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Monday Feels 🖤

Shooting in shorts and a sports bra in 1 degrees, may or may not of got frost bites but gotta boss it out 😂

Been writing down so many new ideas for my YouTube but would love to know what YOU guys would like to see?

Let me know down below

@gymshark Flex shorts and vital Seamless bra


I’m sure you’ve heard it all before “warm up” “activate” “wake those buns up” YES PEOPLE YOU SHOULD BE ACTIVATING! if you’ve got the 8 week tone & sculpt you will know you are provided with two activation to try before you train your booty.

If you find it hard to feel your glutes contracting during your workout one of the reasons could be because you are simply not “waking” your glutes up.
Give this a save and go next time you train your booty and let me know if it helps!

1. Elevated Curtsy Step 15 reps each leg
2. ABDUCTIONS: Glute Medius is built up of more slow twitch fibres which require a larger rep range. Abductions with a slight international rotation will help to target the medius at a greater extent. 20 reps each leg
3. Elevated frog glute bridges (heels touching 20 reps
4. Frog reverse hyper (heels touching) 20 reps
Only do these exercises once
Trust me it’s important to active.

LOSING FAT & LOVE HANDLES ☝🏼 You cannot spot fat reduce. If anyone tells you that you can they are most likely using it as a marketing tool to get you to buy their product. Your body is unique and genetics do play a big role on where you store fat and where you lose your fat.
Key points❗️: 1. A nutritional diet which is in a caloric deficit.
2. A combination of cardio and strength training NOT just cardio!
3. WATER and hydration. I drink up to 3-4lt water a day 1lt of BCAA by @womensbest
4. Your core and your back muscles are interconnected and I’ve said this time and time again you need to train your back that’s how you’ll also strength your core and provide your body with the illusion of a smaller waist.
METHOD❗️: 1. CARDIO: my personal preference is HIIT 80% max heart rate. 10 minutes intervals; 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.💦
2. BODY WEIGHT CARDIO (circuits) you do not always have to do cardio via the treadmill, running etc. Circuits are great to!
3. Hyperextension to strength your lower back, also deadlifts are great!
4. Strengthen your core! Do not neglect training your core here I’m doing some toe touches 40 reps 4 sets 💪🏼

Why does a Bosu ball make everything so much harder!
I saw this one video on insta mocking people who use bosu balls. There is nothing to be mocked about. If you like exercising a certain way, use equipment, no equipment etc but it works for you don’t worry about toooo many opinions you do you. The first thing you learn in personal training class (well for me anyways) there is no such thing as a “bad exercise” it’s all about preference. An example would be I prefer to perform hip thrusts on a bench rather then flat on the floor. Our bodies are unique💪🏼 Going back to the bosu ball, for me I find this challenging and also fun because even I get bored doing the same thing over and over again.
Method for intense full body workout:
1. 1 foot elevation squat crunch 15 reps each side
2. Scissors 30 reps
3. Side to side squat jumps (balance is key here) 20 reps
4. Single leg bridge 15 reps each leg
Repeat 3/4 times
Outfit: new new by @gymshark Energy Seamless in Khaki 💚

Got my new dress on, some cheeky heels and I’m going to have some yummy food and cocktails tonight! Nearly finished all of my course work for the semesters so need that half way break.... who knows what I mean 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

Okay firstly I’m proper shitting myself about posting this because come on how more exposed can I be but f it I’m a human being and the amount of direct messages and emails I’ve had from you guys has been literally the most EVER.

I realised a whole back that I have a responsibility on social media and tbh I need to take in a lot of people into consideration before I post anything because I want to insure the information and content I provide is 100% accurate, helpful and REAL. I KNOW that not all my posts people will love but if it’s helping one person I can go to sleep happy at night.
My skin is by far my biggest insecurity, oh my god I cannot express to you how many times I would cry over my skin I don’t care how dramatic that is... if you suffer from bad skin you’ll feel me on this. I tried EVERYTHING you can imagine nothing worked. I am currently undergoing treatment which I WILL do a massive review on but I am only on week 3 and this is a 3 month procedure. I am not going to talk about it much now because I want to be 100% sure it works before I advise you on anything. Plus just because it works for me may not work for you.
BUT for now I can give you some amazing tips my skin doctor gave me (btw this guy has over 30 years experience)

1. CUT OUT DAIRY that’s the main thing he told me to do so I’ve been cutting back drastically!

2. The sun can really mess up your skin I’m the idiot who sunbathes in coconut oil but he literally looked at my skin for two seconds and goes the suns messed it up because you’ve exposed your skin so much without protection that it’s enlarged your pores drastically. So kids wear that SPF ASAP

3. Stop touching your skin! Honestly I always used to pick especially when I was anxious I used to pick my skin and now I’m so aware of it that I’m literally like NO! Also I keep hand gel in every single bag I own. Dramatic but it helps
I will do a big YouTube video on my journey I promise but not right now not until the treatment is done. For now I wanted to post this to be open and real with you.
Stop comparing yourself to people on here. I suffer too and there is nothing wrong with that. Focus on health, happiness ❤️

I used to be really focused on growing my glutes/ legs as much as I could that I neglected my upper body. My attention now is balance and GROWING THOSE BOULDERS ya feel meh ☝🏼 If you have the 8 week tone & sculpt you will notice you have time under tension not only on shoulder days but also some of your leg days !

This is all about strengthening and conditioning the muscles. Time under tension will intensify your workout. The tension will ensure your muscles receive stimulus to change in size.

1️⃣ TENSION SIDE RAISE the other arm is performing an overhead press. 10 reps each arm. Notice how I used a heavier weight when lifting and lighter when under tension because you will find it so so challenging trust me! 4 sets
2️⃣ TENSION STATIC: One arm kept at a static position whilst the other one is pressing upwards. 10 reps 4 sets
3️⃣ TENSION TEMPO: tempo is basically you are lowering the weight incredibly slowly I use the tempo of 1,2,3,4,5 and back up. Front raise repeat 8 times 4 sets
4️⃣ TENSION BY YOURSELF: I’ve totally made this one up but before you think WTF try it and you’ll be like oh my god f my life.... so I started by doing push ups till failure and then got back up and did body weight side raises but I was imagine someone was pushing my arms down (15 reps) I repeated it 4 times. Ouch
Song: faded love Tinashe

Likkklleee back and baby bicep video coming at ya!

See as insta wants to be deleting my videos because of music do you guys know any copyright free music ?
1. Assisted pull ups
2. Rope pull downs
3. Inverted rows SO HARD
4. Cable bicep curls
12 reps 4 sets each exercise
To finish off I DID NOT start seeing changing in my core until I started training my back simple! So start training those wings 🤙🏼🤙🏼 Outfit: energy seamlsss Gymshark

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO IS UP NOW LINK IN BIO: A FULL fat burning circuit along with a little sprinkle of my life 😃💦 I don’t think I’ve ever died so much during a circuit in my life, my whole body was shookkyyy !! I am not a cardio bunny so whenever I do circuits I find them so challenging.
It’s hard to show you guys everything on insta as the videos are not long at all. But I think I must of sworn about a million times during this full body fat burning circuit on my YouTube video (link in bio)
1. Box squats
2. Box touches
3. Squat into press
4. Plank shoulder touches
5. Floor touches
Song: 50 cent Hustlers Ambition

WHATS YOUR FAV❓❓❓ Which colour do you love let me know because I’m breaking my back getting all kinds of angles here for ya also hella tanned 😂😂😂 1️⃣Light Grey/ Pink
2️⃣Ice Blue
3️⃣Charcoal/ Plum

I know which one is my fav tehehhehe
NEW @gymshark FLEX LAUNCH diets below:❗️ My personal stats:
5ft3, 128lbs, size 8 UK, cup size 32D, Waist: 24inch, Hips 37Inch. I normally wear a size S, can get away with XS but I prefer comfort.

1️⃣FLEX BRA: Personally I would wear these bras on upper body days as I need much more support. The energy seamless cropped bra and ease bra is the most supportive.

2️⃣FLEX LEGGINGS: Yes they are squat proof I can promise you that now, they are true to size, I wish it was high waisted just cause I love high waisted. The MOST comfortable leggings, super movable perfect for leg days!

LAUNCH TIMES: Monday 12th March 2018. Time yet to be confirmed.
Link: https://gym.sh/Shop-Krissy-Cela

Feel free to ask me any questions below my familia💖

ALSO I ALWAYS WEAR NO VISIBLE PANTY LINER THONGS IN NUDE AT THE GYM. sorry if you didn’t want to know but I get asked basically every day so I hope it helps !


To all the powerful, strong and SENSATIONAL women out there!

Me and @womensbest have decided to give one beautiful women an 8 week tone & sculpt guide and £100 gift card (instructions via insta story)

1. Deep sumo squats 15 reps
2. Squat into single arm press 15 reps each arm
3. Sit ups 25 reps
4. Press into a Romanian dead lift 12 reps
Sipping on @womensbest raspberry BCAA. They also have a 25% off sale!
Song: Skin Tight Mr Eazi

Who dis? Sometimes dress, heels and dancing 💃🏻

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