motivated to crush some goals with a fully rested and recovered body (and mind!). 🔥💪🏼💪🏼
Happy Sunday ❤️😘
#sundayvibes #restday #restdayfeels #mealprep #planning #newweek #newgoals #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #balance

#flexfriday ✂️✂️
Working on my arms for the #weddingdress 💍I tend to hold fat in my arms and legs, and although I LOVE training shoulders, have neglected my arms for a while. Happy to see some progress in just a few short weeks with a new training regime and higher macros!Almost about to start my wedding #shred and I am super excited to see how my body will respond since I've taken some time had relaxed my macros. Prepping for shows can do a number on your body, mentality and hormones, so I am grateful for @mishkadawn guidance in helping me maintain a healthy physique while increasing my caloric intake.
Excited for the next phase as I prep for the dress💪🏼🙌🏻🔥
#shreddingforthewedding #wedding #weddingshredding #pump #arms #shreds #13weeksout #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #progress #cantstopwontstop #watchmework

Today's #plyo workout left me a sweaty mess😅👌🏼 I was NOT feeling a workout today. It was one of those days were my mind was running ahead of the current task and I was having a hard time catching up!😜
But I know myself, and sometimes it's being able to step away and let my mind relax for even 52 minutes (the duration of this workout!) that's all I need to reboot, restart and KILL the ending of my day. And that's exactly what I did!
Here's the ending set I did:
As many rounds and possible in 10 minutes:
25 KB swings
10 deadlift to upright row
15 KB swings
10 goblet squats
15 burpees
If you saw my #snapchat I was #dead 😜
Wasn't pretty but it challenged me! You never regret a workout! Get it done✅
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In today's fit savvy world, you may hear a lot about #flexibledieting or #iifym. To some, this means eating whatever you want within your assigned macros; protein, carbs and fats. You have probably seen post after post of some instafit model chewing down a cheeseburger and fries, pizza or some mountain of dessert with the #iifym slapped on there. But to me, that's not health.
Don't get me wrong, I personally follow flexible dieting and do choose fit my macros with the occasional treat, but by following the above example, you can run into some issues.
#1: Fueling your body with processed junk and sugars can have crippling health affects later on down the road. Too much refined sugars caused elevated insulin levels which halts the fat burning process during that time. Too much saturated fat raises cholesterol in the blood which can lead to heart disease. But hey, it fits your macros, right?
#2: Quality over Quantity. You may not be paying attention to your micronutrients. Fiber plays a huge role in digestion and satiation. One of the most common complaints I get from clients and friends is that they are always hungry which makes it hard to stay compliant. My response is always, check the quality of your foods. Quick absorbing carbs like white breads, cereals, pastas, etc will enter the blood stream quickly, causing a surge of insulin and a corresponding crash soon after. Leaving for hungrier sooner. Instead, switch to whole grains, oats and load up on green leafy veggies to increase your fiber intake as well as other vitamins and minerals.
#3: A calorie is a calorie. While I do agree with this statement, I think there is something to be said for how your choose to fuel your body. If your goal is strictly to lose weight, then yes, you simply need to maintain a caloric deficit. But when it comes to transforming your body composition, focusing on total health, and maintaining and sustaining for years to come, I do not believe this can be done with the stereotypical IIFYM diet.
My suggestion and where I have found the most success with clients and myself is an 80/20 rule. Fit your macros with 80% clean and Whole Foods and allow yourself 20% of those macros for treats⬇

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