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Krista Allen  Actress/Comedian/Mom/Lover of God and Beagles ❤️ Host of “I’m Fine.” with Krista Allen On iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.

Woooo-Hoooo! 🤟🏻
I sure do love @thedojoofcomedy At @sycamoretavern! ... Come and see why! 🎤 9/20 Thursday! 🎤 9/20 🤩- 8PM SHOW! 🎤 9/20
Hope to see you soon!
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Up above are some places that I’ll be pullin some jokes outta my butt! THIS week in SEPTEMBER!! 😂 Please note:.... There are 8’s instead of 9’s in on the flyer... making these shows - in the past?...they are not!! My squirrely noggin takes full responsibility!! 😂 😂😂
This is officially the most favorite dummy post I’ve made to date!
Oh and ... welcome to my brain. *
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I get to do a show with @jasoncollings tomorrow night, which means I must be doing something right. ... That was an accident rhyme.
@harvelleslb *
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I have super mommy blogger, model,actress Playmate, and all around amazing woman- @iamjessicahall on my podcast “I’m Fine” today! We talk about her struggle with the judgment from other mom’s from being a Playmate ... and, it’s the first time I talk about my own experience from when my son was very young ... and everything came crashing down for me when a cheesy movie I did hit the tabloids ... when I started dating a super cool famous dude.
Please click on those little links in my bio for the podcast and you can subscribe for free. ... A marketing guy told me that by writing the word “FREE” .. it would make you subscribe.🤪
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This is what happens when the guy running the shows at @harvelleslb can’t size pics on a flyer ... That’s me on the left ... and @jasoncollings on the right.
Personally, I don’t think Jason has ever looked sexier. 🤪
They better make my stick figure for Jason’s flyer with boobs - or that’s just sexist.
See you soon Long Beach TUESDAY, SEPT. 18 at 8PM.
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Such a great show!
Sept 26th at 7:30- @angelcitybeer! Please come for Beer and laughs and fun and all the other stuff that sounds enjoyable.
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Y’all this is a fun one!!
Mark your calendars!!!
Hope to see you on Sept. 19th and my home away from home @thedojoofcomedy at @sycamoretavern 🎤

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"As Seen on TV" stand up comedy show with headliner @thejamiekennedy at @thedojoofcomedy atop @sycamoretavern with @kristaallenxo @joshnasar @therealseancarrigan @rellbattle @thechrisarmy and hosted by @mfdaviddeery produced by @trevorkeveloh Wednesday September 19th 8PM LINK in BIO
(Graphics by @insightsocialmediainc)

Such a fun day Co-Hosting the Matty and Anthony show since @mattycardarople is out of town filming a big movie!! So happy for Matty!!! ...
and also for me, because these guys have let me sit in twice!!
I got to bring my friend @jodimillercomic on the Podcast and she gives the most solid and thoughtful advice for new comics ... we also had the most fun talking about the perils of Burning Man and how Jodi likes pretty men and I really love nerdy guys.
Which means I really love all the nerds that make this podcast so successful!
@mattycardarople @anthonydevries and @wowgregbckmn! 🤓🤓🤓
I’ll keep y’all posted when it airs! *
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Save the date! ✨🎤✨
Come cringe at my Burning Man experience because I’m breaking it all down for you on Sept. 11.
But wait, there’s more! 🤪
I get to do a live IG talk with the audience after the show so please come hang out and be a part of the chaos!
Hope to see your smiling faces! *
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My very first action movie was RAVEN ... That’s me running in the distance on this movie poster with my co-star @officialmattbattaglia ... while one of my childhood man-crushes, Burt Reynolds, was the star of the movie.
Surreal for me having just come out to LA in 1995 and I was going to work side by side with him!
I had watched every Cannon Ball Run and Smokey and the Bandit as a kid. My whole Texas family was obsessed with his brilliance.
I couldn’t sleep the night before our first scene together, and when I got to set I was a zombie so I downed 3 cups of coffee before I went to get camera ready.
I was outside the makeup trailer and Burt was walking out... I froze. He said “Good Mornin’ Sunshine!” with the biggest smile on his face. ... I then, like the true lady I am, threw up. 3 cups of projectile coffee puke.
I didn’t throw up ON him, but close.
I had to make it better and show I was professional .... All I could say was “Hi .. Umm... I’m Krista .. I just threw up. Hi. My family loves you. I love you. I’m very nervous. ...Did I puke on your shoes?”
He took the napkin that was wrapped around his coffee cup and handed it to me to wipe my face.... Then proceeded to kick dust from the ground on top of the puddle of coffee puke. . ... He said “It’s nice to meet you Krista. You’re gonna do just fine. The worst is over! ... Just don’t eat the spaghetti for lunch because that could get messy, and I might be wearing white!”
And with that ... I had a friend.
To me, Burt Reynolds was an icon, a gentleman, and a brilliant actor and made my introduction into Hollywood pretty great.
Thank you for all you did, Sir.
Thank you for the laughs ... and the napkin. ❤️
Rest In Peace. *
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My guest on #ifwka this Friday is the person lurking behind me with that face I wanna squeeze! @harlandwilliams joins me and we talk about running into the truth, the art of pooping, and things that’ll make your cold heart feel all warm and fuzzy.
Please subscribe for free if you haven’t already and you can catch up on episodes.
Because, why not?
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