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We love a good glute activation but what about activating other muscles ?
WARM UPPPPPPPP please please please warm up. Get that blood flowing, those muscles awake, tell them you're about to train them πŸ™‹πŸ½ Shoulder warm up:
1. Front raises 22 reps
2. Single arm press 20 reps each arm
3. Around the world 20 reps
4. Upright rows (try not to crack up πŸ˜‚) 20 reps
Simple four exercises with high reps. Even if you don't do this, make sure you're doing something before you start your workout. Would hate for anyone to get Injured ❀️

Stay consistent, focus on you, make sure your diet is clean but NEVER restrictive, be kind to everyone even if they don't like or support what you are doing and smile every single fricking day. πŸ’•

Now when it comes to supplementation there are a lot of opinions out there, some people hate them and others swear by it!

I speak for myself when I say supplementation, I believe is important. I don't take fat burners, enhancements etc. I personally have Protein powder which always changes between Whey and Vegan blend, I also consume BCAA when training and even throughout the day and finally L'glutamine which I'll make another post about soon.

Branch Chain Aminos Acids (BCAA) will help support your immune system which lets face it we all need. When training your body is under stress, especially when you're lifting weights. BCAA help to recover muscles and the stress they have gone through whilst training.

BCAA also help with the prevention against muscle loss. It's incredibly difficult (but doable) to lose fat and grow muscle at the same time, hence why a lot of people will bulk then cut. With that being said a lot of people have this ideology that in order to gain muscle you have to eat a ridiculous amount of food and not do any cardio, be wary of this as it can lead to the build up of fat, everything has to be in moderation. Of course a sufficient amount of protein and carbs will support muscle maintenance / growth but BCAAs are just as great as it triggers protein synthesis.
Hope this helps in anyway πŸ™‹πŸ½ @womensbest have two new flavours; watermelon and mango! Give it a go πŸ’•code: KRISSY10

Full body home workout. Love doing these body weight workouts once in a while. It's great for body strength! When you don't have time, when you can't be bothered to get ready to go to the gym home workouts are perrrrfect.

If you struggle to get to the gym or simply do not like the gym make sure to give the 12 week Ultimate Summer Body Guide Home Edition a go πŸ™‹πŸ½ Method:
1. Elevated hamstring curls using tea towels. The elevation by your upper body will help to target your triceps. 1 minute
2. Wall sits with side touches 1 minute
3. Mountain climbers using a tea towel 1 minute
4. Oblique dips elevated 30 seconds each side
5. Frogs 1 minute
Repeat this circuit 4 times with no rests between exercises but 1 minutes rests between rounds.πŸ’¦

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO IS NOW UP! ❀️ Tulum video and extended proposal
TRUST ME when I say that training your back is VITAL for ANY goal you may have. I didn't see my body change until I started dedicating a session purely on my back, different variations, grips and movements to try and target all areas. Not to mention that my posture improved drastically.

My waist appeared much smaller providing me with that "X" frame. My "bra fat" was reduced and my strength on legs days increased. A lot of people don't train back as they have this crazy idea it will make you look manly..... no it will not.

Don't neglect any part of your body, if you're only training your legs you'll end up looking unportioned.
1. Rope pulls 12x4
2. Single arm rows 12x4 each arm
3. Single arm seated rows 10x4 each arm
4. Seated rows 12,10,8,6 reps increase the weight per set

So I asked you guys what workout videos you'd like me to post and so many people requested a inner thigh toned ! These are four exercises which you can incorporate into your leg workout. I personally train legs 2-3 times a week focusing on different areas such as quads and calves Jamie's and gloooots. The leg is such a complex area so these exercises are fantastic for the inner thigh.

1. Cable side kicks 12x4 each leg
2. Elevated side lunge 12x4 each leg
3. Lying leg raise 15x4 each leg
4. Sumo pulse squats 20x4

All this week I'll be uploading requested videos πŸ™‹πŸ½πŸ’•

CLIENT TRANSFORMATION ✨ @sophieoultramturner
Four week progress picture! Regardless of what time it takes you to see changes understand that any changes are better than no changes. Please I encourage all of you to never focus on scales and start focusing on how you look, your energy level and your happiness not just numbers. A successful transformation is one that looks at the bigger picture not small details, it's also one that focuses on making small changes to achieve a big change.
Be confident and happy with who you are but if you want to find some form of structure, balance and guidance feel free to email me at πŸ’•head on over to my insta story to have a look at the lovely Sophie's review ☝🏼
#krissycela #krissycelaplans #transformationtuesday

LOWER ABS I got you girl! Bringing you guys videos to target the most problematic area. I hate to say it but when it comes to us women we tend to store the most fat around our lower abdominal, hips and thighs. You need to stay hydrated and you must be consistent with your nutrition to see optimum results. Training core will help strengthen and tighten !


1. Single leg heel taps 30 reps 4 sets
2. Side dips (great for love handles) 12 reps 4 sets each side
3. Double leg heel taps 25 reps 4 sets
4. Opposite arm to leg superman (made it up but you get me) 12 reps 4 sets each side
5. Single leg toe touches (v up) opposite arm to leg 12 reps 4 sets
Thank me later πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’¦

Guess who passed her second year of law school πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ I DID, I DID, I DID!
I was so scared I wouldn't pass this year because I decided to open my business whilst I was revising for exams (risky as hell) but it felt right and I was ready. It was such a struggle balancing a new business, studying for law exams and maintaining a healthy mind and body but it was NOT impossible. The only help I had was jack, no manager, no employees nothing just me and him figuring it all out.
I never ever want any of you to think something is impossible whether that be you losing weight, gaining muscle, getting your dream job etc you can fricking do it! Find that passion inside you and run wild with it.
Thank you to everyone who had faith in me and believed I could do it! One more year to go and I can graduate..... Ima need your faith a little longer guys teheheh πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

So we dealt with cellulite yesterday now it's time to deal with FLABBY ARMS☝🏼
This whole ideology that training are will make you bulky and "I don't want to train arms because I'm scared of looking manly" stoooppp itttt I've been training for four years do you see me having Arnold Schwarzenegger arms ? Noooo πŸ˜‚

1. Reverse grip front raise into a bicep curl, 12 reps 4 sets
2. Tricep kick backs 12 reps 4 sets each arm
3. Dumbbell bicep curl into a hammer curl 12 reps 4 sets
4. Overhead extensions 12 reps 4 sets
Work those baby guns πŸ’ͺ🏼

So so sooooo many of us girls worry about cellulite tbh i don't mind having cellulite and it is normal but you can help with reducing it! This hamstring: leg workout is all about stretching your muscles and tightening the skin.
1. Side to side lunges 30x4
2. Good morning with a twist. Jack showed me this exercises and I love it. I do think it is challenging so keep the weight light. Start by placing one foot in front of the other, keep the working leg extended and the other leg slightly bent. Stretch your hamstring as much as you can. 12x4
3. Pull throughs 12x4
4. Dumbbell stiff leg deadlifts 12x4

I'm more than sure this is going to killlllll ya.

K bye enjoy πŸ‘‹πŸ» P.S I have to start watermarking my videos because there are big idiots out there who like to gain from other people's work πŸ™„

Guess what guys! @womensbest has now launched a brand new VEGAN LINE. Literally so pleased about this, vegan powders, wheatgrass powder, acai powder and so much more. I'm so happy that they have considered so many people and their preferences.
Head over to @womensbest and make sure to you krissy10 for a little bit extra offπŸ’•

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