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My birthday is 👏🏻next 👏🏻week. Any suggestions as to what I should do other than participating in excessive alcohol consumption ?🙃 LMK
Jeans: @fashionnova DC : kristaXO✨

Shout out to @fashionnova for bringing me life w these jeans🌞
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When I catch someone lookin at ma guy #canweevertakeanormalpicture

Happy Mother's Day to the two women that raised me. My mom, and step mom. I love and appreciate you guys more than you know and am so thankful for all you both have done for us and continue to do. I could go on forever and write a damn book but I'll keep this simple , you guys already know 🌷and happy Mother's Day to all the other mamas! ✨

#Repost @jessicakeehus ・・・
As some of you may know, I grew up with a very "interesting" father 😂 that has taught me SO many things that I'm very grateful for. He has a story, a past that he openly talks about and found his escape through something much more powerful than any of ourselves.
My father has been an author and professor of New Testament studies, Theology and Apologetics...for 25 years. He's earned 2 masters degrees and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Theology, a doctorate in Theological Engagement, and History in archaeology. He has recently studied exorcism in Rome among 169 priests. He has taught worldwide including Sweden, Italy, Peru and of course the US. He has currently interviewed Father Gary Thomas, an exorcist residing in San Jose. Some of you may have seen the movie, "The Rite" with Anthony Hopkins which was based on Gary's true experiences. Long story short, my dad for the past 20 years has been gathering some SERIOUS ammo for what he's truly passionate about. This will be his first debate in 20 years, and he's sharper than ever. I can't wait to watch him destroy it lol (I wouldn't want to debate home in a million years 💀)
On Tuesday May 16th I encourage you to join me and sit in on this debate if you want some of life's biggest questions answered. DM me if this is something you would like to know more about. ❤️ @nickkeehus


Weekend vibes 💁🏻 boots from @fashionnova use code kristaxo to get some money off ✨😎

DRUM ROLL PLS. 🥁12pm PST these new @nemfashion sunnies will be hitting the site! They have a tendency to go rull quick so get yours while ya can 🙃✨ you got approximately 20 mins😀 #nopressure

Who has their summer bodies ready ? NOT 👏🏻 ME👏🏻so I'm on that MPK wagon 🚙JUMP ON BITCHES

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Super candid 💁🏻

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