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krista hengesh  A lover of Jesus, others, ideas, and playing with the hypothetical ••• Founder of @LiveSalted // Raised in the PNW 🌲 📍: SEATTLE, WA

Where in your faith do you feel like you are performing? (DANG was this question convicting today) •• “Jesus wants something intimate, not external. He’s asking us to step into a daily rhythm with Him. It’s not about how much we can talk about God to other people. It’s not about how we make ourselves look super holy to the outside world. The beauty of Jesus, and authentic faith, is rooted in an intimate relationship” - @hannahbrencher #firstbeafollower

Celebrating mom AND celebrating mom’s mom 🎊🎉 It’s always fun to spend time with family and see commonalities that come up, & MAN are there some fun genes in these Birkenberger genetics. Mom and Grandma, you both are SUCH beautiful, vivacious, loving women who see the zest and fun in the world and get after it. You are magnets for funny stories, hours of dancing, and a bent deep down in your souls to see how you can bless those around you. Thanks for letting the light of Christ shine so brightly through you! Love you both! #moms

She’s a graduattttttttttttttttttt 💪🏼 #sicem

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” -John 13:35 •• I LOVE THESE HUMANS!! It’s this core team + these volunteers + the dance parties + the late night laughs and chats + the debrief + the celebrating + the new friends + witnessing God move in ways we could have never fathomed that give me SO much life! Thank you Jesus! #livesalted

YOU GUYS.... the Holy Spirit chills were happening BEFORE the first worship song. May 5th truly was a slice of heaven, and Live Salted Portland will be one for the books! Thank you Jesus for the lives you touched and hearts you spoke to. Life with you is a joyous, refining adventure + I am grateful for the space to share that with others. #livesalted

Happy birthday to the most fun, adventurous, (at times) semi-ridiculous, always loving, compassionate, servant-hearted and encouraging mom. You have taught me how to make the MOST out of every situation and how to turn moments into memories. You are loved beyond your understanding and you shine light on everyone around you. I love you, and cannot wait for this next year of your life. I know God has big things planned for you! #happybirthday #loveyou

We are doing it again! Be praying for eyes to be open to see what God wants us to see and do AND be praying for ears to hear for OURSELVES what God wants us to receive. Be praying against the lies and schemes of the enemy and against all feelings of competition or comparison. Be praying for OODLES of joy, and happiness and for us to ENJOY it. Time is short, let’s live in and enjoy the ones we have! #livesalted

Thank you Jesus for all of these incredible people (and everyone else who showed me SO much love yesterday). From friends I have known for years, to ones I met oversees, to ones I met only a few months ago when I moved to Seattle that feel like I have known for ages - I am so grateful and in awe of you all! Thanks for celebrating me well, and thank you Jesus for making me and molding me through experiences and people to be who I am today. It’s all because of You! I am SO excited for all that is to come! #24

To the dad who calls himself Lorenzo in public and goes ALL out for our family scavenger hunt costumes, makes all my friends feel loved like they are his own children, sang ‘Amazing Grace’ to me and Rach growing up and modeled the discipline of reading the Bible every morning and helped me memorize verses for Bible Bucks in Sunday school, financially provided the means to do alllll the church camps and sports team, champions ALL my dreams yet keeps me grounded in my intentions behind them, and has a WELL of wisdom stored up in his noggin from years of life experiences.... cheers to you on your BIRTHDAY! I love you SO much! (Ps. He is also a well of dad jokes... Check out this text from today: ‘Thanks kids for the iPad cover. It is really nice! Smells good too. Where did the cow live? How old?’) <- He’s the best :)

It’s amazing what can happen when inspired people get together and stand for a common cause! Yesterday the Salt team headed down to the University District Food Bank and dropped off over 2,000 feminine hygiene products that were donated at @livesalted_seattle!!! These products will now be stocked and available for free to the women who are currently living on the streets or in low-income families and are unable to purchase these ‘luxury’ items for themselves. Feminine hygiene products are something that most women don’t think twice about but for others is such a point of discomfort and uncleanliness. Because of those who donated, some of those ladies will be able to have better periods moving forward. Thank you to everyone who donated! We, and our sisters around Seattle, are SO thankful for you! •• PS. Shout out to @emmastud for these INCREDIBLE photos. Have you ever seen tampons and pads be so pretty? That girl has the EYE :)

Invite all the peeps you know & clear your schedules, because this Saturday is going to be AMAZING! @livesalted_portland @livesalted #livesalted

“We're all travelling through time together every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.” -About Time (the movie) •• oh how I could have ‘relished the remarkable ride’ of Live Salted Seattle last Saturday more than I did. I found myself distracted by the things that could be improved, logistics and everything the enemy threw my way instead of ‘relishing’ in the REMARKABLE things God was doing all over that room. Time is fleeting, and it FLIES by. I want to be a woman who ‘relishes the remarkable ride’ in the moment and sees every ounce of time that I get on this planet as a GIFT, because that is what it is. TIME is a GIFT. Let’s make the most of it 💪🏼 Thank you Jesus for what you did last week and thank you in advance for all you are going to do in Portland next week! #livesalted

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