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Krissy Mae Cagney  Lifted a few weights, wrote a few books, started a few businesses, fell in love w/ @BenHarclerode @blackirongymNV @DoughnutsAndDeadlifts @ELLOSupplyCo

wcw ❤ Not only is @myactiveroots a coach on my team, but she's a phenomenal athlete, and an ever better friend. I'm so proud of this girl for her Open finish in Northern California as well as how well she coached our athletes who look up to her. On top of competing in the open, she (along with @kelskiel who also had an impressive finish in a tough region) helped me manage the hundreds of nutrition clients we coach. She didn't put herself first and balanced life like a champ over the past 5 weeks. I love you, Ash! Thanks for being an awesome coach, employee, friend, and role model.

As many of you know, I am approaching 4 years of sobriety from cocaine and alcohol in May. When I opened @blackirongymnv, I knew that I wanted it to set the groundwork for a non-profit that provides free memberships to addicts and alcoholics like myself to stay sober via fitness. I am at financial capacity at Black Iron for free memberships, so I am now turning to crowd finding to expand the program, not only at Black Iron but across the country. Your money will directly go to benefitting people who a gym membership could potentially save their life. I firmly believe that lifting can save people like it has saved me. Please help, as this will directly help me get my non-profit off the ground in the next year and make this a nationwide program. Link is my bio to donate or get more info. I have so much love my sober brothers and sisters and our allies.

I've been consistently using @mypowerdot for two months now and I couldn't be more impressed. Easing back into training post injury has been a breeze and I'm recovering better than ever. I'm also pain free in my lifting! Any muscle fatigue or soreness is very short lived thanks to this amazing little device. Unlike many other units on the market, the Power Dot is far more portable due to its size AND is incredibly affordable. I pride myself on not being a sales person on social media and I don't pump discount codes every other post because in my opinion, that's not what my platform is for... well I'm about to pump a code because I firmly believe in this device and I think everyone needs one as it has aided in my recovery from an injury. Thank you for bringing me on to the team, @mypowerdot. You guys have treated me so well in just two months, and I'm excited to be a part of this brand. Code: KrissyMae15.

In our most recent podcast, @chlojonsson and I discuss nudity and how the body has become sexualized more often than it needs to. Nudity doesn't always mean sex... it's not inherently sexual. Sexuality is active and nudity is passive. Nudity is simply a state of bareness, which is a beautiful thing, especially since one thing every human has in common is that we were all brought into this world in this state. A naked body doesn't always have to be sexualized, nor should it be shamed. isn't about being sexy, it is about feeling free and one with this great big earth and it's destinations I've arrived at... and subsequently taken my clothes off. Under the Lulu, Nike, Patagonia this is me. Society needs to stop sexualizing everything and taking things so seriously. I know when I'm trying to be "sexy& #34; (albeit I'm not good at it) and I know when I'm not. Be comfortable with your human body, no matter it's shape or size. You are beautiful and you deserve to feel comfortable in the nude. (Subscribe to the Iron Cast on iTunes to listen to more of my nonsense, go team on 3.)

Front squat triples at 195# plus a little cameo from @kelskiel. Not much to report today other than that my knee actually feels GOOD for the first time in a long time despite being a little shaky and unstable. Just another happy Saturday at @blackirongymnv. Being a gym owner has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced in life. Creating balance between being a business owner, training, and being a support system for A LOT of people whom I care deeply about has worn me down more times than I can't count. BUT it's entirely worth it because of how fulfilling my life has become as it is entirely dedicated to helping others. It's funny how being selfless can make you feel so full and complete.

@thechestee came to hang out at @blackirongymnv today for a photo shoot and got all the Black Iron Babes fitted with sports bras. If you're ever suffered bar bruising on your chest/clavicle from front squats, cleans, or shoulder to overhead, these bras were designed to alleviate that with the built in padding for protection. If you're a Reno local, stop Black Iron tomorrow night from 5-7 and try one on, or swing by the USAW American Open Series all weekend long. @kelskiel @chuckiewelch @freeyourself83 @ayealix

Sourdough toast + avocado + pepper. It seems like people in the fitness industry like to complicate food by adding 47 obscure ingredients to their vegan, gluten free, chick pea, protein cake or whatever the hell. Just keep it simple, man. Less is more. #PlantLyfe

Sometimes when your lifting isn't remotely impressive you need to just break it down after wagon wheel pulls to entertain people. Currently rusty at lifting, but forever terrible at dancing. @blackirongymnv @doughnutsanddeadlifts @benharclerode

Insert witty, sexual quote about getting it in and fitting it in. Currently on tour with @benharclerode and @whitechapelband in California and getting to gyms is next to impossible while living the tour life with these guys. Grabbed some dumbbells (luckily the band travels with lifting stuff) and did 6 rounds of: 10 lunges, 10 RDLs, 10 OHS. I've been trying to do SOMETHING active everyday. Some days it's a walk, other days I'm motivated to train for three hours. I've found that I've been putting my fitness on the back burner as of late due to a lack of motivation to lift, but the whole "at least touch some type of weights" method has proven to get me to do fitness these last few weeks. Your training doesn't always have to be embellished and fancy. Three movements and some dumbbells did the trick today.

Happy International Women's Day. I'm lucky to have a life filled of female inspiration, from lifting, to writing, to entrepreneurship. Strong women have taught me to be a strong woman in all areas of my life. I have many circles of female friends and I've intentionally involved myself in all areas of the fitness industry because I firmly believe I can learn from all types of women. It's an honor to be woman alongside these beautiful souls (and many more). Girl power so hard today, and every day! @colleenfotsch @chuckiewelch @chlojonsson @livinpaleo @bethreeb

My favorite thing about being a female business owner is supporting my fellow female business owners. I have a plethora of respect for women who build things from nothing and create something bigger than themselves. This lady is amazing! @babsvivgeorgia is the creator and designer of @fleoshorts and I have loved building a relationship with her over the years. We've gotten to create things together that have been worn by some of the strongest and most athletic women in the world and we have taught each other so much about running a business. Thanks for being a friend and an inspiration, lady. So fun hanging with you these last few days.

This time last year, I was squatting 315. Now I'm happy that I was able to move 185 today relatively easy and speedy. After I competed last in May, I knew my body needed a break. I did 5 powerlifting meets in 2015, dialed it back to one in 2016, and I don't know if I'll be physically healthy enough to compete this year. A lot of people have asked what happened to my knee and the honest answer is that I don't really know. The last time I back squatted heavy was in July, and that was the beginning of the end. There was one hike in particular that really pissed it off and it hasn't been the same since. The non stop excruciating knee pain began then and has since ebbed and flowed and I can't correlate it to anything in particular. Some days certain things agitate it and other days those same things feel fine. My MRI results showed deterioration in the cartilage between my knee cap and femur (something common for someone who has played sports their entire life), so when I'm active, I feel that glorious bone on bone feeling. I opted to not have surgery and went with PT and a few injections. I don't know what will happen with my athletic career, but I try not to get bummed out on it. I don't need to be on a platform to be happy at this point in my life because I have soooo many other endeavors, hobbies, and interests that help me stay mentally sound. I do love powerlifting, but I promised myself to listen to my body and not risk my physical health anymore at the expense of being the world's OKist lifter. My knee felt fine the last few times I've squatted, so if I stay on this path, I'll definitely get back to lifting like I used to. Until then, all I can do is keep on keeping on and maybe find some obscure sport to compete in that doesn't involve knees.

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