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krista hengesh  A lover of Jesus, others, ideas, and playing with the hypothetical ••• Founder of @LiveSalted // Raised in the PNW 🌲 📍: U DISTRICT, WA


About this time last week I was hit by a car walking across a cross walk when the walk sign was on. I was flown into the air (high enough to have the conscious thought that I was going to hit the ground again), landed on the cement and then WALKED off the scene basically unscathed. It truly is a miracle, and I have no doubt there were angels protecting me. My rings were flattened against my fingers- yet no broken bones. There was a notch taken out of my sterling silver (a very strong metal) ring- yet no broken skin. I had a cut on the top of my head- yet no brain, spine, or neck injuries. I had road rash behind my ear - yet no headaches. The car hit me on the side of my right knee- yet no shattered bones or torn ligaments (just a WHOLE lot of bruising and swelling). 7 days later my knees are still bruised and swollen, there is a little section that I cannot feel to the touch on my knee cap, and painful stiffness had settled in on my neck and back. These things hurt, but to think of what could have happened - I am beyond grateful and without words. •• Friends, life on this planet is temporary. Regardless of what you believe will happen after death, you know that at some point your time in earth will end. Keeping this in perspective (but not obsessing and fearing it) reminds us that we GET to make the most of every second we have. It’s a reminder to live for what matters, and to go after the dreams and desires on your heart. It’s a wake up call to live a life worth living and one that influences and inspires others to do the same. Life is a gift, let’s not take it for granted. •• I wrote a post processing what happened, if you want to give it a read. It goes into a lot more depth about what I learned. •• Thank you God for protecting me and always watching over me. I am excited to discover all of the things you have planned for me - they must be big as you saved me from a lot of pain and injury. Please give me full recovery with no lingering pain. I wanna run again. | script by @joyceisachoice!

These UMIN staff ladies are something else! @joyceisachoice is a world changer in all things social entrepreneurship and diversity. @kimbenzin is a courageous trooper in all things organization and order. @emmastud is the BIRTHDAY GIRL TODAY, and is a woman who knows what she believes in and stands up for it with all that she is. @kelseyjnerland is spreading the transforming truth and love of Jesus through her mission work around the world and equipping teams to go out and spread the word and @maygeez is the biggest bundle of LOVE and happiness who is going to be bring the TRUTH tomorrow night as she is speaking at @theinnseattle. What a joy it is to work with these gals- and the year truly is just getting started! #photopostroundsix #umin #coworkers #thankful

Jesus came to give us "life and life to the full," but in NO WAY does that mean an easy breezy life. I would argue the opposite. Being a good, good Father- our God will take us places and walk with us through things to teach us lessons, refine our character, and mold us into the man and woman He designed us to be (+ incase you didn't know that process isn't always pleasant). For me, this past week has been a lot of refining. It became clear that I am not perfect, that I have a lot to learn about leadership, and I have a lot to learn about myself. But what also became very clear is that it isn't about me at all...or anyone else... it's actually all about God and His character. Despite letting people down, not having everything organized, forgetting things here and there, and having a few miscommunications - God moved. I don't know if I will ever feel "ready" to do what He has called me to do, but is "ready" even a thing? When Moses was called to lead the Israelites to the promise land he had no idea what he was doing but he trusted God to lead him each and everyday, and God never let him down. If I didn't believe in God, I would be throwing in the towel right about now, as charging forward with a lot of unknowns is HARD especially when you feel anything but qualified... but I DO believe in God. And I believe in the GOOD news of His gospel. I am not in the business of putting on cool events, or writing thought provoking content, or creating cool graphics. I am in the business of sharing the GOOD news of Jesus, and the adventurous refining life He calls us to experience each and everyday. Thank you @christinecaine, @bethmoorelpm, and @lisadharper for reminding me of this "why" yesterday at the @propelwomen event. It's Jesus. It's all about Jesus, and it will always be about Jesus. #propelactivate #activatedallas #livesalted

For two days this group of INCREDIBLE people met together to pray, plan + dream for the future of Salt- to make it into 501c3 non-profit, to get in a rhythm of putting on annual events on the West Coast, and to create curriculum that units women all around the world (to only name a few of the things on the horizon.) There were multiple times during our meeting that I thought "only because of God is this happening, because I am not qualified for this." I am 23, have never worked in a corporation, never ran an official meeting (or even really sat in on an official meeting), and basically no understanding of how a Non-Profit works. In worldly ways, I lack a LOT of what it takes to start a ministry. But what I lack physically the Lord has relentlessly brought to me through answered prayers, people coming across my path with the exact skill set that I was missing, and realizations that bring about revelations on what to do next. At times, charging forward in this dream has felt lonely, but the feeling of knowing there is a team of people who want to see God's will be done and His Kingdom come is unexplainable. I am UNBELIEVABLY thankful for this team of people God brought together (each and everyone of you is amazing!), and I cannot wait to see what we are going to do together! ••• Remember, God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called ... and we are ALL called. Be bold, and go do what is tugging on your heart. Give it and do it with Jesus and you will be amazed at what comes from it! "Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God." -2 Corinthians 3:5 #livesalted

This about sums up what happens after an INCREDIBLE weekend with over 500 college students at @washingtonfamilyranch ... an unbelievable amount of joy, a refreshed perspective on life, a deep feeling of belonging and then just some flat out (exhausted) silliness at a gas station cracking up at the fact that my car lost two hub caps, a plastic key cover, and part of the bumper AND that we are wearing pjs, just drank a lot of coffee and have a three hour drive back to Seattle at its 9pm. I don't think I have laughed this much in a long time. #moana #thiscar #byebyebumper

It's been a month since moving to Seattle, and a lot has happened since that first day I rolled up in my Uhaul truck then proceeded to reverse my car off the tow dolly without lowering the ramps.... 😳 I moved into a new room, signed a new lease for an office, started a new job, met new people, found new running paths, and am in the midst of many new things for @livesalted. But despite all those awesome new things, today I found myself in a deep mental rut of negative self talk and care. "Why is it that all of these awesome things are happening yet I feel so unsatisfied and not joyful?" Right when I got home I was able to talk this out to @emilykjamieson and she reminded me that I am feeling this way bc those things aren't suppose to satisfy me. Yes, they are all great things- but they won't bring me the joy, satisfaction and contentment I am hungry for in life. Those feelings only come as an outpouring from the quiet time I intentionally make with the Lord, and if I am skipping out on that time I will be skipping out on those feelings as well. "The fruit you are experiencing are signs of your obedience and the fact that the Lord adores you, but a tree doesn't stay alive because of its own fruit- it needs to be attached to the vine" -Emily. <- and THAT was the much needed lesson I needed to be reminded of tonight. ••• This world won't satisfy, even if the things I am doing are rooted in good and are for the Lord's kingdom, the only thing that will is being WITH Jesus and I need to protect that time with all that I am. •• link in bio for #livesalted update 📷: @emmastud

About a week ago, I posted on @livesalted saying we were going to Texas but needed people to help make it happen, and within a few hours we had over 10 email responses! These past two days, @rachel_brusca and I have FaceTimed a few of those incredible women and I am in awe with the Lord's orchestration through it all. A majority of the ladies (who reached out individually) knew of each other, had connections to one another, had crazy stories about how they found out about Live Salted and almost all of them mentioned this idea of "uniting God's body." Well, after finalizing our schedule today (goodness was it a puzzle) and booking our flights this evening, Rachel and I are prayerful that we will be used to bring more unity to Texas as we tour around encouraging women all around! There are no words to explain how grateful I feel to have a partner in crime in all of this now- to have someone in the same screen as me on a FaceTime call - Rachel this is about to be one HECK of a year. #livesalted #livesaltedtexas #livesaltedya'll

I JUST SIGNED A LEASE FOR AN OFFICE ON THE AVE FOR @livesalted + got the final yes's for the board of directors! Whaaaaaaaaat? Everything is coming together + we are getting a few steps closer to becoming a non-profit! •• Getting this office is nothing short of God's doing and I will have to tell the whole story soon, but in a nutshell... prayer is powerful and our God is a good good Father and working hard takes just that... hard work BUT it is so worth it. #livesalted #adulting #amazed #adventurouslyexpectant

Yesterday I walked a whopping four minutes from my house to the office of my first GROWNUP JOB! For this next year I will be the Greek Coordinator with @theinnseattle! I am so excited to see what Jesus is going to continue to do in this city through the all of the faithful and faith-filled people He is bringing into this area. Oh boy, am I excited and so grateful for the opportunity to be on a team of so many rockstars with a heart for sharing God's love with all of His children! •• PS!! If you are free tonight and live in the Seattle area, come to The Inn- a young adult gathering from 9-10:30pm on the corner of 16th and 47th, U district. See you there! #theinnseattle #adulting #adventureswithJesus

Physically, I am basically all moved in (including that sweet chair from goodwill for $1.99 #thankyoujesus). Spiritually, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I belong here but man has the devil been laying on a strong game recently. Mentally, I am SO excited for what this year will hold but I still have so much to learn, process, accept and get used to. I will get there - I know it - I just need to give myself grace until it happens •• Let's go Jesus. Use me. All of me is for Your glory. #adventurouslyexpectant

the baddest bestest movers this side of the cascades. #itsREALLYhappening

Squeezing in the last adventures I can with this one! We biked Crater Lake's rim on Saturday when they closed down the roads to cars. If you get the chance - I highly recommend you do it! 💪🏼💪🏼 #dynamicduo #likemotherlikedaughter

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