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Yesterday's giveaway winners are: @sweet.concoction and @abby.partheepan girlies DM me !

FINAL POST TO WIN the student plan, four week personalised meal plan and four week tone and sculpt. I'm picking not 1 not 2 but THREE winners so make sure to like and comment Brains&Body below this video 🙋🏽 FLABBY ARM WORKOUT !

1. Barbell bicep curls 12x4
2. Tricep over head extensions using plate 12x4
3. Bicep curl kettle bell 12x4
4. Tricep push down 12x4

Get those arms toned and tight baby girl 💦

Can you guys believe the student plan releases tomorrow ! The first 100 purchases will be receiving a free recipe book along with the student plan. Release time will be 7:30pm UK time ⭐️ Song: trey songs animal
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The winner of last night giveaway is....@michelleri_ make sure you direct message me baby girl !

1. Side squat into sumo squat and side again 1 minute 3 rounds
2. Curtsy Lunges 24 reps 12 each leg 3 sets
3. Side kicks 20 reps each leg 3 sets
4. Drop set sumo squats: 8 reps, 10, 12 increase the reps whilst you decrease the weight. 3 sets
Make sure to comment Brains & Body for your chance to win the student guide, four week personalised meal plan and four week tone and sculpt ✨

Song: bustsa rhymes I know what you want

The winners of yesterday's giveaway are....... @megg.myers and @allison_dugan girlies make sure to direct message me so you can collect your plans ❤️ Three more days to go till the release of the student plan: Brains & Body so that means three days worth of giveaways so make sure to comment Brains & Body on this post for your chance to win! If you know me you'll know I tend to giveaway to more than one person soooo.... who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️😏 Wearing @womensbest sports bra and leggings both in small 💕

CoreTASTIC it's a fantastic day to be alive ! Why because I'm doing a massive giveaway until the release of the student plan AND I'm laying in bed now watching game or throne 🤷🏽‍♀️ ALSO I have a slight obsession with the introduction song to Narcos hence why it's in my video 😂

1. Side plank curl 20 reps each side 3 sets
2. Plank with side to sides 40 reps 3 sets
3. Bent leg laying side to sides 40 reps 3 sets (20 each side)
4. Plank with sliding plate 30 reps 3 sets (15 each arm)
5. Tucks 30 reps 3 sets
LESSS GOOOO 🙋🏽 Don't forget to comment Brains&Body to win the student guide, meal plan and tone and sculpt plan 😱✨ Song: Rodrigo Amarante
#workoutmotivation #abs #abworkout #motivation #fitfam

Who's ready for a GIVEAWAY!✨ As promised I am going to be doing a giveaway leading up to the release of The student plan: BRAINS & BODY.

What To Do:

1️⃣ Turn on your post notifications
2️⃣ comment: Brains & Body whenever I post something new
3️⃣ The lucky winner will receive the very first Student plan AND personalised meal plans AND 4 week tone and sculpt guide !
That's all you have to do! Who's ready 🙋🏽🙋🏽🙋🏽 ‼️NOTE THIS POST IS INCLUDED YAY ‼️

There's two things you need to remember when it comes to shedding fat 1) a good nutritional diet, 2) smart affective intense training ! 💦

This is also great for skill training; coordination, speed, agility and more

Beginners HIIT training:

1. Box steps 1 minute
2. Ski jumps 1 minute
3. Squat jumps with pulse 1 minute
4. Single leg step 30 seconds each leg
Perform each exercise one after the other with no rests. Repeat circuit 4-5 times with 45 seconds rest per round. 💦

Sipping of course on my @womensbest peach ice tea BCAA ! 🙋🏽💕 Song: on my mind by Disciples #treadmill #morningworkout #sweatitout #gettingstronger #sweatlife #getmoving #activeliving #activelifestyle#femalefitness #strongissexy #fitgoals

SO excited ! Today I shot the cover for the student plan: Brains & Body..... cannot believe this mini lifestyle guide I've put together is so close to finishing! 25th of September will be the release date and I've got lots of giveaways coming up 😱

Beginner Lower Body Circuit:

Also! For the rest of the week each workout video that I post will be for beginners, yesterday I posted an upper body circuit for beginners and today it's all about legs! I thought it would be super useful to help everyone with all abilities on my page 💕


1. Static lunge with 1 dumbbell and arm to the side. The reason I've positioned my body this way it to provide myself with stability and balance. Sometimes lunge (especially walking) can be very challenging as it requires so much balance. 12 reps each leg
2. Dumbbell SLD. I've chosen dumbbell instead of the barbell as it can be a little intimidating at first. Also dumbbells are a great way to ensure your form is always kept on point. 15 reps
3. Frog hip thrusts. Start with a comfortable weight and increase if not challenging enough 15 reps
4. Sumo squats 15 reps

Perform each exercise one after the other with no rests. Repeat circuit 4-5 times with 45 seconds rest per round. 💦

SONG: where the love goes by Oskar flood #treadmill #morningworkout #sweatitout #gettingstronger #sweatlife #getmoving #activeliving #activelifestyle#femalefitness #strongissexy #fitgoals

How's your nutrition going ? How many times have you told yourself you're going to start fresh and two days in you give up.

Nutrition is all about trial and error! I want you to realise that if you have tree good days and one bad that does not mean you have failed... you've made three steps forward and only one back! That's three steps better than you where before.

Nutrition should be specific for your body and goals. It should NOT depriving but provide you with energy . It should NOT be overly restrictive but everything needs to be consumed in moderation.

There are soooo many diets out there such as keto, low fat diets, high protein etc and personally for me I've never found any as affective as a nutritional well balanced diet WITH carbohydrates, protein and FATS.
I'm eating all day everyday I switch it up, add flavour, new ingredients but I always stay consistent to insure I am fuelling my body.
This is an example of two of my meals out of four, 1 of my shakes out of two and a snack if necessary.
I have 1 @womensbest protein shake after my workout and another in the morning. I also like to have @womensbest wafer snacks as a sweet treat after dinner (or their cookies mmmm)

Don't shy away from food! It's your best friend not your enemy. 💕

How many of you want a toned and sculpted upper body? I feel like more and more women are now realising that if you train your upper body it will NOT make you bulky it will make you appear strong, lean and sexyyyy af 🤷🏽‍♀️ If you are unsure of how to start training your upper body or you're a beginner give this circuit a go!
Beautiful outfit by: @neuapparel 💕

1. 360 degree side raise circles 1 minute
2. Lying flies 15 reps
3. Bicep curl into an overhead press 1 minute
4. Overhead tricep extensions 15 reps
5. Side raise into a front raise 1 minute
Perform each exercise one after the other with NO rests. Repeat circuit 4-5 times with 1 minute rest per round.

Song by: Sorry deep house remix ft wide awake

A big thank you to absolutely everyone who wished me and jack a Happy Engagement I'm truly blessed to have so many friends girlll I got the back and you got mine 🙋🏽 #treadmill #morningworkout #sweatitout #gettingstronger #sweatlife #getmoving #activeliving #activelifestyle#femalefitness #strongissexy #fitgoals

Happy wife happy life right well not his wife yet but he ain't getting away now 🤷🏽‍♀️😂💕

I cannot wait for tomorrow ! It's our engagement party. In my culture getting married and finding the one is such a big deal (being Albanian) and there is no one I'd ever want to be with but you my hunky chunky. I cannot express the love I have for you! You're strange but loveable. We met two years ago, life has been hard at times but you have remind my light throughout. I cannot WAIT to be your wifey and your baby mumma 😂 (mind the hair its all pinned up so the curls set for tomorrow, the balloons say future wifey and happy engagement) we are a team ❤️

I think it's important to state that comparison is a killer of happiness. Comparing yourself to someone else will only drive you insane, I've done it, I still do it and I really shouldn't. Just always remember that you should never compare your chapter 1 to someone's chapter 20. Keep pushing and striving to achieve your goals because TRUST ME you can ❤️ Shoulders Methods:
1. Reverse grip side raises 12x4
2. Overhead press 12,10,8,6 reps increase the weight per set (set one is 12 reps)
3. Flies 12x4
4. Side raise into front raise 12x4
Happy friyay errryone ! 🙋🏽 Song: To U by Aluna George
#treadmill #morningworkout #sweatitout #gettingstronger #sweatlife #getmoving #activeliving #activelifestyle#femalefitness #strongissexy #fitgoals

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