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  🏍Wheelies and Amazing dogs🐾 ⭐️Striving to create New Jersey’s Finest Standard and Xl American Bullies⭐️ 🐾Follow our kennels @Clutchkennels_ 🐾

I’m Nike and your McDonald’s, I’m doing it and your loving it 😉🤣 Cujo practicing his pick up lines for the ladies 😏 He’s going to be New Jersey’s next too stud 😎 Are you as obsessed with him as I am?!

The four lovely ladies from our Jade X @sincitybullies09 Bellagio litter !! You know we had to do the bike themes for this AMAZING litter 😍 Who’s your favorite ?!

The beautiful females from our Jade x Bellagio litter 😍 This is our strongest , most colorful litter we’ve ever had 🌈 We have third and fourth pick female available! Dm to reserve your spot today!!🔥🔥

A beautiful picture turned into a beautiful masterpiece 💜 WOW 😍 To me this picture represents the American Bully breed ! One of the most loving and loyal dogs ever !!

Everyone please help us give a warm welcome to our beautiful Jade x @sincitybullies09 Bellagio babies 😍 We were blessed with a rainbow of 7 absolutely STUNNING puppies! Mama Jade and everyone is doing absolutely amazing ! What’s some name suggestions for a group of 7?!

I’m the president , I run this b*tch 🤣 Juno is definitely a little boss girl! Anyone who’s had a French Bull dog I think can relate to what I’m talking to! They may be little , but man are they fierce !! Love this girl 💜 Good morning !

“ I love it when you call me Big Poppa “. 😉@clutchkennels_ Biggie Smalls of @showdogbullies looking like America’s Next Top Stud 😎 This boy is going to be something special !! He’s off our Jade x Rome litter ! Follow @showdogbullies to watch him grow 🐾

Broke my bar on Sunday, I wonder why 🤔🤣 It didn’t break here, me and my friend were standing on it and it just snapped mid wheelie 😳

Not only are our dogs beautiful, but they have some of the best temperaments you will ever see in an American Bully! If you have ever met one of our dogs, drop a comment below of what you thought about them! We’d love to hear your feedback 💜

Hey girl.. did it hurt when you fell from the vending machine?! Cause you a snack 😍🤣 @clutchkennels_ Cujo 5 months old and getting his grown man on!

I may not be the best, but I’m better then I was the day before and that’s all that really matters to me! First time trying a sit down hand touch and was so happy I actually got it!! Now to work on dragging them.. Stay tuned 🤗

Sometimes people don’t understand why my dogs mean so much to me. That’s ok, my dog does 🤗😍 My two best friends @rj_meyers with Ms Cruella Deville !

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