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KRISTEL ORETO  🖤 @johnwiltsee 🖤 ⚔️ Seven Swords Tattoo Company ✈️ Tattoo Expos across the States


Thank you Roxy for letting me tattoo one of our favorite childhood heros and cartoon #Shera from the #80s 💖 WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CARTOON FROM YOUR CHILD HOOD? 💖 5x7 / 2 hrs to complete at @villainarts #philadelphiatattooconvention 💖 One appointment left for #chicagotattooconvention KristelOreto.com to book 💖 Upcoming Travel:
Detroit Expo - March 2-4 -
Chicago Expo - March 23-25 -
All American NC Expo - April 13-15 -
No Limits NYC Expo - April 20 - 22
Baltimore Expo - May 4-6 -
Houston Expo
- May 18-20 -
St Pete FL Guest Spot - June 7-9 -
Long Island NY Expo - June 29- July 1
Tampa Expo
- Oct 12-14 -
Charolette NC Expo - Oct 26-28 -
Miami Expo
- Nov 10-12 -

#ozzy the bunny - he's cute but still metal and! 🤘🏼 done at the #philadelphiatattooconvention Thanks so much Tara 🖤

What's your favorite hat in your collection? 🖤 Mine is my @inkaddictapparel "expensive skin" so true, we commit for life to the art we love or the pieces we get as memories that document our journey as we collect. You are no different that an art museum. You invest your hard earned money to something you love and that moves you in some way, that you can't live without it. Enjoy the journey, cherish each piece, fight through and yet enjoy the pain. Life is a long ass jounrey... My old ass turned 37 yesterday.... Slow down it's goes by to fast!! live, be free and document along the way. No need to rush, be picky, be an art snob, only choose the best of the best for your personal art museum of life that you keep with you FOREVER🤘🏼there is nothing else you will have in a life that is longer than a tattoo 🖤#snapbacksandtattoos #inkaddict

My client Amie chose to get a blue #topaz, #chrysanthemum and #rose to represent her and her baby girl who turned 3 months (2 hrs to complete / inner forarm ditch to wrist). What tattoo do you have for your kiddo or kiddos?

HAPPY Valentine's Day!!!!! My wonderful boyfriend @johnwiltsee surprised me with these BEAUTIFUL Black roses , Lorenzos Pizza cut into a 🖤 and a cute 💀 drawing! I couldn't be happier! It's interesting to be treated nice and like a princess, and I couldn't be more smitten. I am beyond grateful for this giant nerd!🖤 May you all have a wonderful day filled with LOVE!

Be loved and Share Love. Tag your Valentines - say three nice things about them.

Super fun #watercolortattoo (under 2 hrs to complete) I did of one of my paintings on a beyond interesting client. She is a form of chemist that invents candy, she creates the formula that makes sweet and taste things! What do you do for work?

Lil #bb8 on the lovely @maryboo247 done at the #philadelphiatattooconvention this weekend. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE #Starwars character?

My Fav needles to make those fat and BOLD lines you all love - 14 Bold Tradrional Liners from ✨ @kingpintattoosupply ✨ I fucking LOVE this company!! This month I have been tattoing 18 years, 15 years on the convention curcuit and this company has had my back since the begining! I used to buy supplies from them at the begining of my career when it was one person in a small storage until with one show case and you had to know somebody that knew somebody to find them. Man how the tattoo industry has changed. Now they are a HUGE company supplies the world. Follow them, and of course buy ALL four of my sketch books at kingpintattoosupply.com - KEEP an eye out @kingpinbrian will be releasing my 50page tattoo #coloringbook soon. 🤘🏼✨

Come See me say High & snag a FREE sticker at the @villainarts #philadelphiatattooconvention this weekend - BOOTH #562

Got to cover my client Scott’s first tattoo with a sweet reaper!!!! What was your first tattoo?

People often say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' ( -Plato ) and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves. - Salma Hayek

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